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Is it better to buy Virility Ex or Viagra, Cialis…?

There are millions of men all over the world who are suffering from ED or erectile dysfunction but they know that all they have to do is buy some of the male enhancement products, and there are so many on the market. It is hard to compare some products, like Viagra or Cialis with Virility Ex, but one thing is for sure – all ingredients in Virility Ex are 100% natural and there is no way you are going to experience any side effects. That is only one of the reasons why this product is so popular.

Why Virility EX is A Better Alternative

Basically, all the experts are going to say that Virility Ex is like a natural replacement for other products such as above mentioned Viagra and Cialis, and that is the truth. But, there are some facts about this product which make it look even better than Viagra, for example. It takes only about one or two minutes before you notice that your penis is getting rock hard and that is not something you can expect to see when you are taking Viagra or Cialis.

Not only that, the price is not the same as well, and the fact that after you massage Virility Ex on your penis, you are going to get an erection in two minutes. No need to wait for about half an hour like when you are taking Viagra. You can also use a condom and don’t have to think about anything else but how to make your lady reach an intense orgasm. Learn more at

Virility Ex is one of a kind and that is why so many guys are buying it every single day. With one bottle you don’t have to worry for the next 30 days about erectile dysfunction. Many people out there say that Viagra is the best, and we are not going to say that it is a bad product, but sometimes marketing makes you think that something is far better than anything else, and that is the case with these male enhancement products.

It is hard to say that Virility Ex is the best, but if we have to make the comparison between Virility Ex and Viagra, we would definitely buy Virility Ex, since it is all natural, you will see the results after about two minutes or less and you are going to last longer in bed for sure. That is only one of the reasons why you need to think about buying this product if you are having problems making your woman happy.


It is always a good choice to buy Virility Ex and after you realize that your penis is really hard, and when we say really, we mean maximum hard. The blood flow is increased and even if you don’t want it to happen, your penis is definitely going to get hard quite fast.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Male Extra Pills Review - My Thoughts

I am a forty-something male, and I have been married for over 24 years. I always considered myself to be the happiest men I know – I have been lucky enough to meet the love of my life early, and we’ve been together ever since.

 I was also very lucky to fall in love with a woman whose sex drive and libido is a match for my own – so for all of the long years we have shared our lives, we have been spared of “problems in the bedroom department” so many couples involved in long-term relationships are complaining about. You could even say that we’ve become somewhat notorious for our high sex drives.

How I Discovered Male Extra

But, like all fairy tales, our seemed to be nearing its end. For some time now, I have been experiencing the same issues most man my age suffer from at some point. For the first time in my life, I started having trouble achieving and maintaining erections. Even when I succeeded in “getting it up” long enough to start having sex with my wife, the strength, and quality of my wood has been just barely enough.

Naturally, my wife started to notice. It must have been hard for her, and she clearly felt unloved and unwanted – a sensation I never thought she would feel with me.

The troubles with erection affected me as well on a psychological level. I always considered myself to be a real “men’s men”, and let’s just say that not being able to please my wife where it most counts – in the bedroom – has greatly undermined my confidence. I started to feel less than adequate in all areas of my life. It was like my life was falling apart around me, and I couldn’t take another second of it.

Male Extra Research

I started doing some research online in the hopes of finding some kind of cure for my predicament. I was half desperate at this point, and willing to try almost anything – but the sheer amount of different types of pills, products, and supplements was overwhelming. What’s worst, most of these “magic pills” promised wonders but looked sketchy and unreliable at best.

But then I stumbled on a review of Male Extra Pills, written by a man in a situation similar to my own. I checked out the site, and the product looked convincing, and the company behind it legit, so i decided to give it a go – and besides, even if it didn’t do anything for me, at least they promised a  full money back guarantee for 6 month from the purchase, so I decided I had nothing to lose and ordered the pills.

Is Male Extra Worth It?

After using Male Extra for a while, I can testify that it’s worth every penny I paid for it. Not long after I started the treatment, my erections have gotten stronger and longer, and the blood flow to my penis is so strong and healthy my wife even says it’s gotten bigger! What more can a man ask for?!

Monday, May 14, 2018

Male Extra Quality Ingredients

The quality, natural ingredients which make up the MaleExtra formula are key to the male supplement’s many benefits.  You can feel confident that MaleExtra only contains the best ingredients which have been proven to work!  Each dosage of MaleExtra is packed with 1500 mg of active natural ingredients.

Pomegranate 70% Ellagic Acid

The key ingredient of MaleExtra is Pomegranate 70% Ellagic Acid, also known as “natural Viagra.”  However, MaleExtra is very different from Viagra in two main ways:
  • MaleExtra contains only natural ingredients and is NOT a supplement like Viagra
  • Viagra will not help a man get an erection; it will only help him maintain an erection by blocking a chemical which degrades erections
In order to have an erection, first, a man must become sexually stimulated.  The stimulation triggers the release of nitric oxide in the body.  Nitric oxide is crucial for erection because it makes penis blood cells relax.  Once those blood cells relax, blood can rush into the penis and cause an erection.  The more relaxed the cells are, the more blood will flow into the penis and the harder erection will be. Pomegranate is proven to naturally increase levels of nitric oxide in the body so erections become rock hard and last longer. Learn more at


To make sure that you are getting the hardest, most incredible erections possible, MaleExtra also contains the amino acid L-Arginine.  When this essential amino acid is broken down by the body, it is turned into nitric oxide.  Like with pomegranate, this means that mass amounts of blood can flow to your penis and give you intense erections!

Methyl Sulfonyl Methane

MSM is crucial for maintaining penile cell health.  Without adequate MSM, you penis cells can become frail, distorted, or rigid.  By supplementing MSM with the other potent ingredients of MaleExtra, you ensure that you penis cells are very flexible and strong so they can hold the most amount of blood possible and give you great erections. Learn more at

Epimedium Sagittatum

This natural Chinese herb is also known by many names such as Horny Goat Weed, Rowdy Lamb Herb, and Bishop’s Hat.  The herb has been used for centuries as a natural aphrodisiac and now has been extensively studied to understand how it works.  Epimedium contains a natural chemical carrier.  This chemical increases nitric oxide levels so you can get amazing, firm erections.

One of the really amazing qualities of icarrin is that it blocks PDE-5 enzymes just like Viagra!  PDE-5 is the enzyme which causes your penis cells to constrict and makes your erection go away.  By taking this herb, you will not only be able to get massive erections but KEEP them for long times!

L-Methionine and Cordyceps

These last two ingredients in Male Extra have been added to make sure you are always performing at your best.  The first is an amino acid which helps your cells stay energized.  Cordyceps also will increase your performance and is additionally proven to give you harder erections and a higher libido.

With Male Extra, You Get Only the Best!

Experts agree that Male Extra is the most potent male enhancement formula made.  While other products may imitate this formula, only Male Extra delivers massive doses of the natural pen

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Male Extra Formulation

I told you in my last post about the amazing main ingredient in Male Extra. But, as I said, this highly concentrated pomegranate 70% ellagic isn’t the only power substance in the formulation.  Male Extra contains a whole range of ingredients, subtly blended in exactly the right formula to give you long lasting penis enhancement.

Ingredients in Male Extra

L-Arginine is an essential amino acid.  In the natural diet of humans, this amino acid would be normally present in adequate quantities.  But because of our modern diet of processed foods and convenience foods, the majority of men aren’t getting nearly enough of this essential micronutrient.  L-Arginine supports ellagic acid by providing additional nitric oxide boosting, giving even more blood flow to the erectile tissue of the penis.

Male Extra contains 500 mg of L-Arginine in each pill.  A study published in the Hawaii Medical Journal demonstrated that men who took L-Arginine supplements had noticeably improved erections and enhanced sexual satisfaction.

Methyl Sulfonyl Methane is an instant repair kit for the penis.  It provides support to the body’s own systems for repairing worn or damaged cartilage and so improves overall penis health.  As the penis stretches during the enlargement process, there may be micro-tears in the tissue and the new cells generated by the stretching process may be weak or deformed.  Methyl Sulfonyl Methane helps to overcome this, restoring these weaker cells to full health so that they function normally in the penis.  There’s a full 100 mg of this essential molecule in every dose of Male Extra. Learn more at

How It Works

It’s important for ATP levels in the blood to remain high in order to maintain the cellular energy which is important for you penis as it grows during the enhancement process.  L-Methionine is important in this process because it combines with glycine to produce the creatine which boosts energy production in muscles and thus keeps the ATP at a high level.  Male Extra contains 25 mg of this vital ingredient.

Male Extra also contains 5mg of Cordyceps in each dose.  This natural product is highly effective in improving sexual energy.  The libido-boosting power of Cordyceps has been demonstrated in clinical tests at Hunan Medical University.  Cordyceps was tested in research which showed that more than 60% of men who used it had significant improvement in sexual function.

Omega 3 fatty acid is by now well known as an essential supplement for cardiovascular health.  It has a particular function in penis enlargement because of the eicosanoids which it produces when it metabolizes.  These molecules regulate hormone production which regulates growth and thus is of great importance during the process of penile enhancement.  Of course, the general effects of Omega 3 fatty acids on cardiovascular health are also beneficial because of their role in strengthening blood vessels and keeping them supple.  Every dose of Male Extra contains 25 mg of natural Omega 3 fatty acids.


No other male enhancement product can boast a formula even remotely as powerful as this combination of ingredients in Male Extra.  Not only are these all known as vital in the process of penile health and enlargement, but they also have a synergistic effect.  The exact balance of ingredients in Male Extra has been carefully developed by scientists so that each effect is exactly balanced as Male Extra grows your penis.

I know for myself that the overall effect of all this is a bigger dick.  I’ve proved it absolutely in my own body, and I really want as many guys as possible to be able to get the same advantages I did from it. Next time I post, I’m going to write about my own personal journey while I was taking Male Extra and how this phenomenal product allowed me to grow my penis to a size that I never dreamed was possible.

Male Extra Review 2018

Are you sick of hearing about penis pills and what they can do for you?  Don’t give up yet!  There are real solutions out there which can help you get the erection-enhancing results you need to have a better sex life.  We are talking about MaleExtra, a new solution for penis health which combines all-natural male supplements with a size-increasing program. 

Unlike other penis pills which could take months before you even get slight results, Male Extra can increase your erection size almost immediately after starting treatment.  If you combine the Male Extra supplements with the Penis Health program, you can get massive increases in penis size in as little as 3 months!

How Male Extra Works

The potent force behind Male Extra supplements is pomegranate 70% ellagic.  This concentrated form of pomegranate is equal to over 500 glasses of pomegranate juice.  The power of pomegranate is that it increases nitric oxide in the body.  Since nitric oxide is the bodily chemical which triggers erection, you can bet that Male Extra will give you throbbing erections which are rock hard from all the blood pumping to them! 

Male Extra also contains the nitric oxide booster called L-Arginine, a type of plant-derived amino acid.  Next, Male Extra contains Methylsulfonyl Methane, a plant which helps improve cellular flexibility which is crucial for penis enhancement.  The root Cordyceps helps increase blood flow to the penis, making your erections bigger and longer lasting. Learn more at


Male Extra is formulated based on clinical studies and proven results.  Not only do they ensure you are getting the most potent male enhancement supplement available today, they also make sure you are getting the highest quality ingredients. All of the MaleExtra ingredients are derived fresh from the source. They even list the per MG count of the ingredients so you know that the enhancement pills are filled with cheap fillers! 

Of course, quality comes at a high price.  But, instead of making mass amounts of profit from each sale, Male Extra has kept their price low.  They know that a cheap AND effective product won’t remain a secret for long and the sales will come rolling in!  So far, they have been right and Male Extra has been successfully used by thousands of satisfied male customers.


No penis pill is a miracle worker.  Let’s be clear that Male Extra will not instantly make your penis become 5 inches bigger.  It will, however, cause you to have bigger erections almost instantly after you start taking the daily male enhancement supplements.  Users have reported increases in erection size of up to 3 inches after using Male Extra for just a week. The size increases occur from increased blood flowing to the penis during erection. 

So, the penis enlargement is only temporary – but it happens when it matters most!  To make sure that you are getting a complete solution, Male Extra also comes with the Penis Health system of male enhancement exercises and techniques.  When this is combined with Male Extra supplements you can expect a permanently larger penis, increased stamina, and mind-blowing orgasms for you and her!

Monday, May 7, 2018

Viagra Generics like Kamagra Make Sex Affordable Again

When Viagra (Sildenafil) first came out in 1998, it revolutionized the way we look at sexual health.  While impotence is still a taboo subject for older generations, men growing up in the era of Viagra no longer think of impotence as something shameful or embarrassing.  They know that a medical treatment for impotence is available and also how to find it.  

With or without taboo, there has been one key element which has hindered people’s access to impotence treatments: they were simply too expensive.  Viagra can cost up to $15 per tablet, which puts a high price on sex!  Now that the Viagra patent has run out, generic versions of Sildenafil like Kamagra have made sex affordable again.

About Kamagra 

Kamagra is one of the first generic Viagra drugs which came out.  It is made by an Indian pharmaceutical company called Ajanta Pharma.  The company also manufactures numerous other medicines, not just impotence drugs.  When choosing a generic Viagra, it is important that you take note of the country where it is made.  Some countries have higher standards for making pharmaceutical drugs whereas other countries are very lax.  

India is one of the countries which is on par with the FDA regulations which is why users can feel safe with Kamagra. Within India, Ajanta Pharma is a well-respected company and its products are used in hospitals and issued through government regulated pharmacies. Learn more at

Generic Viagra Alternative

Most patients don’t realize that generics like Kamagra are the exact equivalent of the brand name drug. Generic drugs aren’t like your generic mac-and-cheese product where the quality can differ greatly between generic brands.  Pharmaceuticals – whether generic or not – must all meet the high standards of the regulatory agency which oversees their production.  

The reason that generic Kamagra can be so much cheaper is simple competition. Kamagra puts its sale price down in an effort to draw in more customers.  This is the “sell more for less” model of business as compared to the “sell less for more” model.  Further, since Kamagra didn’t have to pay for the development of Sildenafil (drug development is a lengthy, complex process involving many clinical tests), they don’t have to set their prices to recoup the initial development costs.

 The Difference

Kamagra does have one distinguishing factor from Viagra though; it is available as a soft gel tab and also as a liquid gel.  Some studies show that this may make Kamagra take effect faster than standard Viagra pills.   However, since Viagra already takes effect quickly, the difference may be between 15 and 10 minutes.  

For men who need to get into action very quickly though, this difference could matter.  Since generic drugs like Kamagra are manufactured and sold through foreign pharmacies, the prescribing process is often different.  A lot of online pharmacies offer Kamagra without a prescription (you can also buy Viagra without a prescription at US and UK pharmacies too).  Just keep in mind that the same precautions and side effects risks apply with Kamagra as they do with Viagra so use your medicine responsibly.

Boost Your Sex Life with Kamagra

Have you ever heard of Sildenafil Citrate? Probably not, right? But you have probably heard about Viagra though. Well, it’s the same thing. Viagra is just the trade, or commercial name for Sildenafil Citrate that’s used by a pharmaceutical company that makes and markets Viagra called Pfizer. Viagra is certainly an effective way to treat erectile problems but can be quite pricey, especially if you are lucky enough to need it often. But, did you know that you can get the same effects of Viagra – actually, strike that – you can get exactly the same thing, only in different color – for much less money?

It’s true. The latest erectile dysfunction treatment from India, Kamagra, has the exact same ingredients as Viagra does. This medication is the worlds first Sildenafil Citrate based product after Viagra, and it’s available in 25 mg, 50 mg and 100 mg pills, just like Viagra. As we said, the only difference is the color, and price – Kamagra’s price can vary depending on the pharmacy you get it from, but if you shop around a bit you can probably save around forty percent. If you work out the numbers, that’s a lot of money saved on pills during the course of a year. Learn more at

Kamagra Works Like Viagra

Kamagra has the same basic mechanism of action as Viagra does. It’s active substance, Sildenafil Citrate works by preventing the production of phosphodiesterase type enzyme. Phosphodiesterase type enzyme, better known as PDE5 prevents the sufficient relaxation of certain muscles in the penis that need to be relaxed in order to allow for the sufficient blood flow to the penis. 

This, in fact, lowers the rate of blood circulation to the penis and prevents the erection from happening. Sildenafil effectively prevents phosphodiesterase type enzyme from reaching critical levels, which allows for a natural erection to happen, provided that there’s sufficient arousal – Kamagra is not an aphrodisiac, and you’ll need to make sure you have someone to share that erection with.


Kamagra takes some time to develop its full effects, so it’s best to take a pill some thirty to sixty minutes before you want to be able to perform sexually. You can just pop a pill with a glass of water, but it’s strongly recommended that you eat only a light meal before taking Kamagra – no heavy, greasy stuff! Also, limit your alcohol intake – a glass or two of wine should be OK and can even help to relax you and further increase the blood flow, but any more of it and you can severely lower the effects of Kamagra. 

Speaking of which, you can vary the dosage of Kamagra depending on the severity of your symptoms, and it’s generally advisable that you start with the twenty-five or fifty-milligram pills and only take more if you are not happy with the effects. But you really shouldn’t take more than a hundred milligrams of Sildenafil at once, since it really will not improve Kamagra’s effects – 100 mg should be enough for even the most severe cases.