Saturday, March 11, 2017

This connection between your libido

I often talk about this connection between your libido, your desire to be sexual, and the psychoanalytic definition of libido, which is the individuation of your own voice, your own unique gifts being thrust out into the world. Since your sexual energy is your very genetic blueprint, that energy is the essence of you, it makes sense that when you tap into it, that you can create amazing things in the world.

Salon 2. Video 4: Let Your Sex be Your Medicine & Your Medicine Your Sex Here’s what you’ll learn in this video: • Sex as medicine • Sexual reflexology • Potent sexual elixirs • The Fountain of Youth Sexual reflexology We’ve talked about these ancient Taoists and Tantric systems, how they used sex for healing,rejuvenation, improving intelligence, charisma, performance, and keeping that energy in motion and consciously harnessing it is huge. I mentioned that ancient Taoist physicians would go a step further in directing that energy. They would map out reflexology zones in the genitals and if you don’t know, reflexology is based on the idea that within the body we have a series of energy pathways called meridians and we have these points that we can stimulate to release the flow of energy along these pathways. You have different points throughout your body which correspond to different areas and organ systems in your body. For example, by massaging outside the part of the soul of your foot, you’re also helping to move stuck energy in your large colon. That’s the area of the foot that corresponds to the large colon.  Learn more at

Everything is a microcosm. In the genital reflexology map, the kidney, the liver, and the digestive system points are all along the shaft of the penis and along the vaginal canal. If you look closely, you can see that the penis and vagina points mirror each other. Sexual intercourse is a match made in heaven. The tip of the penis is the heart point and the cervix, a woman’s innermost core, is also the reflexology point for her heart. The heart point is on the head of the man’s cock. I often say that the pathway to a man’s heart is not through his stomach, it’s through the head of his cock. Different sexual positions will also stimulate different areas of the vagina and the penis.

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