Monday, March 27, 2017

Intimacy and Stress

After the Third Eye Kiss, you have several options, depending upon your and your partner's mood:

Meditate: Let your partner simply sit quietly and relax. You may also find it rewarding to meditate immediately after the Third Eye Kiss. Sit next to your partner or back-to-back with your spine straight, close your eyes, and concentrate on your Third Eye point while taking long, slow, deep breaths for 5 to 10 minutes.

Hand and Foot Massage: A wonderful way to finish this shoulder and neck release is to massage your partner's hands and feet. This will rejuvenate your partner, after being so deeply relaxed.

Go to Bed Together: If you and your lover feel like being intimate and relaxing together, take your clothes off and hop into bed. Discover what your partner is like in bed when he or she is under the effect of endorphins, the neurochemicals released as a result of acupressure, which often produce a natural high. Many couples who have taken my training have told me that their acupressure highs are far better than any alcohol or drug they have ever tried. Learn more at and


The acupressure points presented in this section are located in the areas where tension tends to collect. Holding these points On your partner will not only relieve stress but help prevent it from accu- mulating. Use a combination of steady finger pressure and massage on each point for 1 to 2 minutes.

Familiarize yourself with these points by finding them on your partner's body. Your lover may particularly enjoy having certain points pressed or released. Give these points more attention by massaging and holding them longer, and make them part of your regular routine. You do not have to use all Of these points to reduce stress. Holding just a couple of them whenever you and your partner have a few minutes alone together can be effective. Later in this chapter, the Stress Reduction Routine gives a step—by-step sequence for using all these points effectively.


While sitting: Stand behind your partner, who is seated in a chair. Rest your fingertips on his or her shoulders for a minute. With your thumbs, gradually make contact with the marble of tension on the top of the shoulders. Hold the point firmly or massage it slowly, firmly kneading the tension out. As you increase the pressure slowly, encourage your partner to breathe deeply. End by holding the point lightly for a minute, then gradually release.

While hugging: Whether you are standing or lying down while hugging, place your inner forearms against your partner's back. Curve your fingers, hooking your fingertips onto the tightest point above the shoulder blades. Gradually apply firm pressure, as you breathe deeply with your partner. After a couple of minutes, slowly release the pressure. End by holding the shoulder points lightly.

Benefits: These points commonly get tight, resulting in irritability. It is important for lovers to massage them regularly on each other.

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