Saturday, March 11, 2017

Cheap Penis Extenders - Avoid Them

When you search the net for penis enhancement and penis enlargement you’ll be hit by hundreds of websites claiming that you can enlarge your penis by 3 – 4 inches in a matter of months or even weeks, they will then show you fake pictures or testimonials encouraging you to buy.

You’re almost convinced but then you remember that every guy you’ve spoken to about penis enhancement says it doesn’t work. There is so much conflicting information around, it’s hard to find the real truth and facts.
Some penis enhancement FACTS:
  • Penis enhancement is possible with a penis extender
  • The most you will gain is 1 – 2 inches
  • It takes 2 – 6 months to see results
In recent years very cheap penis extenders have come into the market. Some of these devices cost under $50 which can seem like an absolute bargain.

We couldn’t understand how these professional devices were being sold for such a cheap price. We are in contact with the major penis extender companies and know that it costs more than $50 to manufacturer a penis extender, so how can they be selling it for less than that? Learn more at

Of course, the answer is simple. They are cheap copies which have been made in China. Using cheap plastic, metal and cheap labor they are able to manufacture devices at less than half the cost of the companies in the West.

Good deal?

When you first look at this it seems great, the device looks similar and its less than half the price of other devices available. But, before you decide to buy, just think about all the other cheap Chinese junk you’ve owned in the past.

Clothes, shoes, toys, cheap electronic etc. It’s very low quality and it never lasts long. There’s a reason that the cheapest penis extender we recommend on this website costs $99, that is because it’s a good quality device that has been made in Canada, it carries the CE safety stamp and is fully tested.

If you’re on a budget choose X4 Labs

Avoid the Chinese junk -  we recommend being very wary of any penis extender that costs less than $99. X4 Labs is a professional penis extender that is made in Canada from good quality materials and is safe to use. The starter edition costs just $99 which includes delivery and comes with everything you need to get started. Read our X4 Labs review

Want the best? Go European

The best cars, the best wines, and the best penis extenders are made in Europe. You know that when you buy something made in Europe, you are getting a better quality item. Penis extenders were first invented in Europe and the best penis extenders are still made there. They used high-grade materials, professional staff, and have higher standards. Learn more at

Yes, you pay a bit extra but you know that you’re getting the best available. Both SizeGenetics and Jes Extender are made in Europe. You can get the SizeGenetics extender from just $150 if you use our discount code.

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