Saturday, March 11, 2017

How to get her Relaxed and ready to Squirt – a Male perspective

Every woman can squirt but not every woman can get relaxed enough to squirt. Foreplay is absolutely key. Take your time with it, it’s your tool to get a woman relaxed. Set up your environment. Music, alcohol, scents. Kissing, touching her skin, maybe some massage with aromatic oils (careful not to get it on her pussy). Build put the anticipation, don’t go straight in for the kill. Her pussy is very sensitive and if you don’t warm her up first, you’ll turn her off by being too intense too soon, too overwhelming. How to tell she’s relaxed enough? (10:50s) When she’s wet she’s ready, but she also needs to be mentally ready, relaxed. It is going to be a very intense feeling for her, especially if its her first time. She’s going to feel like she’s losing control. She may feel like she’s going to pee. You have to make her relaxed so she can let go.  Learn more at

Build that intimate connection, eye- contact etc, her squirting orgasm will be a secondary thing and it’ll happen so fast, you’ll be very surprised. Deep kissing is always good, it’s incredibly intimate. Stroking, touching, pulling hair, even choking (it depends on the girl). When you choke a woman in the proper way it’ll actually cause her pussy to tighten up and intensify the orgasm. Mental & verbal stimulation (12:35s) Woman love verbal, smell, touch and emotional stimulation as opposed to men who get off on visual stimulation. So you want to engage all those things. Dirty talk is great for this, tell her what you want to do to her, how much you feel for her. Makes her feel comfortable and relaxed. So light choking, lightly grabbing the back of her head by the hair (is she’s into it), very deep kissing, talking to her, looking into her eyes. Slowly caress her body, moving down to putting your hands between her legs. stimulating the clitoral area. Touch her whole body, her legs, then slowly start fingering her gently and slowly. Find the area you need to be in to squirt, manipulate that for a minute or two ..d don’t rush anything. Keep kissing her whilst doing this, then start speeding up your stimulation of her vagina … basically you won’t have any problems, she’s going to squirt. How to introduce her to the concept of squirting orgasms (13:44s) The right way is to probably talk to her about it, but if she’s against it and you do try it she’s going to know what you’re doing. Personally Marcus wouldn’t bring it up beforehand, because if a woman is that apprehensive about it she’ll tense up even more. Rather spring it on her. Do all the things mentioned previously, get romantic and seduce her. Than just attempt it, she’ll probably not even know what you’re doing. If you alert her to it, she might just automatically reject it because they’re inexperienced and have a misperception of it. She won’t know what you’re doing especially if she’s never experienced it before, she’ll just think you’re fingering her. Just be sensual with her, because the more she’s into the moment the more likely she’ll squirt and be happy about it and want you to do it again.

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