Saturday, March 11, 2017

X4 Labs vs Jes Extender

The way the increase in the size of the penis and X4 Labs products work is by producing more cells. The mild stretching is done on the penis where these cells fill up the space that is stretched.

The grip that x4 penis extenders have are either made of silicone being comforted straps or standard noose. These are the most popular and will be compared below, ensuring that customers chose what suits them the best. Learn more at

Strap or Noose – you decide

The way noose work is by having the penis in one position while adjusting the silicone tubes. This is good for men who don’t wear the device for long and need to put it on in a matter of seconds
The way the straps work is by holding the penis close to the extender.

And not allowing it to move but not squeezing it  At the same time you have the blood flow targeted towards the penis while being comfortable. The Strap extender is great for those that can wear the device for longer. More time means more gains faster! Learn more at

The X4 Labs Hybrid Support System

X4 Hybrid Support System incorporates the strap and noose in one. X4 Labs understands that there are men who don’t have that much time to wear an extender. And they want penis support that will adjust fast. So there is a noose support system.

 It wears quicker over time than silicone-based support but it takes seconds to efficiently adjust. On another hand, there are men that have more time on their hands and can wear the device for longer. So there is the support strap for you in case you want faster results.

You have the choice of choosing which one you want to use depending on how much time you have. Support strap does offer more support (as its name suggests) and provides pressure that is distributed evenly and is more comfortable to wear, but the noose is simply faster to put on.

X4 Labs believes that customers have the right to chose so they developed two in one Hybrid Support System.

It should be noted that X4 Labs Advanced Support Technology is the most comfortable and easiest to wear. Because it is one inch in width and keeps the penis firmly in place, the circulation of blood is evenly spread. This innovative approach is recognized by CE Certification.

Can the X4 Labs compare favorably to the Jes Extender?

It’s difficult to hold a candle to the Jes Extender because it is considered the “Father of all penis stretching devices. The Jes Extender, invented by Danish scientists, meets rigid European standards set by the Copenhagen DanaMedic Corporation. Invented originally as a remedy to use after surgery, the Jes Extender manufacturers soon learned that the device was even better suited to penis enlargement. 

Aren’t there devices out there that are similar to the Jes Extender?

Because the Jes Extender has experienced so much success as a penis enlargement device, many male enhancement companies have created “knock-offs” of the device. Nevertheless, none of them have proven themselves as capable, both in agility and usability.

The Jes Extender is now being marketed as a product from Scandinavia. The manufacturers opted to keep offering the high-quality product it started off with, which was only possible to do from Denmark.

One excellent feature of the Jes Extender is its famous guarantee of getting your money back x2 if you aren’t satisfied. That’s right, you get double your money back if you are unhappy for any reason. If the Jes Extender is so great, how can the X4 Labs Extender even compare to it?

The Jes Extender is good. It works very well. However, there are a few ways that the X4 Labs Extender comes out ahead. The Jes Extender is very expensive, costing anywhere from $299 to $1,399! Most people can not afford to buy that expensive of a device.

You can purchase an X4 Labs Device for as little as $99.95In fact, X4 Labs most expensive package is $399.95. You must pay shipping on the Jes Extender, which will be shipped from Denmark (plan on it taking a little while to get to you).

X4 Labs vs. Jes Extender: The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that the Jes Extender is a very good device but one that is not affordable to most men. The X4 Labs Penis Extender is a very good substitute and is priced right. X4 Labs offers several packages, with varying prices, so you should be able to find something you can afford. 97% of Americans choose to purchase the X4 Labs Deluxe Edition over Jes Extender.

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