Saturday, March 11, 2017

Her boobs are very small and sensitive

Her boobs are very small and sensitive, but oddly enough she doesn’t like her nipples big sucked. But she loves the underneath skin area of her breasts being lightly licked or caressed. She much prefers fingering to a guy going down on her. She is a very dominant woman outside of the bedroom but when her clothes are back on, she does like dominated, LIGHT choking (and hair-pulling) etc. Marcus has actually felt a woman’s pussy clench tighter on his cock (or fingers) when he’s choking them ... it heightens her sensations. Making her squirt by herself Is always harder, although there is a way Physical Demo (7m:41s) Foreplay Caress around and over her panties. Make sure she’s relaxed. Lube up and massage her pussy She lies on her back, legs spread and he’ sitting next to her. Probably easier if she’s o the edge of the bed.  Learn more at

He supports his weight on his left hand and fingers her with his right hand. Always check whether she prefers water or silicon-based lube (for reasons on her health and personal preference). Be generous, make sure the lube covers everything. Get her relaxed. Ask her, “does that feel good? ” Insert the fingers & start stimulating her Urethral Sponge (8m:28s) Using up and down motion of his hand (she’s lying on her back, so he’s moving his hand up and down towards the ceiling …. come-hither motion), his fingers are curved inside her and in contact with her urethral sponge (G-Spot). Speed up the stimulation (9:03s) Can probably hear her vagina getting making wetter more sloshy sounds now. Speed up even more as she gets closer, to maximum hand speed. Squirting orgasm #1 (9:35s) Caress the outside of her pussy after her orgasm. Squirting orgasm #2 (10:17s) Shift position to kneeling beside her, supporting your weight on your left hand. Very quick orgasm. Technique explained and Squirting orgasm #3 (10:40s) Start off slowly and then increase the intensity of the movement.

Not so much force as speed. Keep fingers in contact with her urethral sponge at all times, and just manipulate your fingers up and down, till you hear that tell-tale sloshing noise (as she gets wetter) which is a signal to increase speed even more till she ejaculates. Female ejaculation is a different kind or release for her. Feels overwhelming for her and losing control as she ejaculates and her whole body relaxes. Squirting orgasm #4 (11:50s) Massage her vaginal entrance again before fingering her again. Using 2 fingers to finger her, the other 2 fingers providing that bas e of support underneath her bum. Pull your fingers towards you (you’re slightly leaning over her). She ejaculated very quickly without even using much force this time, simple as bringing his finger towards him repeatedly. Where does the fluid come from? (12:31s) Marcus reckons it’s just normal pussy internal lubrication, which you are manipulating so that a lot of of it comes out in a very short period of time. Squirting orgasm #5 (13:12s) Start off slowly, when you hear that squishing noise, speed up (without even much pressure) till she cums! More tips (13:40s) Relax her - be kissing her, talking to her, playing with her body. Reassuring and complimenting her, but don’t draw attention to what you’re going to be doing, because that could spoil it. Squirting orgasm #6 (14:20s) So enjoy the foreplay and the sex but at same time attempt to use your fingers in the way demonstrated to create that squishing noise – which is her pussy getting wetter and wetter – to the point of squirting orgasm. Reassure her after, tell her how great it was.

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