Saturday, March 11, 2017

My X4 Labs Penis Extender Story

I call this my “personal review” because that’s exactly what it is – this little story is my experience with using the X4 Extender and how I got to the point of purchasing it in the first place.

I hope that by telling you where I failed, that I’ll be able to save you some time, money and frustration and point in the right direction from the start. After a few trials and tribulations, I ended up succeeding in my quest for increasing the size of my penis with the X4 Extender.

My X4 Labs Penis Extender Story

In my teens, I was always shy around the locker rooms during gym or after school playing sports.
It was pretty clear that I wasn’t measuring up to a lot of the other guys, and even got made fun of from time to time.  Learn more at

Ugh, what a horrible feeling. It eventually drove me away from playing sports after my sophomore year of high school. And thus began my pattern of avoidance when it came to anything involving my penis.

I guess you could say I was a late bloomer with the ladies; I didn’t really start dating or hooking up with them until my senior year of high school and then into my college years. Obviously, my self-consciousness about the size of my penis was bound to come up sooner or later with one of my girlfriends.

To be honest, no girl ever actually made a remark about my size. Thank God, because that would have been so embarrassing and devastating I don’t know what I would’ve done! It was enough to know that I’m small – but to have a girl actually say it to my face would have really hurt.

Why I Bought A Penis Extender

I heard rumors about the ability to increase the size of your penis, but only through costly and risky surgeries. I may have had a below average penis, but I sure wasn’t going to risk having anything at all with surgery. So, I started doing some research on the web – forums, review sites, etc.

There were a lot of recommendations out there and I wasn’t sure what to go with; the X4 Penis Extender was actually one of the first ones I came across, but not the first one I bought, unfortunately.

I took a stab in the dark and ordered my first extender for $400.

This thing was a total piece of junk! I mean, literally, it looked like it was mass-produced in China and I could break it in half with one hand. I still gave it a shot, though I had very little confidence in the product.

Two months later and no results, I was out 400 bucks and back where I started.

The next extender I tried had a similar fate. The quality of the extender itself and the instructions that came with it were a bit more professional, but that didn’t count for much once I put the device on. It was extremely uncomfortable to wear; even after giving it a few weeks, it didn’t get any better. 

That would’ve been all fine and good if it worked, but alas, it didn’t give me any increase whatsoever. This one was $300. So now I was out $700 and still back where I started. Learn more at

Why I Chose the X4 Labs Extender

This is where my story changes.

As I dug deeper into the review sites and forums, I came across one product that didn’t have one negative review out there - all positive reports of increases, positive feedback on the company and their customer support, and a thousand different praises for a wonderful product all around. 

Six months later, I’ve gained just about 2 inches in length and about 0.37″ in girth!

These results absolutely blew me away, but apparently, they’re what everyone experiences with the X4 Extender. The best part about the increases you experience is that they’re permanent. I can’t say that with 100% certainty though because I actually still use the device!

I’m aiming to gain another inch in both length and girth in the next months. 

It’s really a wonderful product, and I’ve actually “come out of the closet” with it and have recommended it to a few friends when the topic has come up in conversation. I truly wish you the best of luck in your quest for increasing the size of your penis and gaining the confidence in your life that every man should be entitled to!

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