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By developing these conscious practices into sacred rituals you will cultivate deeper intimacy. The nurturing and attention you give your relationship will facilitate your communication and open your hearts. Whether you try a few acupressure points or love positions or share a meal, a massage, or a meditation, it's important that you create spiritual and sexual practices that fit your individual bodies and sensual preferences. Once you become accustomed to the routines you formulate with your lover, your bodies can flow together without having to use this book. Enjoying your favorite points, bodywork, stretches, postures, personal daily routines, and special love rituals will become as natural as breathing. Learn more at and


Acupressure can be done by both men and women, both
young and old. Exactly why it works is somewhat
mysterious, but how to do it is relatively simple and straightforward. This chapter will show you how to stimulate acupressure points, how much pressure to use, how long to hold each point, and most important, how to locate the points. Then we will consider some special ways to make acupressure experiences intimate and rewarding. Finally, this chapter presents six sets of acupressure points that are important for romantic and sexual applications. Learn more


The triangular bone at the base of the spine (the sacrum) is a technique used clinically to relieve menstrual cramps, labor pains, sciatica, low back pain, and urinary tract disorders. But pressing the acupressure points at the base of the spine stimulates the genital region as well, so that it is often sexually arousing.

In Chinese medicine, acupressure points are considered gateways for human electrical energy. This energy, often referred to as the life force (in Iapanese ki, in Chinese chi) moves throughout the body along pathways called meridians. A clear flow of energy through the meridians is the key to radiant health, eroticism, and intimacy. Acupressure points are the junctures of these energy pathways.

Most acupressure points can be located by using major anatomical landmarks, such as bone indentations and protrusions. For instance, the point called Facial Beauty (St 3) is located directly below the center of the eye, a half-inch outside the nose, in a slight indentation underneath the cheekbone. This point is usually quite sensitive to firm pressure.

Avoid pressing directly on bones unless you feel an indentation. I . For instance, when pressing the sacrum at the base of the spine, press I gently into the indentations in the hollow of the bone.
While some points lie near bony landmarks, others are located underneath major muscle groups. To find these points, feel for a muscular cord or a slight depression between the tendons and muscles. Once you have found a muscular cord, press on it slowly and directly.

Acupressure points often feel sore upon pressure. Ask your partner to alert you to any tenderness. The tenderness is a signal that you have found a point’s exact location, but you must apply the pressure slowly and carefully so that you don't hurt your partner. Sometimes points can become extremely sore; at other times, they may not get sore at all, due to the hardened chronic tension covering them. If you find increasing or extreme sensitivity or pain at a point, gradually decrease the pressure until you achieve a balance between pain and pleasure.

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