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Checking your Sexual Activity

I turned on the TV in the UK the other night and saw some woman say, ‘It's quite obvious Robbie Vlfilliams [Britain's answer to Mark Wahlberg] would be a great lay - I mean, just look at him." On closer inspection, that woman turned out to be me. Quite frankly, it was recorded so long ago, I'd forgotten I'd done it — one of those |et’s-pick—fault—with-celebrities-because-we'd-all-like-to-be-them shows where "experts" like me say we wouldn't walk in their shoes for a million dollars (but secretly we'd pay them 3100 for five minutes worth). Anyway, I was horrified. Why? Well, for a start, the lighting was awful and I looked about I50 years old (which blew my dwances of Robbie calling the station for my phone number to prove the point, which was, after all, the whole point of doing the show in the first place).

My second moment of morfification: "Everyone will think I'm right out there for saying that" I mean, I practically had my tongue on the floor like some sluuuuu...And then I stopped myself. Because not only do I hate the word and all its connotations, I thought "Oh what's wrong with it? It's a compliment and — it's true. He would be great in bed. Damn good in bed"...and proceeded to drift into some rather wicked Robbie fantasies that put me in a hell of a lot nicer place than squirming around imagining what my first-grade teacher now thinlk of me. After all, who would I rather impress: the 70-year-old (and that was then) Mrs. Friar or the so—fresh-he-should—be—refrigerated Mr. Vlhlliarns? We're always talking about how women love bad boys (like Robbie and Mark). Well, wild women are just as appealing, for all the same reasons that we love a trashy video and a candy bar around the same size, or a whopping great G&T at the end of the world's worst work day. We all love doing things that we shouldn't - and boys are as mudw a sucker for this as we are. Vwld women aren't quite as easy to spot as bad boys according to http://www.wealsnet.com/an-orgasm-comes-from-letting-go/ and http://anselandthegreattree.com/2017/01/21/alpha-male-supplements/

Apart irom wicked thoughts and a slightly wanton attitude, I'm not quite sure what defines a bad gin. The chemicals mainly responsible for this feeling are serotonin (the happy hormone) and dopamine (the cuddly hormone). Both are influenced by lifestyle and diet. Could it be then that sexual desire and pleasure is all down to what you put in your mouth? According to my friend Ian Marber (aka The Food Doctor), spicing up your sex life really could be as simple as changing what you put in your shopping cart. During intercourse my testicles disappear! Should I be worried? Apparently, it can be a little alarming the first time you notice it but, trust me, nothing funky is happening. The testicles retract into the body because muscles in the area pull the scrotum toward the body during sex. It’s good old Mother Nature's way of trying to keep things at the right temperature. She's also being protective and keeping them out the way of possible knocks during a particularly enthusiastic bout of intercourse. Rescue them afterward by gently pulling them down again. But if they tend to stay up there for long periods, see a doctor — it could affect your fertility because it's too hot for sperm to survive up there.

Reinforce Your Sex

Put your money where your mouth is (or should now be) by reinforcing your words with body language. Continue the good work by learning to:

Use your hands If they're still not getting it right (and they're probably not yet because words can only explain so much), redirect Use your hands to move his/her hand/mouth/hips to where you'd like them to go. It's pointless (not to mention a complete waste of time that could be spent enjoying yourself) to just lie there and hope they'll eventually hit the spot. Instead, reach down and show them where/ what/how hard you want him/her to be according to http://www.checkyourheartage.com/very-distinct-experiences-of-pleasure-and-orgasm/

Back it up with body language Praise them vocally and with your body when they get it right Make it so obvious that even the neighbors know. Apply the same technique when they do something you DONT like. Show zero enthusiasm so they get the message: ”Honey, that feels about as pleasurable as a getting a Pap smear when they haven't warmed up the steel thing."

Avoid judging others by your own behavior If we respond to something a certain way, we assume everyone does. Wrong! We're all individuals. Take noise in bed, for example. Learn more at http://www.mons2011.eu/vigrx-plus-and-male-supplements/

The world divides into three types — those who scream, groan, moan, and generally wake up the neighbors from the first kiss to the last thrust (about 20 percent); those who are generally quiet but fairly vocal during the climax part, emitting grunts, sighs, and involuntary moans on orgasm (about 60 percent); and those who keep quiet no matter what (about 20 percent). Lara Croft could burst through the computer screen, fall on her knees and deliver, and he'd still stay silent. So don't take it personally if your partner does fall into the last category, OK? Why are some people vocal and others aren't? It's more to do with upbringing past experience, and personality than enjoyment of the experience. It doesn't mean they're not enjoying it; it just means they're more quiet/embarrassed/inhibited/private about sex than you are. So even if they're not writhing on the bed screaming Yes! Yes! Yes!, it doesn't mean they/re not melting on the inside.

Hands up who had ohmigod-we've-ruined-yet—another-set—of-sheets sex last night? OK, how about reasonably good sex that left you with a rather smug post-coital glow? Hmmm. All right, how many of you fantasize more about sleeping in your bed than bouncing around on it? Well hullo and welcome to the 21st century: a time when most of us give career and kids number one billing in life — and sex bottom priority, by being the last thing we do at night.

This is how more than half the population cope sexually with stressful jobs and the dramas of everyday life: they don't, basically. Others react to the pressure by using sex as a stress-release rather than p|easure—enhancer - and end up with a different, though equally bad, set of problems: soulless sex. Then, to really help matters, these two different types of people decide to get together and hook up romantically. Now isn't that a great idea?


THE S-L-O-W TEASE "I’d just come out of a really serious long-term relationship and met this guy at a boozy lunch at a friend's house. He was definitely not my type (not the sharpest knife in the drawer) but he had a body to die for and a great sense of humor. Over the next six weeks we hung around together and flirted like crazy, but I felt too raw emotionally to sleep with him. Instead, we'd kiss and touch (nothing heavy) and it turned into the most deliciously drawn—out sexual tease I've ever had. Toward the end, I was so turned on that all he had to do was kiss my neck and I'd practically orgasm! It was worth the wait: when I was finally ready, he led me into the bedroom and we didn't come out for 10 hours. Learn more at http://www.betsysbacktonature.com/a-little-foreplay-and-then-penetration/ and http://accessible-epub-3-reader.org/x4-labs-is-one-of-the-most-popular-extenders-on-the-market/

" What made it great "It had all the essentials, which I call ‘the three Ts’: tease, talk, technique. The build—up was extraordinary, but it also helped that he was incredibly nonjudgmental and I felt comfortable talking to him about sex. He'd obviously been around the block a few times because he knew exactly what he was doing. Also, it was ncrstrings sex with an expiration date.

The pressure of being Ms. Pure was lifted because I wasn't auditioning for the role of wife and l was able to let loose completely. Lack of emotional involvement meant I could just focus on the sex." "Squeezing my testicles, just before orgasm." "Watching her play with herself. She'd look me straight in the eye as she did it." "She'd insert her finger up my butt while giving me oral sex." "Giving me a blow-job while l was driving." ‘Watching in mirrors above us, beside us, she had them placed everywhere." "She used to bite my nipples hard, just as I was about to let go." "Her tongue darting inside my anus." "Her giving me head in a public place — the thrill of thinking we might be caught.” "She'd squirt lots of lube into her palms and rub them together, then masturbate me." "Ordering me to climax in her mouth instead of trying to avoid it" "Expecting to see pubes and then seeing her totally shaved genitals." "My ex—boyfriend showed up to take me out I wasn't sure whether it was now friendship or he was trying to get together again.

But I did know I was as horny as hell. Anyway, all that stuff about pheromones must be tme because after the briefest chat at the door, he made a joke about me looking good and wanting to ravish me, then said 'In fact, I will,’ picked me up, and headed for the bedroom. We were both laughing when he threw me on the bed but then the mood changed. He started kissing and he told me (in graphic detail) exactly what he had wanted to do to me the last time we went out but was too scared to suggest.


He's young, with flesh that's both willing and able — she's got the imagination and the guts to take him where she's already been. lt’s nearly always good news if the woman takes Control of a sexual relationship because women focus less on intercourse and orgasms. Sex is about giving each other pleasure, not simultaneous climaxes. Older women have also had longer to grapple with issues like "Will he think I'm easy if 1 suggest that?" (God no, he'll love it!), so are more open to living out the fantasies he's been harboring for years. Age also lends valuable insight into the male sex drive. If you've got a few good, long-terrn sexual relationships under your belt, you've figured out that men adore novelty. Give him lots of visual stimulation and new things to try and he's not going anywhere according to http://www.coinfactory.net/against-using-vigrx-plus-supplements/


 Every last drop. I know, l'm being hypocritical here because I'm the first to say swallowing isn't the be-all and end-all of giving great fellatio, but the idea of it remains the stuff of his fantasies. It scores BIG brownie points. So does good oral sex technique. An older woman knows how to give oral sex without appearing to choke herself (she's done it a hundred times more than the 19-year-old he last slept with); secondly, she's over that uugghhh-yukkyvget—it~off—me sperm stage and has rightly decided that brief moment of bittemess on swallowing is worth the pleasure it gives him. Learn more at http://ownilive.com/though-id-always-studied-intimacy/


It usually takes women a little longer to get warmed up than men. An older woman doesn't apologize for this, she makes the most of it, knowing a slower, longer sex session is likely to be a lot more enjoyable for both of you. He might be able to climax on cue, but a delicious buildup makes his orgasm more intense as well. An extra bonus: by letting him arouse you fully, you're reciprocating with the biggest turncn of all — responsiveness. He really would rather have climpled thighs that quiver than a perfectly smooth set that don't move an inch! Many men name responsiveness as an even bigger turn-on than beauty. Start soft Keep your lips closed (but only just, not clamped tightly together), then cover all of your partners mouth with light fluttery "angel" irisses until you've left your mark on every inch. Kiss in the comers, above the top lip, below the bottom lip, all around your partners mouth. Detour to the neck. Keep planting soft kisses across their face, then walk your lips down the neck until you reach the hollow. Once there, open your mouth wide and plant your lips. Now, hold their face in your hands This gives you ultimate control since it puts you in boss position. (Even better if you're female: it's unanimous in pretty much all sex surveys that men love take-charge kissing). Tilt your head to one side, look them deep in the eyes, then close your eyes and start moving in toward them as s-s—s-s—low—l—y as you can.

The G-Spot and clit are very complimentary with one another

We all hold our emotions in different parts of our body--like our assholes (as in “tight-ass” or “up-tight”) It might sound scary to encounter intense emotions, but ultimately the release and acknowledgment of them is vital to our well-being and really going deep with our sexuality. If we can incorporate our emotional energy into our sexual experience and acknowledge it as such, we will be far less repressed and more fully expressed as a radiant and Juicy Super Star Sex Goddess. If you feel a wave of emotional energy coming through when you are stimulating your G-Spot or during an orgasm--don’t hold back, repress, and shut down because of fear. Trust that those emotions need to come up and get released for a reason. Have a good cry--let it all out--you’re going to be just fine and perhaps you might even feel more light on your feet after. Know that you are not alone. This is totally natural and part of being a sexual woman. We all have various issues sexually whether it was a religious up-bringing that taught you that your sexual feelings were sinful, maybe a difficult and painful experience at the gynaecologist, maybe you were molested or raped, or maybe you just feel totally shut down after having your heart broken. Learn more at http://www.landscapedecking.co.uk/vigrx-plus-works/

 These experiences make us who we are, and as difficult as it is, allowing them to come up and be healed by acknowledging them will be a transformative experience and help you deepen your connection with yourself and your sexuality. “ I am an incest survivor and as you might imagine, sex has been a very challenging and even painful experience for me. I really didn’t think I would ever truly enjoy sex and that it was just not for me. I would feel totally overwhelmed sometimes during sex and all of my painful memories and trauma would come rushing back. I went to see a woman who specialized in sexual healing work and she recommended G-Spot healing. I had no idea what that was but I thought it was worth a try. She told me that applying pressure and stimulating the G-Spot can help release stuck and blocked energy. Midway into our session I started trembling and let out a huge sob that shook my whole body. I felt all of this light releasing out the top of my head and it felt like something huge was released that I had been holding onto for years. The next days after that I felt totally radiant and very hopeful that I could actually have a healthy sex life. Learn more at http://bellisimahandbags.com/intimacy-and-x4-labs-fantasy/

The G-Spot and clit are very complimentary with one another. If stimulating your G-Spot feels spectacular and stimulating your clit feels heavenly--put them together and you have the perfect recipe for multiple blended orgasms and juicy ejaculatory orgasms. Sometimes when G-Spot stimulation alone feels strange, I recommend incorporating clitoral stimulation to help get you more aroused. If clitoral orgasms or stimulation is very familiar to you-- start with what you know first and weave in the unknown so your body has an opportunity to blend the familiar with the unfamiliar. Over time, knowing that more is possible, you will crave both and learn how to work with both the G-Spot and the clit together. Remember that the blended orgasm consisting of both clitoral and G-Spot orgasm is the number one way that women ejaculate and have multiple orgasms. I also highly recommend getting yourself to the edge of clitoral orgasm and then stimulating your G-Spot without clitoral stimulation for a while. Build up the arousal in your G-Spot and then switch to the clit again when you feel ready. Try working them back and forth and then putting them together. Playing with both together is a great way to get totally aroused and very juicy. Different ways to stimulate the G-Spot There are many different ways to stimulate the G-Spot. You can do so:  Manually: (with your fingers) : Doing the come hither motion, side to side, circular motions, variations of pressure, speed, and type of stroke. This is the most direct way to stimulate the G-Spot and one of the most effective. Toys are very effective, but there is nothing like two fingers which can very precisely activate those highly sensitive parts

Perfect for G-Spot stimulation

You partner’s fingers along with your active guidance and communication are perfect for G-Spot stimulation. You can have your partner stimulate your G- Spot while you stimulate your clit (more on that later).  G-Spot toy : Toys are a great way to try something different and have a fresh sensation for your G- Spot. A toy will feel different than manual stimulation and will also give you the pleasurable sensation of being filled up AND if it’s a combination G-Spot/clit toy--well then you are certainly in for a treat. Some G-Spot toys are weighted to activate your pelvic floor muscles. Some include vibration for the clit with the G-Spot hook. Many G-Spot toys are made out of glass, steel, or pyrex. G-Spot toys are very specific to stimulating the G-Spot because they angle up towards the G-Spot. Normal penetration often misses the G-Spot and slides right on past it. That is why it is important to be aware of trying to get the best angle during sex and using a good G-Spot toy to directly hit your hot spots.  Dildo : Hard and firm dildos are recommended for G-Spot stimulation. Bigger is not always better when it comes to the G-Spot and either is length. Since the G-Spot is near the opening of the vagina, and the most sensitive part is a couple inches inside, you don’t need a long G-Spot toy or penis to feel adequately stimulated. Just remember that since a dildo is not angled up like the G-Spot toy--you have to angle it up towards your G-Spot yourself (or your partner). Just try different positions and angles with the dildo once you know where the sensitive parts of your G-Spot are.  Penis : Penises are great when used manually to stimulate the G-Spot. You can either man-handle it yourself or have your partner do it. Learn more at http://www.eco-foundations.co.uk/too-busy-when-we-use-human-pheromones/ and http://shieldsvmoakciurs.page.tl/I-studied-PE.htm

Remember that often times during intercourse, the penis will slide right on past the G spot. I will go over great positions which help stimulate your G-Spot and special tricks that he can do with his penis to get you squirting.  Anally : For some women, stimulating the G-Spot through the anus feels best. Well, you won’t know unless you try it for yourself. If you’re not quite there yet or into anal stimulation--you might want to ease into it when you feel ready-if ever. There are many women who swear that anal penetration is the best way they can ejaculate. Sometimes indirect stimulation of the G-Spot through the anus (there is a very thin wall separating the vaginal canal from the anus) work well for women. “ My beloved would do this amazing thing with his dick where he would angle it up towards my G-Spot and rub fairly vigorously while taking himself inside and out while I rubbed my clit. Sometime when he took his dick out he would rub it on my clit and put it back in again-angle it towards my G-Spot and take it out with firm pressure. This really got me super juicy and to the point where I would squirt when he took it out. It was almost like the act of taking it out help me to release the ejaculate. Sometimes if I was on top he would let me hold his dick and rub it on my clit and angle it towards my G-Spot. He loved the sensation of my ejaculate dripping down his balls and down his sides. I would get really really wet and we were both so amazed at how much liquid there was .” -CP, CA Different Types of Female Prostates There are 4 basic types of female prostates that women can have. This might be helpful in locating yours :  The Meatus Prostate - This is the most common one and easiest to locate. 70% of women have ramp-shaped meatus prostates with the thickest part of the tissue located near the urethra. There are said to be about 30 microscopic ducts that empty into the urethra. These are the ducts which fill with ejaculate during arousal.  Prosterior Prostate - 15% of women have posterior prostates, in which the thickest part is located closest to the bladder. Therefore the spongy mound is deeper in the vaginal canal.  The “dumbell” Prostate - 7% of women have a middle prostate distributed along the length of the urethra but with a smaller concentration in the middle, like a dumbbell.  Rudimentary Prostate - found in about 8% of women. This type has few glands and ducts.

Why you might have difficulties finding your G-Spot

Since most women have the meatus prostate, this means that their G-Spot is located very close to the vaginal opening near the urethra. Many women think that the G-Spot is deep within the vaginal canal, but it is really right near the opening. If you know what kind of prostate you have, then you can feel inside for that spongy mound to feel where the most intense sensation is. If your prostate is prosterior, that means that you might have to go deeper to find it. Spongy Mound + Urge to Pee = Success! Remember, you’re feeling for the combination of a spongy mound with ridges as well as the sensation you feel when you put apply pressure and stimulation to the upper wall of the vaginal canal. The sensation you are feeling for is one of the urge to pee. That usually indicates that you have found your G-Spot. If you have found one but not the other, that is just fine, and with practice and more exploration you are almost there. If you have found the spongy mound, but have little to no sensation or pain--then it is just a matter of continuing to stimulate and explore that area to awaken sensation during arousal. If you can’t find the spongy mound but feel like you have to pee when you press on a certain part of the upper wall of your vagina, then that is the important part. Since pleasure, and doing what feels good is the important part, continue to work with this area, awaken sensation there and open the door to multiple G-Spot orgasms. “ I look back and I totally laugh because I used to go to the bathroom two to three times during lovemaking with my husband. It would always break the mood and then it felt like we had to start all over again once I came back to the bedroom. Learn more at http://www.logic-command.com/he-led-me-into-the-bedroom/

It would always happen in the heat of the moment when I was especially aroused. All of a sudden I had an overwhelming urge to pee right then and there so I would run off to the bathroom to relieve myself only to find that same overwhelming urge sometimes moments later! I just recently found out about female ejaculation and realized that THIS WHOLE TIME-- I’m talking my whole sexual life, I didn’t know that this wasn’t the urge to pee, but actually to ejaculate. I was so scared to just let it go--and for good reason- I certainly didn’t want to pee on the bed or my husband, but now that I know that I need to ejaculate, I just let it go and my husband loves it. At first it took me a while to let it go even when I trusted that it was ejaculate, but after some practice and permission from my beautiful husband, I finally ejaculated for the first time and feel like I’m finally sexually liberated .” The Blended Orgasm I would like to share with you another solo hands-on exercise which utilizes the blended orgasm, which is one of the most successful ways to ejaculate as well as being profoundly pleasurable. Remember that the blended orgasm is one in which you are experiencing a clitoral and G-Spot orgasm simultaneously. Or it could also feel like you are having one orgasm which combines pleasure from both the G-Spot and the clitoris. It is best to try this solo at first, and then I will include partner participation in the following chapter.  Have a vibrator and G-Spot toy handy. You might also have a 2-in-1 toy which has vibration for the clit and the attached curved G-Spot stimulator. These toys are optional--hands also work great and they are a good place to start. In fact I recommend trying this exercise first with your hands and then add toys later if you feel inspired to do so.  If you have a full length mirror you can lay in front of, you might want to witness yourself and get aroused by looking at yourself in the mirror. If you don’t have the full length mirror, at least have your hand mirror available.  Put down a rubber sheet, a couple of towels, or a blanket.  Make sure you empty your bladder before this exercise to avoid worrying about having to pee in the middle.  Lay back, relax, and get into that yummy space with yourself free of outside distractions.  Take some deep breaths like before and start at “home base” with one hand on your heart and the other on your pussy.  Do your check-in to see if there’s anything your pussy has to communicate with you. Take it in and nurture whatever she might need. Learn more at http://daaralathar.com/sexual-femininity-and-other-personal-characteristics/

Really milk your G-Spot

Start moving your hips and touching your whole body from head to toe including your neck, ears, insides of thighs, ass and underarms.  Notice any heat in your body that you are starting to generate and keep your energy moving while continuing to breathe.  Start stroking your clit in whatever way feels best for you. Really savour the sensations and visualize your energy building and building orgasmically.  When you are close to orgasm, slowly and lovingly insert a lubricated finger upwards and apply pressure towards your G-Spot in the “come hither” motion.  Add a second finger or your G-Spot toy when you feel nice and juicy down there.  Stimulate your G-Spot in experimental ways for a while without clit stimulation.  When you feel orgasmic yummy energy start to build in your G-Spot, you can add clitoral stimulation with your other hand or a vibrator.  See how they both feel together and how well both sensations compliment one another.  Experiment with stimulating the clit and then stopping while you stimulate the G-Spot.  See how it feels to rotate back and forth-dancing with the sensation of them simultaneously as well as separate according to http://www.onceuponapint.co.uk/about-the-effectiveness-of-vigrx-plus-in-men/

Really milk your G-Spot and apply firmer pressure while stimulating the hot spot behind the sponge as well as the urethral opening.  Listen for any slushing sounds of the ejaculate building up. In the next chapter we will discuss how to release the ejaculate if you hear that sound.  If you are overcome with the sudden urge to pee--trust your body and simply let go. Don’t hold back. Continue to ride the sensation and take a chance with surrendering to this new sensation. Know that this new sensation is not pee, but ejaculate. If you’re still sceptical, apply pressure to your bladder and see if it feels full. If it feels full, you can use the bathroom, but if you don’t, go ahead and trust your body to release the pressure that is building in an orgasmic rush. Even if you pee accidentally, that is okay too because you put down plenty of towels so you don’t have to worry about making a mess.  Put aside any fears and give yourself permission to let loose. Feel the ecstasy that comes with that permission  The point of this exercise is not to ejaculate though. It is about stimulating both the clit and G-Spot simultaneously and allowing the orgasmic energy to build in each.  Build toward climax while stimulating both the G-Spot and clit. I invite you to see this as an ecstatic dance between two different forms of stimulation and orgasmic sensation. Allow your body to guide you towards climax, but not over the edge---yet. Savour this dance as long as possible. Whether it is 20 minutes or a couple hours--whatever feels right for you. This is about listening to your body.  When you feel pleasure and sensation from both your clit and G-Spot for an extended period of time, allow yourself to climax. Don’t try to figure out mentally if it was a G-Spot orgasm or a clitoral orgasm--ride the wave of orgasm or pleasurable sensation. The climax is great--but that is not the goal of this particular exercise. It is to enjoy and savour the complimentary sensations and pleasure of both the G-Spot and clit, especially if incorporating G-Spot stimulation is new to you. If you know that you are very clit-centric, then opening both the neural pathways as well as the physical to G-Spot pleasure, will give a whole new dimension to your sexual experience. Learn more at http://whitneyyoungcdc.org/why-do-you-use-x4-labs-extender/

The pubo-coxygeus muscles or PC muscles

The pubo-coxygeus muscles or PC muscles are a very complex network of muscles running throughout the entire pelvic floor from the clit to the anus and deep into the vaginal canal. There are 3 main sections of PC muscles. The ones right at the urethral opening which start and stop the flow of urine. There is a second set inside the vaginal canal which are also connected to the anus, and a third set that are deeper within the vaginal canal and near the cervix. These “sets” of musculature or not separate, but a connected network. I refer to them as sets so you can visualize these three parts when you are doing your PC exercises or engaged in sexual activity. Therefore, the PC muscles are the muscles that start and stop the flow of urine as well as allow you to give birth and push your baby out as well as enhancing your orgasmic energy and the muscles you will use to ejaculate. Why are these muscles important when learning about orgasm and ejaculation? The PC muscles and their strength are connected to:  Releasing female ejaculate  Pumping orgasmic energy through your body  Having powerful orgasms and more of them  Enhancing pleasure for your partner  Enhancing sensation for you during intercourse  Generating blood flow and Vaginal Health  Enhancing the stimulation of your clit, G-Spot, and Cervix. I’m going to go through each of these points one by one to help you understand the importance of these muscles and how you can exercise them and use them to your pleasurable advantage. Releasing female ejaculate : The PC muscles are the muscles you are going to use to push out the ejaculate when you feel the pressure building in your G-Spot. You don’t have to have strong PC muscles to do this, but you do have to be aware of them and know how to push as well as release with them. You will be using the same muscles you use to start and stop the flow of urine. Ejaculating can be both a passive and active experience. There are times when you will feel the need to push or bare down (as you would to give birth) as I call, “giving birth to your orgasm”, which I will describe in full detail in the following chapter. There are will also be times when you will ejaculate without even knowing you are doing it, and the ejaculate will be released involuntarily. The more you are aware of your PC muscles and have strengthened them , the more you can decide and choose when you will ejaculate or not as well as how much. Learn more at http://www.eco-foundations.co.uk/spiking-vigrx-plus-directly/ and http://tonganfishers.org/questions-about-sex-and-x4-labs/

PC Muscle Exercises that you can do anywhere : Now that you’ve gotten a rough idea of the tightness and strength of your PC muscles in each tier, I want to give you some very basic exercises that are easy enough to do anywhere and at anytime. The easier they are and more convenient, the more likely you are to do them. If you want a more engaging strengthening regimen, I highly recommend that you check on the internet for vaginal weights, benwoi balls, and weighted dildos that strengthen your PC muscles while you masturbate and do your daily activities. This doesn’t have to be grunt work! Now while all of these fancy gadgets are useful and fun to use, I’m going to teach you very effective and basic PC muscle exercises--also known as Kegels (named after Dr. Arnold Kegel). Literally done anywhere : Squeeze your PC muscles for 3 counts. Release for three counts. Squeeze for 3counts. Etc. Do this all day long or at particular times so you remember them such as in your car or on the phone, or even right now as you are reading this. Here are some variations: Pulse your PC muscles very quickly a second at a time with very little time between each pulse. Squeeze your PC muscles and hold them for as long as you possibly can. Tighten each tier on up to the 3rd tier if possible. Imagine yourself squeezing and pulling the energy up as high as you possibly can past the 3rd tier as high as the “thermometer” in your spine will go. Repeat this and see how high you can pull the energy up. Squeeze for three counts in each tier and see if you can isolate the various muscles such as the ones which surround the urethra, the muscles around the anus, the muscles around the G-Spot and the muscles deep within the vaginal canal. Alternate pushing out and bearing down with squeezing in. Notice which muscles are the strongest and which are most difficult to squeeze. Within a matter of a few days, you will notice that you have made a lot of progress and you will be able to quickly strengthen these muscles and notice the benefits I mentioned earlier.

Pumping Orgasmic Energy

his allows you to focus in on the sensations with him and savour how the pushing and pulling feels to you. Do you have a preference? Pushing out and bearing down (as if you were giving birth--but not that hard!) might be a new experience, but we will talk more in depth about it in the following chapter. Generating Bloodflow and Vaginal Health : Regular exercising of your PC muscles generates blood flow and therefore heightens sensation and arousal. Exercising your PC muscles pre and postpartum is helpful for women during birth as well as tightening the vagina after vaginal birth. PC muscle exercises are also recommended for women to prevent incontinence as well as women who are incontinent. Strengthening PC muscles is also beneficial for women who suffer from pelvic tension. Talk to your doctor for more information regarding health benefits. Enhancing the Stimulation of Your Clit, G-Spot, Anus, and Cervix : The PC muscles are intricately connected to your anus, clit, G-Spot, and Cervix. Therefore you are stimulating them simultaneously when you pump or push out the pelvic floor muscles. The more you exercise them during sex or masturbation, the more blood flow, engorgement, and stimulation each of those parts receives simultaneously. Please note that the cervix is stimulated when you can squeeze the 3rd tier of PC muscles that are deeper in the Vaginal Canal. Those might take a bit more practice in order to strengthen the third tier. You might find that you can most easily start with the first tier of muscles and then build up to the 2nd and third tiers. “ I can’t believe what a difference doing Kegels makes for my sex life. Not only do I feel like I have more control, but I also feel like my vaginal sensations have increased dramatically and that I can have way more orgasms than before. I can feel my lover’s penis and he can feel me squeezing and holding him and he LOVES feeling my intense vaginal pulsations after I have an orgasm. My vagina feels more alive and juicy whereas before I was not that connected to her and had far less sensation and orgasms. Learn more at http://www.croh.org/housing-law/define-vigrx-plus-supplements/ and http://www.wahlstromvaliant.com/wait-to-mate/

My lover compliments me on my muscle strength which makes me feel like he’s enjoying himself more too .” PC Muscle Testing and Exercising : Are you curious about your PC muscle strength already? The great news about PC muscles and exercising them is that you can do the exercises almost anywhere and no one will know. You can do them on the phone, in your car, at work, while talking to clients, during sex--you name it....so there’s nothing stopping you from incorporating them into your daily routine. And there’s more great news: You can very quickly--- in a matter of days accelerate your PC muscle strength and actually notice a difference in a very short amount of time. First you’re going to test your PC muscle strength in each tier. DO NOT WORRY if you feel like you have very little PC muscle strength. If you have not been aware of those muscles, then they might not be in shape. You are not inadequate in any way. It is only a matter of acknowledging them, saying “hi”, and practicing some very basic exercises. In no time you will be pumping and pushing with true strength and ecstasy. Absolutely anyone can do these exercises. Start out laying down in a comfortable position.  Take a lubricated finger and insert right inside (fingernail deep) into the vaginal canal.  We are testing just the first tier now.  Squeeze your finger as hard as you can several times with your PC Muscles trying to isolate them and squeeze just the opening of the vaginal canal with the muscles you use to start and stop the flow of urine.  Check in and feel if your finger feels like you barely squeezed it or in the other extreme-if it felt like blood circulation was getting cut off.  There is a whole spectrum of PC muscle strength.

Squeeze your PC muscles

Squeeze your PC muscles and hold them for as long as you possibly can. Tighten each tier on up to the 3rd tier if possible. Imagine yourself squeezing and pulling the energy up as high as you possibly can past the 3rd tier as high as the “thermometer” in your spine will go. Repeat this and see how high you can pull the energy up. Squeeze for three counts in each tier and see if you can isolate the various muscles such as the ones which surround the urethra, the muscles around the anus, the muscles around the G-Spot and the muscles deep within the vaginal canal. Alternate pushing out and bearing down with squeezing in. Notice which muscles are the strongest and which are most difficult to squeeze. Within a matter of a few days, you will notice that you have made a lot of progress and you will be able to quickly strengthen these muscles and notice the benefits I mentioned earlier. Chapter 5: Giving Birth to Your Orgasm “ Giving Birth to your orgasm ” is a phrase I coined which might help guide you into a new realm of orgasmic possibility. If you have been “holding your orgasm inside” instead of pushing your orgasm out or giving birth to your orgasm, then this might take some practice to familiarize your body and yourself with doing it. One of the secrets to ejaculating is simply the act of pushing out while simultaneously releasing the ejaculate. If you are not used to pushing out or bearing down either during an orgasm, before, or while aroused, then this could require a bit of adjustment or experimentation. Let it Go In the previous chapter, you got in touch with your PC muscles, their strength, as well as what it feels like to use your muscles to either squeeze in or push out. You might have encountered a bit of resistance when you were practicing pushing out because it was either new for you or made you nervous that you might pee. You also learned that the feeling of needing to pee during stimulation or arousal is most likely the need to ejaculate. Learn more at http://www.eco-foundations.co.uk/spiking-vigrx-plus-directly/

Many women are using their PC muscles to hold back and not pee, but what would happen if you chose to let go? The fear of letting go is a big one. It requires an element of surrender that could result in a trickle or a gush, a cathartic release, etc. If you’re willing to trust your body and follow the natural sensations of arousal, and let go, you can open up to your infinite sexual potential. Giving Birth Giving birth is one of the most powerful experiences for a woman. How amazing is it that our bodies have this power? Whether you have already given birth or not, you can visualize the symbolic experience -- normally associated with pain and replace it with profound pleasure and power. If you visualize yourself bearing down as if you were giving birth but instead visualize giving birth to your orgasm or ecstatic energy, then you might find yourself ejaculating and having a big release. Ejaculation does not always require that you push out. Sometimes it can come forth involuntarily or without pushing out. But it certainly helps get your juices flowing and to know this can be helpful. The other aspect of ejaculation is that you don’t want to hold it back. If you feel like you are afraid to go over the edge or let go because you might pee, make a mess, or you’re scared of the intensity of the experience, you can visualize yourself opening the floodgates and removing the dam that is holding back your waters and your pleasure. Please note that when I say “pushing” or “bearing down” I don’t mean that you are pushing hard or forcing till you turn blue in the face. You are using the same kind of force as you would when squeezing in, but pushing out instead. While you are pushing out you are also releasing--so it is dance between force and surrender. Learn more at https://blogs.botw.org/Health/Reproductive_Health/Infertility/Male/

When should I push out? The best time to push out is:  When you are highly aroused  You hear and feel a sloshing noise indicating there might  be ejaculate building up  You are feeling the pressure of the ejaculate building up or  like you have to pee  When you are just about to orgasm  While you are orgasming Chapter 6: Tips and Techniques to Squirting with a Partner General Tips for Ejaculating  Remove any object that might be blocking the urethra when you are close to orgasm or trying to release the ejaculate.  Drink lots of water and be well hydrated before sex or masturbation.  Empty your bladder beforehand so you don’t have to worrying about if you’re peeing or not.  Use G-Spot toys or pay special attention to firmly stimulating the G-Spot through intercourse and masturbation.  Push out when you’re highly aroused or near orgasm.  Stimulate your clit and G-Spot at the same time.  Release fears around peeing or making a mess and give yourself permission to let go.  Put lots of towels or rubber sheets down so you and your partner don’t have to worry about making a mess.  Pump and utilize your PC muscles during arousal to help generate orgasmic energy and release the ejaculate.  Experiment to find out what works uniquely for you.  If you are with a partner, make sure you feel very comfortable with them and close to release inhibitions and fears around letting go or being emotional. Learn more at http://www.jasminedirectory.com/health-fitness/men/detail,1906846000,increase-sperm-org.html

Extended lovemaking sessions

Extended lovemaking sessions help to open up your body and build up your juices. Sometimes it take a while for the floodgates to open. Don’t block the urethral opening It is very important to note that sometime ejaculate will not come out if you are blocking the urethral opening. If you have a dildo, fingers, or a penis inside of you while you are pushing out or orgasming, try taking it out in order to allow the ejaculate to come out. For some women this is more important than others. Often times simply the act of taking the object (whatever it may be) out, will prompt the ejaculate to squirt out. This is something that you can practice in terms of timing and see what feels right for you. If you are working with a partner, they can know to start taking their fingers, penis or dildo out when they feel you starting to push or if you let them know by giving them a signal. When they take the object out they might want to do so quickly and with pressure towards your G-Spot as they’re doing it to help release the ejaculate. “ As a guy who has gotten many women to squirt, I have to say that one of the major techniques I learned is to take out my fingers or my cock when I feel her starting to push. That’s usually when she’s just about to ejaculate, and I notice that if I take whatever is insider of her out right when i feel that push, then usually this will be followed by a squirt. Then I’ll but my cock or fingers back in almost immediately after she ejaculates and then stimulate her some more and wait until I feel her push out again.  Learn more at http://www.eco-foundations.co.uk/spiking-vigrx-plus-directly/ and http://www.bonnie-james.com/perceived-sexual-mastery/

We can do this over and over again throughout a session and I’m amazed at how many women can just keep coming and coming and ejaculating more and more. If I don’t take my fingers or cock out I find that she is less likely to ejaculate for some reason. Not sure why but I know what works .” -MN, Florida G-Spot Pleasure with a Penis From a technical standpoint, if you know that your G-Spot requires curving your fingers upward or using a G-Spot toy that is already curved upward--then how does a penis come into play? Can a penis stimulate the G-Spot? Well yes, it most certainly can! Here are some tips and techniques: Shallow is yummy Shallow penetration near the entrance of the vaginal canal (which is right where all your yummy nerve endings are) is a great way to stimulate the G-Spot with his penis. Try some shallow slow or shallow fast thrusting as well as taking his penis all the way out and then reinserting to stimulate the entrance of the vagina. It also al lows any ejaculate to squirt or seep out that would ordinarily be blocked by the penis. Fwap Fwap Fwapping This might sound strange--but light to rigorous tapping and rubbing of the penis on the urethral sponge can feel absolutely amazing. This also allows the ejaculate to spurt and squirt. It is best if he does this with his penis and you rub your clit simultaneously. Right when you’re getting to a juicy place or are just about to orgasm through intercourse, have him take his penis out and either slap, fwap, tap, or vigorously rub your urethra and the sponge around it while you push out/bear down with your PC muscles. If your G-Spot/urethral sponge is near the opening of the vaginal canal--when pushed out with your PC muscles it will emerge and then can be accessed externally and therefore stimulated. Regardless of if your G-Spot emerges when pushed out, as long as he knows the general vicinity of your urethral opening, then this exercise can still be done. I personally have had great results with this one. You can also use your hand, but a penis works great. This one is a bit more showy, because as he’s tapping on the urethral opening it will release the ejaculate in a more projectile way with ejaculate flying everywhere. This one is also great if you have shyness around releasing the ejaculate. The tapping tricks the urethra into releasing the ejaculate because of the intensity of the sensation. This is not supposed to hurt. Guys be careful and start gently. Listen to her for guidance around intensity and speed. The Man-Handle Since a penis is not curved upward with a hook like your G-Spot toy, it might simply pass your G-spot on by without stimulating it. If he knows where your G-Spot is, and especially the most sensitive parts, he can take his penis and angle it up manually towards your G-Spot being careful not to go too deep and rub it around the G-Spot while holding it and manoeuvring with your fabulous guidance. You can also take hold of his penis yourself and manually use it on yourself while rubbing your clit. This is a great one for being on top, lying on your back or bent forward.

G-Spot toy on you or fingers

Every single position can be beneficial in some way for your G-Spot once you know how to angle his penis either manually or through arching or tilting your pelvis. I find that if you are in the missionary position, putting pillows under your butt helps tilt your pelvis forward, granting more access to the G-Spot. Some women say that being on top stimulates their G-Spots while others say doggie style and missionary. Because of his length, width, shape and fit as well as your internal map, it is best to experiment with all the different positions and see which feel great all-around as well as stimulate your G-Spot. Teamwork As mentioned before, I cannot emphasize this enough . So I’m saying it again in case the first time didn’t take:) Teamwork when you are with a partner is a great way to be more orgasmic and add more juice to your lovemaking. Whether through fingering, toy play, or intercourse---stimulate your clit while your partner works your G-Spot. Sometimes stimulating both at the same time feels like rubbing your head and patting your stomach. It’s difficult and can get complicated for some. If you focus on a team effort where you rub your clit and your partner stimulates your G-Spot, you are on your way to multiple blended orgasms with a sure-fire recipe for success and even ejaculation. If you partner is penetrating you, and you have a free hand, start rubbing your clit. Learn more at http://doughmedia.co.uk/his-vigrx-plus-alternative/ and http://christophefraser.com/use-an-edible-lubricant/

If your partner is using a G-Spot toy on you or fingers, have them work the toy while you work your vibrator or manually stimulate your clit. Have your partner start off slow so you can really take in and savour the sensations of your G-Spot. If you think you are unorgasmic during intercourse, you would be surprised at how orgasmic you are once you start rubbing your clit. Are you shy about stimulating yourself in front of your partner? Some women feel shy or strange doing this because they think it’s un-ladylike or that their partner will think they’re not doing a good enough job. If you do have some resistance around this you can start off with a little stimulation of your clit here and there until you’re ready to go for the gold. Chances are, your partner will get off on you getting off and feel very excited that you are enjoying yourself during sex and getting very turned on. This makes him feel better about his performance if he sees that you are in the throes of squirtatious passion. The less inhibited and the more take- charge you are about your pleasure, the more he will find you outrageously sexy and the more empowered you will feel! What could be more sexier than a woman writhing around in total ecstasy orgasming multiple times and squirting her heart out? Hopefully this image of yourself as a Juicy Super Star Sex Goddess is becoming more of a reality by the moment. Cum hither with Clit-Oral Oral sex can be super yummy, and for many women the only way they can orgasm with their partner. Remember that clit stimulation through oral is amazing----and the come hither motion on your G-Spot is also amazing. Put them together and you have a special elixir of ecstasy. Lots of teasing, going slow and alternating between G-Spot stimulation and Clit-Oral as well as simultaneously building the orgasmic energy between them both is a tantalizing tango of orgasmic bliss. Experiment till your heart’s content with this one. If your partner likes/loves the taste of your ejaculate, don’t be shy to release your liquid orgasm. Women drink men’s ejaculate all the time--there is absolutely no reason why men wouldn’t enjoy imbibing and being ejaculated on.  I also encourage you to give her encouragements galore! I want you to be as authentic as possible whether you are complimenting how beautiful and sweet her pussy is, to how perfect her breasts are.

How To Feel her G-Spot

Encouragement is especially important when it comes to squirting. If she has started to squirt a bit or is practicing, the more you can encourage it out of her, the more her body will respond positively by surrendering fully. The more open, turned on, and into it she is, the more you want to encourage her to let go especially if you feel her G-Spot getting engorged and you sense that she might need to ejaculate. Techniques aside--encouragement can be the #1 way to get a woman to squirt. Yoni (Vaginal) Massage Sessions Sometimes setting aside time (preferably on a massage table) where you can enjoy a session dedicated just for her that is separate from your lovemaking can be very helpful. These sessions are ones in which you give her a full body massage while also massaging her inner and outer labia, taking your time to get to know her body, to explore her inside and out with your fingers and tongue, to worship her and bask in her ecstasy. If you have an exploratory attitude and one of honour, these sessions can be incredible for her and you. She can also do the same for you so you can take time to fully receive from her. Learn more at http://www.croh.org/housing-law/define-vigrx-plus-supplements/

Here are some great yoni (vaginal) massage techniques:  Make sure she continues to breathe and take deep breaths from time to time.  Don’t rush and make sure you are not distracted by anything so you can TOTALLY focus your energy on her.  Decide if you’d like her to eye gaze with you while you touch her or if she prefers to keep her eyes closed.  Encourage her to guide you as much as possible and tell you EXACTLY what she likes and doesn’t as well as what she would like you to try or experiment with.  Create a loving romantic space that has relaxing music, phones are turned off, and there is plenty of time to dive deep into the experience.  Give her honouring compliments about her body and her sensuality that help her feel loved and very attractive.  Before entering her vagina with your fingers, ask her permission first and then once she says yes, take your time and lovingly enter her or let her take your finger in slowly with her PC muscles.  Listen to her body language to see if she is flushed, if her nipples are erect, if she’s writhing around, if something emotional is coming up for her. Check in with her if you are not sure how to read where she’s at. If she has checked out, bring her back by having her connect with you and take deep breaths.  If she has an emotional release or experience come up, check in with her gently but do not abruptly stop stimulating her or remove your hands. This could feel like abandonment for some women, so be nurturing and gentle. You might even be surprised that she wants you to keep stimulating her even while she is crying. Learn more at http://www.entre-aines.ca/confidence-charisma/

Check in with your partner beforehand to find out how they feel about your juices. For some, it might take some getting used to and for others--they can’t get enough. The more comfortable you are with your vagina’s tastes and smells as well as your body, the more your partner will feel encouraged and excited to share that experience with you. The Great Outdoors Location can be an important factor in arousal and inhibition. If you are worried about making a mess or peeing, then being outdoors, especially near a body of water can be very liberating and arousing. Get in touch with your connection to yourself, your partner, and nature while ejaculating in the great outdoors unabashedly. Holding Space and Encouragment Galore What does it mean to “Hold Space” for your partner? This might sound a bit new-agey but trust me guys, this is essential for almost every woman. Holding space means that as her partner you are allowing her (verbally and non) to express herself FULLY without judgment---that whatever comes up for her is OK. If she starts crying-- you allow for that without trying to fix her. Let her know that you are there for her and give her permission to surrender fully. The more comfortable, relaxed and inhibited she feels by the space you hold and the energy you have, the more likely she is to tap into full body orgasms as well as ejaculate. When she knows that she doesn’t have to fit into any cookie-cutter mold and that all expressions of her sexuality are loved and appreciated, you hold the magical key to an amazing sexual experience with her.

This is a great fingering technique

This is a great fingering technique that men can use that has been proven very successful for helping women to ejaculate. It is called the middle ring move because you are using your middle and ring finger inside of her. This works best when she is on a massage table and you are standing next to her or if you are laying astride her while she is on her back. Make sure she is appropriate turned on and juiced up before you start this one. It works best when she is already sufficiently turned on and her G-Spot is already engorged . Take your middle and ring finger and lovingly enter her. Curl your fingers up toward her G-Spot just behind the sponge.

Take your palm while your fingers are inside and cup her clit somewhat firmly. Take your other hand and lay it just above her pubic mound, also applying a fair amount of pressure. Make sure you check in with her to gauge the pressure. You are now going to rigorously move your fingers and palm up and down inside of her while anchoring your palm to her public bone or clit. This way her clit and her G-Spot are getting stimulated. Check in and see if you can go harder, faster or more rigorous. Sometimes this move can appear aggressive, but actually a woman’s G-Spot can take a fair amount of intense pressure. Learn more at http://www.cookconferencecenter.org/the-appeal-of-vigrx-plus/

At a certain point when you are rigorously moving your fingers up and down inside of her somewhat quickly you will hear some sloshing noises indicating that their is ejaculate building up in her G-Spot. Have her push out (or she might do this naturally) and experiment with removing your fingers to allow the ejaculate to be released or seeing if the ejaculate will come out while your fingers are inside of her. She might also want to stimulate her clit while you focus on her G-Spot and this work great too. The index and middle finger ( Starchy : Yin position, according to White Tiger Tantra ) work great for a juicy come-hither motion while the middle ring move ( Starchy : Yang position, according to White Tiger Tantra ) works great for rigorous G-Spot stimulation and helps a woman who is afraid of letting go because she has to surrender to the intensity of the stimulation and might not be able to hold the ejaculate back even if she wants to. See which she prefers and remember that what she wants in one session could be very different the next. Check in with her always and ask permission as much as possible so she feels safe and cared for.

Remember-women’s full range of emotions are PART of their sexuality. You might not understand what’s going on for her, but stay strong, solid, and present. Often times you don’t have to do anything, nor do you have to ‘fix’ her. Oftentimes she just needs to let it go and release it in a yell, moan, deep breath, squirt, or an orgasm.  You can start by massaging her whole body and then putting one hand on her heart and one hand on her yoni.  You can also end the massage this way and hold her or cuddle with her at the end or spoon her on the bed or massage table.  Have an energy of exploration and don’t take it personally if she doesn’t like a certain technique you try just simply try another one and stay open to exploring and finding out what she likes.

What Is Female Ejaculation?

Female ejaculate is a clear watery and odourless fluid which is expelled from the urethra during arousal and orgasm, usually from G-Spot and clitoral stimulation. Sometimes it’s a very small amount and other times it can wet an entire bed. Sometimes it drips out discretely, sometimes it gushes and other times it squirts across the room. Some women can ejaculate with an orgasm and some without. Some women ejaculate frequently, while others hardly ever. Studies determine this fluid to contain high levels of glucose, prostatic acid – phosphatise and trace amounts of urea. Amrita contains prostatic fluid because it comes from the female prostate, which is also known as the G-Spot. The G-Spot surrounds the urethra which is at the top and near the opening of the vaginal canal. Learn more at http://www.eco-foundations.co.uk/spiking-vigrx-plus-directly/

The peri-urethral glands which surround the G-Spot, build up and fill with fluid during G-Spot stimulation and arousal. This ejaculate is released voluntarily using the muscles which start and stop the flow of urine, called the pubo-coxygeus or PC muscles. Ejaculate is also released during the natural contractions of a G-Spot orgasm. Video #3 – Awakening the G-Spot (VIDEOS) The G-Spot is an integral part of ejaculation and the key to deeper pleasure and multiple orgasms. First you must find your G-Spot. The G-Spot is a round sponge with horizontal ridges. Learn more at http://www.wendywlee.com/all-things-regarding-extender-and-male-supplements/

(Here) we can actually see the G-Spot emerging from the vagina when it is pushed out. Here is the urethra where the ejaculate comes out of. Many people think that the G-Spot is elusive and deep within. But here we can see that it’s actually near the vaginal opening. Get out a hand mirror and set aside some interrupted time for yourself. Try pushing out with your PC muscles to see if your G-Spot emerges and say hello to your long lost friend. Curve your fingers up in the come-hither motion and locate the spongy mound with ridges near the vaginal opening. Learn how to pay attention to your penis.

It is easiest to locate when in an aroused state. Using firm pressure experiment by doing the come-hither motion from behind the sponge forward. How does it feel? Clear your thoughts and remember to breathe. Try moving your fingers in circles. Have your partner help you out or use a G-Spot toy if your hand gets uncomfortable. The most sensitive part of the G-Spot is usually behind the sponge. Do you feel aroused? Do you feel emotional? Do you feel anything at all? Did you know that finding your G-Spot and stimulating it actually awakens the sensation there? Most women’s G-Spot’s are numb because they’ve simply not recognised it as a part of their sexuality. If your G- Spot feels numb, don’t worry. Give it attention and stimulation and over time it’ll become more awakened and sensitive. If you experience pain in your G-Spot it could be the result of needing to release an emotional trauma you might be holding there. The G-Spot is an extremely deep and emotional centre often evoking tears and other emotions as you’ll see in this video.

By presenting these orgasmic possibilities you might feel inadequate or put pressure on yourself. But I strongly encourage you to be compassionate for wherever you’re at and to listen to your body and find out what works uniquely for you. This is an opportunity to access your body’s amazing potential if you let it. Have fun, celebrate and be inspired by what you seek. Remember that where you’re at is perfect, you’re already whole.

Clitoral/G-Spot stimulation

Putting it all together Ready to put everything we’ve learned together? This next exercise will utilize the main components of ejaculating :  Home-base check-in,  Clitoral/G-Spot stimulation,  PC muscle Pumping,  and Giving birth to your orgasm. …  Prepare your space by drinking lots of water, putting down towels or rubber sheet, getting lube and toys ready. Set the romantic stage with candles, lighting, and sexy music.  Do some stretching to help open up your body and move any stuck energy.  Lay down and let your thoughts quiet and fall away.  Do your mind, body, spirit check-in with your hands on homebase (one hand on your pubic mound and the other on your heart) Take some long deep breaths and release the tension of the day with a sigh or noise.  Start by rocking your pelvis and gyrating your hips in whatever way feels good while visualizing yourself building heat and juice in your body.  Touch your entire body with light gentle strokes, tapping and massaging.  When you feel ready, find your way to your pubic mound and start by massaging the outer, then inner lips.  Don’t forget to keep breathing and moaning and releasing any energy or emotions you need to.  Get some lube on your fingers if you haven’t already and explore the sensations you feel while stimulating your clit, the clitoral hood, and the urethral opening according to http://www.eco-foundations.co.uk/spiking-vigrx-plus-directly/ and http://www.ccas-mad.com/essence-of-sexual-manhood/

Start stimulating your clit while using your fingers or a vibrator.  When you are feeling aroused and turned on, take your fingers in the come hither motion or your G- Spot toy and simultaneously stimulate your G-Spot while vibrating or rubbing your clit.  Make sure you use plenty of lube and enter your vagina tenderly and intentionally.  Practice alternating between clit and G-Spot stimulation as well as stimulating them simultaneously.  When you are very aroused, try introducing more pressure and intensity to your G-Spot and see if you can hear any sloshing noises from the ejaculate building up.  Notice if you are feeling the pressure of the ejaculate building up.  Introduce some PC muscle pulsations. If you are using a G-Spot toy try grabbing onto it with your muscles and pumping either vigorously or slowly.  Feel the sensations of engaging your pelvic floor muscles and visualizing your muscles scooping up your orgasmic energy and building it higher and higher in your pelvis and up your spine.  Really milk your G-Spot and notice it getting engorged and full.  When you feel like you are close to orgasming or in a very heightened state of arousal, try giving birth to your orgasm by bearing down and pushing out. Take out your fingers or G-Spot toy when you do this so as not to block any ejaculate that might need to come out.  Keep pushing out and bearing down while stimulating your clit and the urethral opening by tapping or rubbing.  If you notice that there is a little ejaculate coming out keep going and see if more needs to be released.  If you have just had an orgasm, you can lightly touch yourself and gradually stimulate yourself again to go for multiple orgasms if you feel called to do so. Chances are that the first orgasm opens up your body and energizes it, so the orgasms to follow can get juicier and juicier.  If you push out while you’re actually having your orgasm (and taking out whatever object is inside), then you have just given birth to your orgasm and possibly ejaculated.

The G-Spot: Also known as the female prostate

The outer labia (labia majora): Varying in sizes as well--these outer petals are as sweet as can be. Pulling on them can feel heavenly as well as massaging them in circles with your index finger and thumb. The pubic mound/bone: The pubic mound is that cushy part covering the pubic bone. Pressing down firmly behind the pubic bone during stimulation can feel amazing and is also called the “backdoor to the G-Spot” During intercourse, having your partner rub their pubic bone against yours or right above your clit can be orgasmic in and of itself. Cupping the pubic mound yourself or having a partner do it after orgasm or before stimulation can feel like your pussy is being held or cradled. It can give women a feeling of safety and nurturing. Urethra: Many women do not know where their urethra’s are. They are difficult to find because the hole can be very small. Sometimes the hole is located right above the vaginal entrance and other times it is a bit higher. And for many women, the urethra is actually a bit more inside the vagina. See if you can find yours. Stimulating the urethral opening can be very pleasurable as there are many nerve endings right there. Since the urethra is connected to the G-Spot-- by stimulating the urethral opening you are also stimulating the G spot. 

With some women, stimulating the urethral opening or lightly tapping it can induce ejaculation. Urethral Sponge: The urethral sponge surrounds the urethra. The urethral sponge is near the opening and the top of the vaginal wall. It is a spongy mound with ridges and feels like the roof of your mouth. You can feel gutters running along either side of the sponge. This sponge gets engorged with blood during arousal. There is erectile tissue in the urethral sponge which is why it gets engorged during arousal. Paraurethral Glands: The paraurethral glands, also known as the Skene’s glands fill with ejaculate during arousal and secrete their fluid into the urethral canal and is either expelled by the PC muscles out of the urethra or goes retrograde back into the bladder. Learn more at http://kuma-san.net/index.php/2016/11/04/specialty-using-vigrx-plus-supplements/ and http://www.ouvretaboite.fr/male-supplements-and-extenders/

The G-Spot: Also known as the female prostate. The G-Spot is a way to speak about the whole package deal: The urethral sponge, the paraurethral glands/Skene’s Glands, AND (most importantly in my humble opinion) the orgasmic and pleasurable sensation therein. I will speak in further depth on this beautiful gem, of which you might or might not be aware of it amazing potential and vital role in female ejaculation. The G-Spot when pushed out You are the Master of your Domain Now that you are soon on your way to having expertise anatomical wisdom about your pussy, lets make sure the anatomical information I just gave you is not just a pie in the sky, but wisdom that has actually made it’s way from your head down into your pussy pie). I want you to take your time making sure you have felt and studied your anatomy from top to bottom- inside and out. Now--the clit, clitoral hood, public bone, inner labia, and outer labia might be easiest to study. They’re right there and fairly easy to observe if you haven’t already. But, I do want you take your time with them first before venturing into possibly uncharted waters. Getting to know your body is not a finite experience...it is a lifelong one. Your body, your desires, and your life journey will always be changing. This is a lifelong infinite experience. Just because you’re orgasmic or just because you’ve had sex or masturbated doesn’t mean that you know all there is to know.