Saturday, March 11, 2017

X4 Labs Vs. Euro Extender

Which is best, the X4 Labs Extender or the Euro Extender for fast Penis Enlargement? The Euro Extender, which you can view on, is actually the same device as the X4 Labs Extender and is even manufactured by the same company.

It isn’t as popular as the X4 Labs Extender and comes with far fewer options and extras so we find it strange that it is still being offered for sale.

You can purchase the Euro Extender in two different packages:
Package Price
  • Euro Extender (device only) $99.95
  • Euro Extender System $199.95
Equivalent products, offered by X4 Labs, are these packages:
Package Price
  • X4 Labs Extender Starter Kit $99.95
  • X4 Labs Peyronies Edition $239.95
  • X4 Labs Extender Deluxe $199.95
  • X4 Labs Extender Gold $299.95
  • X4 Labs Extender Gold Premium $399.95
If you are wondering whether or not Euro Extender offers something different than X4 Labs, the answer is no.

They are owned by the same company and offer the same extender device. The websites are designed somewhat differently and the level of customer support is slightly lower for Euro Extender products.

The greatest difference between the two product offerings is the fact that Euro Extender does not offer the quad support mount, mini adapter, or the wider girth base found on the X4 Labs site.

These three products, offered only by X4 Labs, are essential for many men and you should look closely at them if you are in the market for a penis enlargement system. Learn more at

X4 Labs Quad Support Mount

The Quad Support Mount guarantees that there will be no slippage when you use the penis enlargement device. It also provides comfort and hastens your results. The 4-point fixation system ensures that the device will never slip off.

Thanks to the Quad Support Mount’s ergonomic design, it provides you, the customer, with faster results, better traction, and improved tension. It greatly increases the efficiency of the penis extender device. Learn more at

X4 Labs Mini Adapter

X4 Labs Mini Edition is designed for men who have penises that are smaller than average. The X4 Labs Mini Adapter compliments that product offering because it provides a, means for smaller penises to undergo enlargement.

Many men can not use the regular full-size version because their penises will slip out. The Mini Adapter, created for penises that are a minimum of 2.2 inches in their flaccid states, offers penis gains up to 40%.

X4 Labs Wider Girth Base

For men who have larger girth, the Wider Girth Base offered by X4 Labs is a must because it is specially designed for them. It provides much more comfort and efficiency for large-girthed men. The Wider Girth Base is constructed from the same surgical-grade materials used in the other penis enlargement system pieces.

Euro Extender, for some reason, does not offer these valuable products on their site. Because X4 Labs does offer them and they have helped so many men, I believe that the products offered by X4 Labs is the better option between the two.

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