Saturday, March 11, 2017

Sex Speaks for Itself

This speaks for itself, just be sure to be gentle. Spend enough time with foreplay, so she doesn’t feel like it’s a 2 second diversion on the way to shagging, but not so long that she becomes bored and her enthusiasm for fucking starts to drop off. Titty Fucking (14m:30)

There aren’t that many girls who enjoy doing this. It says something about the girl who likes doing this … she likes doing something different. She needs to have the right size breasts. Remember one thing, the LUBE otherwise it’ll pain you. You’ll know she likes it if she’s smiling and a little eye contact. Tip on not falling asleep … Melissa (15m:33) Chapter 3 - Pussy Academy (16:00) Pussy Anatomy 101 (17m:45) The Clit (17m:50) The Lips (18m:44) Vagina (18m:59) The most sensitive part is the first inch or two. G-Spot (19m:04) Along with the clit it’s the other area that gets chix off. It isn’t easy to find either. Usually its about an inch & ½ in on the upper wall of the vagina. It’s oval shaped and more spongy in texture. G-Spot can make her night. Rubbing the Clit (19m:24) When warming up a girl, don’t jam your fingers inside her. Instead rub her clit, it’s very sensitive and makes the pussy wet. So turn her on before you shove something in there. Learn more at

Finger Insertion (19m:51) Get your fingers nice and wet by licking them (or she can lick them). Still paying attention to the clit, slide a finger or two inside. Be gentle and eventually her muscles will still to relax. Then you can be a little more aggressive. Always pay attention to the clit i.e. rub her clit with your thumb as your fingers are inside her. 3 way to work the G-Spot 1. “Come here” motion (20m:35) As you stick your fingers in, curve them up. Use a “come-here” motion to stimulate her G-Spot. Don’t thrust your fingers in and out like a cock. 2. Circular motion (20m:48) Like a sideways rotary motion, with your fingers still curved up. Very important, keep your nails trimmed short. 3. The “Kitchen Sink” (twist and tap) (20m:58) Palm facing down, twist back and forth sideways putting pressure on the floor of her vagina, then alternate with palm facing up and tapping up on the G-Spot. If she’s relaxed – put 3 fingers in (21m:25) With 3 fingers in her, you’ll feel her vagina stretched around your fingers. It’ll feel good, like your cock is inside her. Just be careful and make sure she’s comfortable with more than 2 fingers inside her. Pussy Eating (22m:00) The clit is what gives her orgasms, do not miss it! Suck on her Clit the way you’d suck on a Nipple (22m:15) Apply tongue pressure to her Clit (22m:28) Stick your tongue out and hold it there while moving your head around, sideways … etc. Suck on her clit, kiss it … Can also Insert fingers as well as Sucking/Licking her Clit (22m:58) This’ll increase her anticipation for your cock. Fingers are curled upwards. Things not to do!! Painting a fence (23m:20) i.e. lick up AND DOWN ... No NO.

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