Monday, March 27, 2017

Intimacy with another

The legendary Yellow Emperor, who lived more than four thousand years ago, was personally interested in ways to use sex to maintain radiant health. His wisest health ministers created the famous teachings known as The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine. His advisers on sexual activities compiled the ancient Taoist manuals known as The Classic of the Plain Girl and The Counsels of a Simple Girl.

The Classic of the Plain Girl inspired a great deal of sexual experi- mentation and led to various Taoist and Hindu practices known as Tantra. Tantra means weaving—the weaving of two people who transform sex into a lovemaking sacrament. Tantric erotic practices enhance sexual intimacy through sexual positions, scents, images, massage techniques, stories, visualizations, and other ways. Tantric practices treat sexuality as an art form, an aesthetic intimacy and vitality that celebrates love. Eastern sexuality is playful, intimate, and sacred, inviting couples to touch, smell, and move together. The ancient Tantric art of lovemaking encourages playful sounds and interactions, creating not only intimacy but harmony with the spirit of the heart. Learn more at and

The traditional Eastern and Western views of sexuality are quite different. After intercourse, for instance, a Taoist Chinese man may express gratitude for having ”received the nectar of the woman's enchanted garden.” While Western sexuality focuses on the attain- ment of orgasm as a goal, traditional Chinese sexology is concerned with the quality of the process of unfolding and opening up. It views orgasm not as an end in itself but as a sacred interplay of opposites: man and woman, hard and soft, giving and receiving. Learn more at

In the West, sex is often looked at as a game with set roles and positions. Men and women frequently use strategies, intrigue, and in their search into the art of lovemaking, the ancient Chinese Taoists went beyond foods and herbs, even beyond erotic techniques . . . by con- sciously maneuvering the human body’s chi, or life—energy. They did this to enhance sexual arousal, control orgasm and intensify ecstasy for both men and women.

Chinese erotic lovemaking goes beyond genital stimulation to provide powerful expressions of affection. It can awaken transfor- mative spiritual experiences while serving as an excellent physical workout and full-body massage. The ancient art of lovemaking uses inner awareness, deep breathing, meditation, massage, and body positions to stimulate certain acupressure points for obtaining radiant physical health and spiritual union with one’s partner.


Intimacy with another—the closeness of living the shared moments, each as it arises, the easy comfort of being known with- out the disguises of attempted ’perfection,' the willingness to be where I am without a blueprint or an image to be fulfilled——this particular joy is what is so new in my life.

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