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Penis Extender Results You Can Expect

In this article, I discuss my results with penis extenders.

How do Penis Extenders work?

They say “one picture is worth a thousand words” The technique is basically simple; it’s based on traction – a small amount of tension is applied to stretch the penis – forcing the cells to break, multiply, and regenerate and the internal cavities to expand, allowing more blood to flow to the penis. By using the device properly you are likely to gain about 33% increase in length, 25% increase in girth (width) and straightening the curvature by about 90%.

I personally used the SizeGenetics penis extender and I highly recommend it because it’s simply the finest quality of penis stretchers on the market today, it’s also the most comfortable one (Yes I did try others) and comfort my friends is really valuable when mentioning that you are likely to wear the device on daily basis. However, there are five different packages that you can purchase, depending on how serious you are regarding enlarging your penis. Learn more at

Why You Might Use a Penis Extender

  • Is your penis too small to please a woman?
  • Are you afraid that someone sees your penis in the locker room?
  • Dreaming to hear her say “OMG It’s huge”
  • Would you like to gain self-confidence regarding your body?
  • You’re not alone – How do you think I came upon this product?
  • I had those same problems too!
  • My penis was bent – Which is actually a disease called “Peyronie’s Disease”
The initial size of my penis was 6” which is ok but I WANTED MORE
I have been scammed by a lot of products. Read what is written so you won’t fall a victim to fake methods!

So who am I and why am I telling you this?

I’m just a regular 23 years old student who has got frustrated by failing over and over again to satisfy my girlfriend by penetration – not to mention the curvature of my penis which makes discouraged to take my pants off. I’ve done tons of researches and found the most reasonable solution, however, if you still don’t believe me you can take a look at the before and after pictures!

Important Facts:

1. Pills & Patches are a TOTAL SCAM – They can’t enlarge your penis just like they can’t make your nose smaller or your ears bigger.
2. Pumps might make your penis look bigger when you use it but it’s temporary and might cause damage.
3. Jelqing Exercises required a lot of effort and brings tiny results.
4. Cosmetic Surgeries are highly expensive and has a low success rate (on average) and might cause permanent erectile problems.
5. Penis Stretchers are the only scientifically proven and medically approved penis enlargement methods – they are actually recommended by doctors for patients that suffer from Peyronie’s Disease, furthermore I myself already used it!

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Understanding Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

Alarming signs of ED can be found all over the place. They say that one in every ten men is already affected. Luckily researches underlines that most of the cases are curable and the patient can lead a sexually active life.
We all know what ED stands for: the inability to get a firm erection despite being aroused. Don’t forget that occasional symptoms are not related to ED.
What causes ED? The weak erection is due to inadequate flow of blood into the penile area. It is common knowledge that the veins carry blood into the spongy tissue of the penis and maintain it there till ejaculation. Obstructions will trigger ED.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

ED can attack practically everybody among men, yet there are categories that are more likely to be hit.
  • Age – Those over 65 years are prime targets.
  • Diabetes – 80% of men fall prey to erectile dysfunction while the rest don’t suffer at all. Controlling diabetes is the equivalent of controlling ED.
  • Genetics – those having precedents in the family are more susceptible to this illness.
  • Medical problems – medical issues such as heart diseases, nerve damage, injuries to the pelvic area, obesity and high blood pressure are considered delicacies.
  • Psychological problems – individuals prone to stress, depression, anxiety and other related problems are exposed as well.
  • Low testosterone level – men suffering of low testosterone levels can easily be exposed to ED. Nevertheless, these are only rare cases.
Now that we know what triggers erectile dysfunctions, time has come to diagnose the problem. Jot down the most frequent signs of ED: lowered intimacy with the partner, poor erection, dropping frequency of sex, premature ejaculation and last but not least erections that do not sustain for long are all alarming signs and must be treated accordingly.
Erectile dysfunctions can be analyzed once somebody decides to undertake a blood test or go through an ultrasound. Two other medical procedures guarantee to fix the problem: cavernosometry & cavernosography are known to give excellent results. Here’s the procedure in a nutshell: a dye is injected into the blood vessel in order to test if there is enough blood pressure to sustain the penis. This is state of the art ED diagnosis.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

There are other methods that can cure ED so that the individual must not suffer anymore. Drug prescriptions are famous for solving ED related problems. Among the drugs Viagra, Levitra and Cialis are the most popular, though they do have their side effects. 
Other methods are also available: testosterone replacement therapy, needle injection therapy (a synthetic hormone is injected in the penis to provide 60 minutes of well deserved erection) and last but not least unorthodox methods such as penis pumps and penis exercises. Learn more at
Among all these methods natural herbal pills proved to be much more efficient. Discover Male Extra ingredients such as methionine, L-Arginine, Methyl Sulfonyl Methane,Flaxseed, Muira Pauma and Maca and simultaneously, benefit of their popularity.
Educate yourself in ED so that you can enjoy great pleasures at the end of the day!

Tips on Preventing Erectile Dysfunction

Recent researches revealed an alarming issue: they showed that 5% of men develop impotency even before turning 40. As with any disease, it is recommended to seek a cure for the problem, well before the disorder grows into a serious threat. Don’t ever forget the proverb: a stitch in time saves nine.

How to Prevent Erectile Dysfunction

Here are some preventive measures related to ED.
  • Medical – it would be foolish to neglect the medical nature of ED, thus a little bit of attention will be rewarding for a lifetime.
  • Diabetes – diabetes is known to be the leading cause of ED. Keeping an eye on your blood sugar level will help diagnose the problem from its early phases. An accurate blood sugar level will keep the elasticity of the vessels and thereby prevent erectile dysfunctions.
  • Obesity – I’ve never understood men with a fat belly – with the few exceptions that were related to medical backgrounds. Bring your weight down   and avoid ED automatically. A heavy weight is the direct result of vascular diseases. The latter ones affect blood vessels, which in turn cause ED.
  • A staggering 70% of all physical issues are responsible for causing ED, all of them originate from vascular diseases.
  • Lifestyle changes – the manner in which you live is reflected in your health. The same applies in case of ED. Shifting back into a lower gear is highly recommended.
  • Balanced life – here is the proper recipe: balance between nutrition, exercise and sleep. While eating our body gets a generous supply of vitamins. Exercise sends oxygen to various parts of the body and this contributes to healthy blood vessels. While we sleep, the body regenerates. For a complete regeneration, doctors recommend 8 hours of continuous sleep.
  • Nutrition – I can almost hear my grandparents speaking: eat those foods that are rich in Zinc, Vitamin E and Arginine. Zinc increases testosterone levels, vitamin E the flow of blood, while Arginine contributes to nitric oxide production, which – as I have underlines previously – keeps the blood vessels relaxed.
  • Water – I am sure you are familiar with the annoying advertisements that promote a generous intake of water. Despite that they are annoying; they actually educate people on how to stay fit. Having 8 glasses of water is mandatory.
  • Relax – stress and anxiety are not known for solving issues, but to turn things uglier. Stressed men will have a hard time turning hard. Educate yourself on how to relax, think positive and live life to the fullest!


It doesn’t take a genius to conclude that sometimes it is good to adopt things and sometimes to forget/stay away from the same things. Keep out of the way of unhealthy foods. Constant red meat consumptions have never been a good habit. Besides this, hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated fats, butter, refined vegetable oils act like drugs to the system. Learn more at
Drugs and its buddies: alcohol and tobacco eradicate ED from its roots.
ED can be cured, but before coming to this, individuals had better put the variables in balance.

Penis Enlargement Pill Ingredients that Work

Herbal remedies are known to treat a wide range of ailments, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, insomnia, skin and heart diseases; ED is no exception. What supports this idea is the fact that herbal pills have proved to be much more effective than drug prescriptions.
A low flow of blood into the penile region is what causes ED. Besides this, a lowered testosterone can also encourage the apparition of ED. Age and sex influence testosterone and the blood supply into the penis to a great extent. Whoever has problems of this nature, had better use herbal cures.

Best Penis Pill Ingredients

Find a minute presentation of some of these penis pill ingredients and their benefits in what is to follow –
• Muira Puama – alias the “Viagra of the Amazon” is known for its efficiency in increasing sexual performance. This potency wood is considered a general tonic. Rumor has it Muira Puama has a 62% efficiency in increasing sexual drive. This percentage is quite enough to achieve longer lasting erections.
• Epimedium Sagittatum (horny goat weed) – can you imagine that this leafy plant has a 2000 years experience in boosting both erectile functions and sperm production? The benefic effect of this weed supports the prostate gland and the anal muscles, which in turn help increasing sexual desire.
• Tongkat Ali (Asian Viagra) – this tree has been a fountain of sexual energy for generations of men. It really boosts the sexual performance and libido. At the same time, as a result of increased levels of testosterone in the body, it treats ED symptoms. The minimal dosage required to effect the sexual functioning of a person is 20:1 ration.
• Maca – I’m sure you’ve heard about the Maca root before. The root incorporates necessary nutrients that are essential for the endocrine system to work properly. Studies revealed that administering maca for 16 weeks increased both volume and sperm count.
• Flaxseed – is optimal for maintaining a positive health ratio of testosterone. Containing high levels of lignans – that are basically phytoestrogens – Flaxseed affects the libido quite positively. Rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6 acids, building sex hormones has never been so easy.
• Cordyceps – this aphrodisiac was discovered by the Chinese. The fungus became popular only after 3 female Chinese athletes broke 5 world records at the National Games in Beijing in 1993. Besides the athletic results, its two essential components cordyceps, (deoxyadenosine) and cordycepic acid (mannitol) are responsible of a person’s sex drive.
MaleExtra is literally a colorful cocktail of all these herbs. For this reason, MaleExtra sexual pills are highly recommended for those who set out to boost their sexual stamina or fight ED. The miracle of these pills is that they do not have any side effects! Feel free to choose sexual enhancement pills from the market according to the above mentioned ingredients.


Whenever having medical issues such as diabetes or high blood pressure, seek treatment immediately and by doing this, you will simultaneously fight off ED. Neglecting this advice could lead to a chain reaction instead of an erection. Learn more about male enhancement ingredients at

Natural Penis Pills Buying Guide

The number of advantages is almost the same as the number of side-effects if we are to speak of pharmaceutical solutions for problems related to ED. What is really sad is that some of the side effects ended fatally. Male Extra is one of the few solutions that offer a help for people suffering of heart diseases or even high blood pressure.
You have endless possibilities to choose and purchase these natural sex pills.The success and popularity of these pills is due to providers mushrooming all over the place. Despite this reality, always remind yourself that not all sex pills that claim to be 100% natural are healthy too.

Natural versus Prescription Penis Enlargement Pills

There are two types of drugs, either natural pills given with a prescription or over the counter medications. Given the fact that the latter one does not imply a prescription more and more men got used to these. Over the counter sex pills are pretty safe, but this does mean that everybody should act according to the habits. Besides the embarrassment of paying a visit to the doctor, there must be another reason why some of us avoid the prescription. Learn more at
We hereby dedicated few lines (especially for the over the counter addicts) to existing methods of purchasing sex pills. Time has come to list the most essential aspects of a health oriented purchase.
  • Composition – ingredients are as essential as having all the bricks in the right position. Miss one and the results could be catastrophic. Concentrate on some keywords like Tongkat Ali, Flaxseed, Maca, Epimedium Sagittatum, Muira Pauma and you can rest assured that these are the right ingredients! Each of them showed great commitment to blood flow stimulation. The more blood enters your penis, the more are the chances to achieve longer lasting erection.
  • Potency – buying a natural sex pill is the ABC of penis enhancement products. MaleExtraproducts have a totally natural constitution and are therefore quite safe as compared to average pharmaceutical sex pills. Avoid pills that do not display the state of potency or those which have a very low potency.
  • Quality – being greedy is the last thing one should do. Like with any product, quality is of a major importance. Trusted brands such as MaleExtra have several studies in their CVs and it would be foolish to fall for the illegitimate pills.
  • Authenticate – claiming to be the best has already become a cliché. My advice is to update yourself on the reviews and feedbacks of the product and show signs of skepticism whenever a label reads 100%. State of the art printing can do miracles!
  • Value for Money – sex pills manufacturing is living its golden ages. However, due to serious competition manufacturers often bombard with discounts and great package deals. Look after feedbacks that indicate the cost efficiency of the product.


Nobody should question the effectiveness of natural sex pills like Male Extra. At the end of the day, even the most skeptic buyers will admit that pills like Male Extra can produce fantastic results.  Click here for more information about Male Extra. Learn about the truth on penis pills at

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Best Penis Enlargement Pills Reviews

Penis enlargement pills are one of the most popular methods of enlarging your penis; they work by increasing blood flow to your penis, which results in the bigger penis for you and much improved sexual confidence in bed!

However, keep in mind that there are many manufacturers that will tell you that their penis enlargement pills can give you increase of 3-4 inches in your penis size. Don't believe those statements! It is impossible to achieve that kind of penis enlargement using penis pills. So what then IS possible using penis enlargement pills?

Here are some realistic expectations for you:

  • Increase in penis length & girth
  • Bigger, harder, more intense & more frequent erections
  • Increased sexual drive and libido
  • All-night staying power
  • Orgasm multiple times per session!
  • Gain better control over your ejaculations!

Who are we?

We are a group of individuals who have personally tried several of the most popular penis enlargement pills. Since we concluded that many of them are not effective, we got the idea to make our knowledge available to the public, and that's why we made this penis enlargement pills reviews website.

Why are we here?

We want to help you find the best possible penis enlargement pill; one that will work for you for sure. We have extensively researched the market and came to the conclusion that a lot of those penis enlargement pills don't work or simply don't deliver on their promises. Out of many pills that we have researched, we have chosen only the top ones - you can be 100% sure that they are safe & effective. Learn more at

How did we come up with our results?

First, we tried these pills ourselves, meaning we have the first-hand experience with these penis enhancement pills. What is a better review there than trying it for yourself and then telling the world about it?
Second, we contacted other people who have used these pills. Besides trying these pills for ourselves, we also got in touch with other men who have tried these pills. We found those people through various online forums, discussion boards etc. We asked them about their personal opinions, their results, their satisfaction with these pills.

Third, we contacted manufacturers of these penis enhancement pills. We requested additional information about these pills. Some of the manufacturers were so kind and sent us more free samples of their penis pills. We requested for more detailed information, for example detailed ingredients report, their manufacturing facilities, product return rates, contacts of doctors who endorse the pills, number of packages sold annually etc. We also asked them to provide us with special discount codes (if possible), so that we can tell those to you.

Fourth, we have reviewed all the data and compiled reviews and comparison tables. After we got all the information from other users and from manufacturers, we spent some time creating these penis pills reviews. In those we tried to be as objective as possible, giving you raw facts about those pills. After you see what we have actually done for you, you can be 100% sure that all our recommendations are perfectly safe for use. That is our top priority - user safety!

Time is running out - take action today!

Low self-esteem, embarrassment, anxiety before you ask a woman for a date… Those will be all the things of the past once you start using one of our recommended penis enlargement pills! Trust us; we are not just making a statement here. We are telling you what we have personally experienced! Now just imagine: you go out for the night out, coming into a club with great confidence… Starting conversations with women of your choice, chatting, flirting with them… That's all going to be piece of cake for you.

Then coming back home with a girl of your choice and giving her amazing and unforgettable sex she ever had! She'll be begging you for more over and over again! And you will put that confident smile on your face, knowing that you invested your hard earned money in the best possible way - to add inches to your penis using penis enlargement pills!

This is how many men live on a daily basis around the world. You too can be one of them if you act today and choose penis enlargement pill that is best for you!

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NeoSize XL Review

The marketplace of male enhancement products is weighed down with many numbers of manufacturers, each claiming to be the best. As a common man, when I began searching for ways to increase my penis size, I was clouded with a host of options. With my many trials and errors, I finally hit the nail by trying on the best help out there. Read on to learn more about the true power of natural science in the form of NeoSize XL.


NeoSize XL is an effective penis enlargement supplement that works well.  Unlike the other methods I tried before, NeoSize XL is made from a concoction of only 100% herbal extracts known for centuries to enhance sexual health.  Every ingredient in it is combined in a precise ratio and formula to boost penis size.  The changes seen in the penis size started from the first month of usage itself.  NeoSize XL is also effective to overall sexual health. Harder and longer-lasting erections with an increase in sexual stamina are a common find.

When you enter into the official site of NeoSize XL here, you will discover the actual scientific working of the supplement.  Honest user reviews further explain the difference it has made to each user’s sexual life. Everything is convenient and feasible. As an all herbal male enhancement solution, it works towards improving the penis size without causing any bodily hazards or side-effects.  If however for any unlikely reason, the wellness factors aren’t working as it should be, NeoSize XL offers a complete 90 days money back guarantee!!!  There is nothing to lose with NeoSize XL, all you have is only Gains! Learn more at

The Formula

Going back to the ingredients, NeoSize XL is composed of herbal constituents in right proportions that make it a super effective formula. The truth about NeoSize XL is that it includes the world’s most recognized aphrodisiacs which are proven for supreme efficacy and they are packaged in supplement form for convenient usage. 

If you’ll need further evidence for its amazing efficacy, check on customer reviews on its sites, as majority consumers proudly display their satisfaction. The conventional methods of male enhancement including surgeries, pumps, rings etc are as harmful as they sound. They cause irreparable damage and are very costly as well.  NeoSize XL on the other hand, not only increase penis length and width but also guarantees longer lasting erections and sexual gratification.

But is the picture of NeoSize XL all rosy? Yes to a very large extent, the only take would be that you need to follow a proper course of action meaning you need to take it as per requirements and not discontinue its use in between. Besides that, NeoSize XL has proved its mettle and wonderfully delivers what it rightly promises.  NeoSize XL is currently very popular and its success is growing every single day.


Give NeoSize XL a try and I assure you are going to lead a much happier and satisfying sex life.  I have grown from a mere 4 inches to a proud 7 inches. And the best part about all of this is that I did it SAFELY and NATURALLY in the privacy of my home.