Saturday, March 11, 2017

There have been many claims about female ejaculation

Yeah, I mean, it sounds like it’s accumulation of that. To answer your question, yes, even really dramatic polarity situations can be reversed and there was a couple, as an example, who were on my retreat and she was extremely masculine and he was extremely feminine. They were at first really defending how that works for them, how she’s running this business and it just kind of evolved, that he’s been more like a house husband and taking care of things domestically and running sort of the behind the scenes of the business. They were living in a new country and so it all kind of evolved that way. I’ve never yet seen it—and I think I’ve said this on the calls before—is I’ve never yet seen, even though some of the more noted polarity teachers, like David Deida or Pat Allen, say that they believe that there can be more masculine women and more feminine men and that those people are happy together with that dynamic. Learn more at

I have yet to see a couple where that’s the truth, where underneath that veneer they weren’t actually unhappy or that wasn’t born out of some kind of defensiveness in their own histories that kind of then came together and worked as a co-created defense mechanism together. I put that out there to them, “Look, you might be the first couple, I’m willing to believe that they’re out there, but I just have yet to see them in working with people over many, many years now.” After a few days of really sitting with that, they acknowledged that no, this isn’t really what we want, we do secretly now want this to be different and want to change it but they’re committed and obviously they were there on the retreat to improve their relationship, they were committed to that process. Yes, I think even extreme cases, where it might seem the opposite can be shifted, but both people have to want it and be committed to it and then doing all the other work of whatever blocks were helping to contribute to the dynamic in the first place. Both of them had traumatic abuse situations in their childhood in growing up that it helped them to want to carry on a different veneer, a different energy out in the world, which is a protection. Learn more at

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