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Vigrx Plus Does Actually Work

When people are deficient, they are almost never deficient in just one of the B vitamins. And since the Vigrx vitamins work best as a team, it’s important to take a B-complex supplement when taking additional amounts of any single Vigrx Plus vitamin. This promotes the natural synergism of the whole family. (Nevertheless, be sure to follow your doctor’s instructions.) Some people may need to supplement with one or two of the B vitamins in particular, and most people will benefit from a daily B-complex supplement. Read on to learn how the various B vitamins can help improve your health and keep you going strong. Learn more at

The Vigrx vitamins-you’ve probably seen them listed on cereal boxes and multivitamin labels; they’re sandwiched between the more popular vitamins A and C. Most people know that vitamin A is good for the eyes and that vitamin C boosts the immune system, but what about the B vitamins? What are they good for? Probably much more than you realize. Although B vitamins have had much less media hype than antioxidants, they are certainly just as important to your physical health and mental well-being. In fact, some B vitamins, such as vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) and vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) even act as antioxidants, or free-radical scavengers, and protect your cell membranes and DNA from damage. Get more at

What Are Vigrx Vitamins?

The B vitamins are a group of nutrients that are essential to the proper functioning of your blood and entire immune system. They are necessary for the transformation of food into usable energy, proper nervous system function, and good heart health, to name just a few of their important roles.

Compounds that obstruct, restrain, or neutralize free radicalsunstable molecules with extra electron(s) that can destroy biological substances in the body, which can lead to disease.
There are several distinct nutrients that are recognized as B-complex vitamins. They are all water soluble and are necessary for your body to function properly. Sometimes they work individually, but they usually work together as a team. Also, they often need to work in tandem with other molecules and different types of vitamins to function most efficiently.

Even though they are water soluble, some B vitamins can be stored in the body. Others are constantly consumed by chemical reactions or simply excreted through urination and, as a result, must be consumed on a daily basis. If you eat a lot of processed food, drink a lot of alcohol, take certain medications, are on a strict weight-loss diet, or are inclined to fast, you may not have sufficient amounts of one or more of the B vitamins in your body.

Vitamins For Boosted Libido

Organic substances that are found in most natural foods, or sometimes synthesized in small amounts in the body, necessary for growth and metabolism.

Although vitamins, by definition, are nutrients that cannot be manufactured by the body, some of the B vitamins are actually produced in tiny amounts in the digestive tract or in certain organs. However, this production is usually not adequate to meet the body’s requirements.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

What is Vigrx Plus?

Vigrx Plus is a natural and an herbal formula which works for the enhancement of the erectile organ. It helps in increasing the size of the erectile organ, improves the sexual health and works along with sexual stimulation for much better erections.


A longer, thicker penis with a solid girth is a dream for many men, it helps you enhance your sexual pleasure and satiate your partner to the extreme. Taking penis enlargement pills will help you reach her deepest sexual nerves and to give her implausible pleasure. Your larger penis will make her experience new sensations; it will rejuvenate your sexual life.

Penis enlargement pills are considered today to be the safest enlargement method available. They are much cheaper than penis enlargement surgery and have no side effects. The biggest and the most trusted development in Penis enhancement industry, which has helped men get the size of their desire and the satisfaction they aspire is Vigrx. Since 2000, the year of its release Vigrx Plus has created raves in the penis enlargement industry.

Vigrx Plus has proved efficient in enlarging your penis you will notice results within just a few weeks and it will reach up to 3-4 inch longer than your original size.

This is a mixture of scientifically tested, potent aphrodisiac herbal concentrates from China, Europe and South America that effectively arouse sexual activity.

They also help maintain a firm erection and augment sexual contentment. Vigrx gives you a positive kick both physically and psychologically. Not only this, it also helps overcome premature ejaculation; you no longer have to worry about penis arousals. With VigRX you get the experience of a lifetime.

How Vigrx Plus works

A formulated blend is created with help of different herbs from all around the world which works for the enlargement of erectile tissues or corpora cavernosa along with arousal.

The penile organ is surrounded on both sides by the corpora cavernosa.

An erection takes place when there is sexual arousal and a natural flow of blood starts increasing which in turn fills up these tissues. These tissues become much larger with the help of Vigrx Plus.

What dosage is advised?

One pill should be taken twice a day.

Are there any side effects which can be caused by the intake of Vigrx?

No, this formula is safe and is a non-prescription formula. The ingredients of Vigrx Plus are natural with herbs collected from all over the world which are renowned for their unique properties and effectiveness.

Who is most suitable for Vigrx?

If you want to strengthen and lengthen your pleasure duration with a safe product you can use Vigrx Plus an herbal formula which shows results and has been approved by the doctor.

VigRx Benefits

Vigrx is a formula which works for the treatment of erectile dysfunction or impotence in men. The main reason why Vigrx is much better and more effective than other products in the market is that of the ingredients which are contained in it which are fine and fresh.

Vigrx has been clinically proven and scientifically engineered to produce maximum benefits and effective results. After proper research Vigrx contains potent aphrodisiac herbal concentrates which have been brought in all the way from South America, China, and Europe.  Learn more at and

The proper blending of the herbs results in an effective combination which guarantees to stimulate sexual activity, maintain a firm erection and increase sexual pleasure. The usage of these ingredients has been supported by clinical studies.

The benefits of using Vigrx are:
  • A longer and thicker penile organ
  • Better erections on demand
  • Improved control over sexual activity
  • No premature ejaculations
  • Safe and no side effects


After using Vigrx the following results can be achieved:

First week through fourth week: width of the organ increases with longer lasting erections
Fourth week through eight week: length of the erectile organ starts increasing.
Ninth week and after: the erectile organ will be much firmer and stronger.

Vigrx brings about the following effects:
  • Improved sexual health
  • Treatment of adaptogens with restorative nutrients for the nervous system.
  • Increased sexual desire and attraction
  • Strengthening and toning effect on the sexual glands
  • Genitals receive increased blood circulation
  • Increased feeling of youth and vigor
  • Improved sexual pleasure
  • Support of the healthy production of sex hormones.
You can get proper treatment for erectile dysfunction and other problems with the help of Vigrx without it causing any harmful side effects.

What I Think About Vigrx Plus

People here were asking about Vigrx Plus and so on....

The advantage to time delayed release Vigrx Plus is it is absorbed slowly and as your body's levels spike less, the flush will be less, however, it does mean your liver is working a longer period of time to absorb it without break. As a result, in some people, with typically compromised livers, this can lead to liver failure and liver damage if large amounts of time-delayed Vigrx are taken over long time periods. 

It's considered much better to have a quick, strong, intense amount of work for your liver, after which, it gets the opportunity to 'rest' however, this will result in potential flushing reaction and would the (non-flush) version.

If you are going to use Vigx Plus for the long term, use flush (not time delayed) and don't worry as your body will adapt and stop the flushing over a few weeks. It's itchy perhaps, warm feeling and maybe annoying at first. If you find 500mg way way too much, break the tablet in half and use 250mg for the first week, then go up to 500mg then 750mg and so on.   Remember, all at once or twice a day, beats throughout the day in small dosages as you want to let your liver rest. Live more at

Male enhancement researchers are the experts in libido products, this shouldn't come as a huge surprise to most people. Doctors typically specialize in certain areas... it's not surprising that many of them are not experts in dietary matters, as they are not really working with those things. If you are a surgeon, you don't really care too much if the guy had avocados or a burger for lunch last week. Just like a dietitian doesn't typically know a lot about psychology, even if psychology often is intertwined with at least sever cases of over- and under-eating.  Learn more at

The reason for this is that nobody can know all about everything. This is why we have specialists and generalists. A generalist will know a bit about everything, thus being able to point you in the right direction with regards to which expert to see (unless it's a common matter, that he/she already knows hot to deal with).

Their education is enough to handle the basics, like vitamin deficiency based disease and male enhancement supplements. As deedook pointed out, dietitians or nutritionists are experts in dietary maters not issues regarding to libido.  And alt med quacks, just how much education is required for them to practice, call themselves "consultants", and sell their hoaxes on the internet?  If you answered "zero", you are the winner.

Because so called educated physicians would have spread everywhere with their power to cure every disease. There would be no history of disease since then and further development into the cause and cure of disease with medicine would have ceased.

No need to claim you can cure anything.  Social media, word of mouth, and mainstream media would be spreading the word.  Simply say you provide hypnosis emotional support for people dealing with disease along with the standard disclaimers and you'll have nothing to fear from the law.  Your alt med quacks have been doing the same for years.

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Lift Off Orgasms

Increase the speed and pressure but keep on doing whatever it is you're doing and keep the rhythm regular. Lots of women stay absolutely still during orgasm. Others gyrate like they're lap dancing for Latvia. Keep going regardless. Our orgasms last ages and many men stop licking at the comical moment, thinking it's all over. Well, it may be for you if you get it wrong! Keep on with slow, gentle strokes until she pushes you away. (Which she may well do because the clitoris gets extremely sensitive after orgasm, so don't be offended!)

Why would you let another person's judgments of you hurt your feelings? Their judgments are based on their beliefs and stories, on their frame.. If you let those judgments effect you, you are releasing your frame and beliefs and stories and adopting theirs.

Be free, live happily, share your happiness, don't ask for anything in return except for the wonderful experience of sharing yourself. Encourage her to trim any excess pubic hair or have it waxed. The less hair around the clitoris, the greater the pleasure for both of you (coughing up an errant hair like a cat with a fur ball isn't sexy). While she's doing her part, do yours by shaving just before you nuzzle around down there. Stubble leaves a rash and it hurts.

And while we're on the subject of being up close and personal, a healthy vagina shouldn't smell unpleasant If hers does, she may have an infection or need to make some diet adjustments. Which is why a garlic—laden dinner in that romantic French restaurant isn't such a great idea if you want to do more than just hold hands afterward. Yup, it doesn't just show up on her breath. Learn more at and

As overexcited teenagers, a French kiss and someone’s hand fiddling around "down there” was enough to make us faint with pleasure. Then along came oral sex and intercourse and both kissing and hand stimulation got crossed off the agenda in favor of supposedly superior sensations. Big mistake. Not only is it silly to narrow our sexual repertoire rather than expand it, but the humble old hand—job also has several distinct advantages over the competition. Learn about Semenax reviews and results.

And you're much more likely to get away with doing it in public: he's driving and stuck in traffic/you're on a plane with her, a blanket over both your laps. Hand sex also paves the way for other diversionary delight. If his penis is starting to feel left out, invite him in to play. The head is wonderfully soft and ideal for stimulating the ultrasensitive clitoris. (It's softer than a baby/s bottom — I swear it!) Use your hands to guide it up and down, stroking over the entire clitoral area for a high-voltage velvety vibe!

A hand down our pants evokes innocent but steamy memories of Bobby or Betty behind the bleachers at school and, last but not least, a hand—job feels heavenly. Vlfith one hand on your genitals, another caressing elsewhere, a tongue in your mouth, and lips pressed against yours, you're drowning in a sea of sensations because you're getting it from all sides, all at once. Ready to revamp an old classic into your new favorite thing? Keep reading...

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SizeGenetics Comfort Technology

If you have used any kind of penis enlargement device before, you must be aware of the fact that comfort is very important. 

SizeGenetics Comfort Technology

The straps are the thing that makesSizeGenetics the most comfortable extender. There are lots of penis enlargement devices, but the most important thing is to choose the one which offers the ultimate comfort. After all, no one wants to hamper their private parts. The thing that makes the comfort strap technology unique is that it really works. There is no need to look for alternatives as it can be worn every time.

The comfort technology in SizeGenetics offers a high level of satisfaction. If the penis enlargement device that you purchase is not comfortable, are you going to use it? Nope. SizeGenetics is regarded as one of the most comfortable equipment found today. The strap is made of rubber and does not affect the supply of blood to the penis. This unlike inferior products. It's so comfortable that you can wear it at home, in the workplace, or in bed.

One of the great things about SizeGenetics is that they are affordable. Learn more at


The SizeGenetics system is a superior device that is manufactured in Europe and is the most effective device available.
Many of the cheaper devices are made in China from cheap materials and haven't been tested for safety or how effective they are.
What users have reported about SizeGenetics
  • Can add length to your penis
  • Boosted confidence & self-esteem
  • Thicker and fuller erections

Curvature Straightening with SizeGenetics

If you are worried because of a curved penis, you will be glad to know that this problem is not permanent. In fact, there are many methods by which one can solve this problem. They can either use pills or any of the traction devices available. But, while choosing any of the means you should make sure that you select the one which is reliable and does not produce any side effects. SizeGenetics is one such device by which one can increase the size of the penis as well as remove the bents in the penis.

One of the best things about SizeGenetics is that it can be used anytime without side effects. This device has been tested by the medical professionals from all across the country and has been approved as the safest means for improving the size of the penis.  With SizeGenetics, you will have a straight and long penis which will definitely impress your partner.
It helps in two ways
  1. Makes the penis straight: One can use this traction device for straightening their penis by stretching it gently. This gives an impressive look to the penis which helps both the partners during sex.
  2. Lengthens the penis by few inches: SizeGenetics not only improves the length of the penis but also helps in straightening it. Moreover, it helps in extending the penis by several inches.
Many of you might not be aware of the fact that a bent penis makes it look small than it is actually. There are even some men who have a big penis but could not satisfy their partner due to the curves in it. Now, this problem can be easily solved by using SizeGenetics. 

A curved penis affects the confidence of the person making them a less efficient performer in the bed.  It sounds really unfair, but now this is not regarded as a big issue because it can be solved by just ordering SizeGenetics. Some people choose the surgical method for solving these issues. But, a surgery can cause severe side effects. So, what is the need to operate your penis when you can solve these issues with SizeGenetics? Learn more at

There are some males who have a curved penis since their birth whereas there are also some who develop new ones after they suffer from puberty. A person suffering from Peyronie’s also develops a bent in the penis because of the fibrous plague affecting the penis. No matter, whatever is the reason behind a curved penis, SizeGenetics can solve all of them.


There are many individuals who are still now confused regarding the purchase of products like penis enlargement devices. They believe that these types of products are not useful. If you are also among those people, opt for SizeGenetics. This penis enlargement device really works.

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Why You Should Use Vigrx Plus [UPDATED]

Every man's body is different and different women react to different types of male enhancement supplements.

An explosive orgasm is one of the hardest ones to give therefore don't get discouraged if you cannot give a massive climax.  This is where using male supplements like Vigrx Plus are key.

Vigrx Plus Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some questions you may have on Vigrx.

Is Vigrx Plus safe for use?

Yes, this product has been developed using only the most natural ingredients. It's made in a quality-controlled lab. The ingredients have been carefully chosen so as not to pose any risks to people.

In addition, over the many years that it has been used by tens of thousands of people, not a single report of side effects has been made. Therefore, VigRX is perfectly safe and you can take it without fears of side effects. Learn more at

How long will it take to work?

Depending on the effects that you are looking for, the time after which you will experience them varies. For instance, the duration of your erections and the increase in the width of the erect penis can be observed within a month.

More dramatic changes in the appearance and the size of your erections can be observed after two months. While after three months, you will more dramatic results. Of course, keep in mind that these times vary from one individual to the other.

How is Vigrx Plus properly taken?

First of all, it is important to adhere to the recommended treatment, which includes two pills each day. You should not take more or less, as you will only compromise your results.

It's also important to take VigRX pills regularly, as only a regular user of this product guarantees results.

These natural ingredients have to build up in your system in order for all the effects to occur.  This is best achieved by using VigRX regularly. Learn why Vigrx Plus works.

Is Vigrx Plus a substitute for Viagra?

No, it is not. Viagra is used when you wish to achieve erections when you are otherwise unable to. VigRX will not produce an erection on demand, but it can definitely improve your erections and make them more successful. In addition, it does not have side effects.

However, if you are medically unable to achieve erections, then your best option would still be Viagra. Learn more at


  • Vigrx Plus contains the following herbal ingredients:
  • Epimedium Leaf Extract
  • Damiana
  • Ginkgo Leaf
  • Asian Red Ginseng
  • Saw Palmetto Berry
  • Muira Pauma Bark Extract
  • Catuaba Bark Extract
  • Tips for Using Vigrx Plus
Learn more at

How I Discovered Vigrx Plus

On many occasions, I heard about male enhancement products that were supposed to increase your sexual desire and improve the quality of your erections. 

I was never interested in such products, but given the circumstances, they seemed as my only chance to keep the girl and stay with her for as long as I wanted.

The product that I decided to try out was VigRX because that is the one that I heard about a lot from some of my colleagues. To tell you the truth, I was never interested in their stories when they talked about them, but I had to listen to them because I had no other choice.

So when my order arrived, I was kind of interested to see what kind of effect VigRX would have in my case. And all I have to say about it is that I am more than happy with the results.

My sex drive has quite obviously improved and I am no longer one of the guys that are satisfied with having sex just once a week.

I feel like doing it every other day and there is a strong chance that I might even do it more often because Meg was quite excited about the whole thing. She said that my penis looks much bigger when erected and she liked it very much.


When it comes to what I think about VigRX, I have to say that I am quite impressed with how amazing my orgasms are. I have never had so much fun having sex and I can finally understand why people make such a big deal out of it.

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Magna RX Pills for Prostate

One thing that I am trying to beat is blowing my load to quickly with or without a condom when going HAM. I want to be able to at least go for a solid minute so I can bring women to orgasm(and feel good about myself as a result) Does the sex god method have a section on this? You can train yourself with mastrubation - and girl with the "stop-start technique".  Every time you mastrubate, you do it untiil you -almost- come. Then relax a few minuttes to the pressure is taking off. Continue wanking, untill you -almost- come.

This start stop start technique will train you to last longer and longer, gradually. samme principple apply when banging a girl, just pull out before the pressure gets too intense, wait, and continue.  Another thing is that if you are circumzised - you will last longer, because your tip of your penins will be agains your jeans, without any soft protection (skin) this makes the head hardned/tougher/less sensitiv. -> last longer. Learn how you can boost your stamina with Magna RX supplements.

I've done it that way for 1 year, 8 months now and its trained me well. BUT - after all that, I've reframed it like this to remove the care: Make them cum with your fingers first, tease and make this real slow and orgasmic for them. Get in there, and just go at it however you want. Even if you last for half a minute. (take is slowly with your strokes and build up to a jackhammering if your worried - you've been in there for 5+ minutes, when really its the 30 seconds of all out that made you cum. so 5 minutes 30 seconds if that kind of thing bothers you...) But i digress... Even if you finish in 30 seconds, its giving them the pleasure of knowing you've enjoyed yourself as well (Its sex, they want to make you cum just as much as you want to make them) Laugh, get another drink, have a smoke, whatever, then come back in 15 minutes when your erect but basically numb to any sensitive feeling. You can go to town for as long as you want then. Learn more at,1996559697,solenoidrocks.html

Give THEM the satisfaction of satisfying you. The only drawback however is that I have to focus really hard on it and I'm guessing it's a little bland for the girl tho.... And I'm definitely going to do that from now on. I always feel bad if I don't make them cum at least once....You will learn how to deal with the breathing without actively thinking about it eventually.

You can always go down on her first, that should even it out a bit for you. And her going down on you first tends to make it easier to last longer too. Not sure about the long term fix but I've always had a go to method which works without fail. I got two actually. Learn more at

1) Wank 24 hours before planned sez, and take cialis. Viagra and cialis are great for not blowing the load

2) Take GHB or GBL. Not only will it turn you into a sexual beast, but you I find it damn near impossible to cum on it. Again goes really well with cialis/Viagra, Again not a long term fix, but both methods work amazing. I use it first three times I sex up a new girl and on special occasions.

Anal Anxieties & Semen Loads

Turning clitoral stimulation into an internal orgasm

Being able to stop yourself from experiencing a peak clitoral orgasm is the first step to cultivating a deeper and more internal orgasm. Once you can do that, you can use a variety of techniques to spread your sexual energy to other parts of your body and increase the pleasure sensations inside your vagina. Learn more at

Let’s look at a few techniques you can try now:

The pause – Every few minutes during stimulation, pause completely. Relax your breathing and your body and stop any movement. Allow your arousal to decrease before continuing. This is a powerful technique that you can use while self-pleasuring, having foreplay, having sex or any other activity. It increases your awareness and moves you from ‘doing’ pleasure to ‘being present’ with pleasure.

Finger tracing – Move your fingers from your clitoris and down into your vagina. Curl your finger upwards, towards your pubic bone and press there. Repeat this movement. It moves the pleasure and sexual energy away from your clitoris and into your vagina, bringing awareness, sensation and pleasure. It’s a great way to awaken and activate your G-spot and it also creates a new neurological pathway between this area and your clitoris.

Internal stimulation – One of the best ways to move sexual energy into your vagina is by applying internal stimulation. You can do this with a dildo or, if you don’t have one, consider a penis-shaped vegetable. Try applying both clitoral and internal stimulation at the same time, while keeping your focus inside your vagina. Gradually, apply more internal stimulation and less external stimulation, until you are hardly touching your clit at all and you can feel the pleasure increasing internally.

Internal awareness – Focus your awareness inside your vagina. Be aware of any warmth, tingling, vibrating, pulsating, throbbing or any other sensation, even if it’s numbness. Do this continuously, and specifically when you use ‘The pause.’

Breath and sound – Keep breathing fully into your belly, focusing on your exhale and making a long ‘Ahhhh’ sound as you breathe out.

Movement – It’s also important to allow your whole body to move, twist and undulate. In particular, allow your hips to undulate back and forth, side to side and in circles. Let this movement expand to your spine, shoulders, head and your entire body. This builds sexual energy and pleasure and also allows the sexual energy to spread into your entire body.

Spread it – Keep caressing your entire body and consciously move your hands away from your genital area and towards other parts of your body, specifically your upper body. Imagine that you are spreading and moving your sexual energy – as if it’s a lump of butter that you are spreading over toast.

Touch – Explore different kinds of touch all over your body – caress, pull, squeeze, twist, pinch, press, stroke, fondle, brush, knead, massage and slap. Experiment with different sensations – you might be surprised at what feels good! Learn about how to increase semen loads

Visualization – Visualize a stream of light, heat, electricity or energy following the path that your finger traces from your clitoris into your vagina (see ‘Finger tracing’). And beyond the vaginal orgasm, you can also visualize this energy travelling up your spine and emanating from the top of your head. This leads to another type of orgasm that we’ll be looking at later.

Squeeze – While stimulating your clit or during the pauses, contract and relax your vaginal muscles in rhythmic repetitions. This brings awareness and sensation into your vagina, and helps you move the sexual energy up your spine. Experiment with different kinds of squeezes – short, long, pulling in, squeezing tightly and even pushing out.

Some women habitually ‘push out’ their vaginal muscles, which causes an explosive orgasm or just a loss of sexual energy. If your clit becomes hypersensitive, it might mean that you had an explosive orgasm. Some level of alternate pushing out and pulling in is pleasurable and beneficial; it’s just important that you do not push out too much and lose your orgasm in this way.

Affirmations – Affirm your orgasmic power to yourself. Say, either out loud or internally, something like, ‘My sexual energy is flowing into my vagina’ or ‘My whole body is orgasmic.’ Consider writing your affirmation down and placing it where you will see it often, such as on your laptop, mirror or fridge.

I encourage you to give some of these techniques a try. Experiment for a few weeks and record your experience in your orgasmic diary. Discuss your experience with female friends who have internal orgasms and know the difference. And don’t worry if you occasionally explode into a clitoral orgasm. Just build your pleasure again and keep going.

Fellatio Specific Techniques

There are also ways that your partner can support you in this practice. Check out the resources section of my website for more detail.
You might be used to having quick and easy clitoral orgasms, and maybe you once believed that’s all there was. But after a few days or, at most, weeks of practice, you will be able to receive more and more clitoral stimulation and be able to transform it into prolonged internal or whole-body orgasms.

Try to practice this for at least thirty minutes every day, where you are stimulated but don’t reach a clitoral orgasm, either by yourself or with your lover. The idea is to build up enough energy that it starts emanating throughout your whole body and, later, into your life. This will be the best homework you ever get! Learn more at

‘I had no idea about this, but it worked! I had lots and lots of goddess spot orgasms. First time ever. Beautiful. I cried a lot. It was so easy, but nobody ever told me how.’ Learn more at

If you’re ready to explore a more orgasmic state and different types of orgasm, then it’s time to get intimate with the most important person on your orgasmic journey.

Reconnecting with yourself

Now that we know a bit about orgasms, it’s time to go deeper. It’s time to meet the most important person on your orgasmic journey – you.

In this section of the book, you will reconnect with yourself – your yoni, your juices, your pleasure and your body. You will discover why pleasuring yourself is so important to your orgasmic journey and new ways to do this. You will experience your yoni in new ways and see that connecting to her allows you to embrace your femininity. Importantly, you will be invited to accept yourself as you are and also to allow yourself to change and grow, like a flower.

Self-reflection: How deeply do you love and accept your body?

Self-love and acceptance are important on your orgasmic journey. And it’s not just accepting your sexuality and your sexual organs, you need to love and accept your whole body. To say ‘yes’ to being orgasmic, you first need to say ‘yes’ to yourself.

Your attitude towards your body affects how much you enjoy sex and how much others will be attracted to you. If you don’t like your own body and radiate that energy, how can you expect others to love it for you? They pick up on how well you accept yourself and take the lead from you.

I have seen women who are overweight and would not be considered particularly attractive by modern standards. But when these women have loved, adored and cherished their own bodies, it has made them attractive in the eyes of the people around them. I have had a few lovers like this and it is a pleasure and an honor to be with someone who is confident in their body, regardless of what the sought-after norm might be.

Learn about penis pumps at

Orgasmic extras

Marilyn Monroe is considered to be one of the biggest sex symbols in history. However, if you analyze her face according to common standards of female beauty, you will find that it was asymmetric and slightly disproportionate. There were many Hollywood actresses who were more ‘beautiful’ than Marilyn. But her charisma and sensuality made her a legendary beauty.

On the other hand, there are the women who are very beautiful according to modern standards. Yet, often, when I encounter these women, they don’t really like their own body and keep finding (and voicing) perceived faults. As a result, men who would normally be attracted to them because of their good looks get turned off because their beauty is like a shell that holds an unattractive woman inside. Their lack of self-acceptance affects the people around them.

How To Use Extagen

Today, weight is one of the biggest issues women struggle with when it comes to self-acceptance. In western society, obesity is an epidemic and is not a healthy state for your body. On the other hand, modern standards of beauty depicted through fashion, advertisements and celebrities promote much thinner body weights than a normal healthy weight. As a result, women grow up and live with impossible standards of beauty, which has led to more teenagers and young women developing eating disorders than ever before.

Being too overweight can affect your orgasmic ability because your health is affected. And aiming to be super thin can also affect you because being underweight can rob you of some of your orgasmic ability. However, it’s not just about weight. Learn more at

It’s about all aspects of female beauty. The fashion industry used to spend hours and hours on make-up and hairstyling to improve the looks of the models and hide their many human imperfections. But now, in addition to all of that, photo-editing software is used to manipulate women’s features even further. The final photo used in the media more often than not looks very different to the woman who posed in front of the camera. And it’s not just skin blemishes that are digitally erased; entire body proportions are being reshaped. These photos present ideals of beauty that are unrealistic and cause a distortion in our collective perception of beauty.

You are probably already aware of this. Yet, in spite of your awareness, you are probably still affected by these unnatural and impossible depictions of female beauty. Perhaps you still judge yourself for not looking like those images. So, what is your attitude towards your body? Are you comfortable in a bikini on the beach? Are you comfortable being naked? Do you prefer to turn off the lights when you’re having sex? Do you love your body?

Look at yourself naked in the mirror and find all the things that you do love about your body. There will always be things that you don’t like, so focus on the things that you do like. Aim for a healthy weight rather than the ‘ideal’ body based on unrealistic images in the media. If you want to support your orgasmic journey, you need to accept and love your body. And one way you can express your love and acceptance is to gift yourself with regular self-pleasure.

Pleasure yourself

I said earlier that there is no one secret to great sex because there are many secrets. But if I had to choose the most powerful one, this is it. Obviously, we’re talking about masturbation here. But even the word masturbation can have negative connotations for some. It might be regarded as something that you do when you don’t have a partner or if your partner doesn’t satisfy you. In particular, women masturbate less often than men and are less likely to admit to doing it.

Self-reflection: How comfortable are you with touching yourself? How often do you do it?

Masturbation is the most basic and natural sexual behavior. Even fetuses in the womb have been shown to pleasure themselves in this way. Perhaps you have noticed how often kids touch their genitals or rub themselves on pillows, furniture or toys? It’s completely normal. However, it’s very common for parents who witness a young boy or girl masturbating to either reproach them or punish them. Even if the parent doesn’t say anything, their energy changes and children are very perceptive to these shifts. So they start believing that they have done something ‘wrong.’

When adults react towards a young one’s masturbation with these attitudes, they lay the first foundations of guilt and shame around masturbation. This also extends to body image, sexuality and one’s feminine or masculine essence.

I’ve worked with many women experiencing sexuality issues and I’ve noticed a few common things:

Some women have guilt and shame around masturbation and aren’t comfortable doing it.

Other women don’t take full pleasure in their masturbation. Or they only do it in a mechanical and superficial way, perhaps as a quick fix or a sleeping aid.

Many women are overly focused on clitoral stimulation, missing out on the vast range of experiences, sensations and orgasmic states possible for them.

And some women get attached or addicted to their vibrator. This can cause their yonis to become desensitized or numb, and even make it difficult to experience pleasure with a partner because no man can produce the same stimulation that a vibrator does.

Maybe you have some of these tendencies or experience some shame or inhibition around masturbation as well.

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