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Semenax Benefits and Increased Sperm

Semenax is an all-natural daily supplement that can increase the amount of semen that you can ejaculate during the climax. And when I say “increase” I don’t mean that in the broad sense of terms. No, you will be able to shoot massive loads of semen, just like a porn star. The orgasms will truly be great and they will last longer. And you know what longer orgasms mean, don’t you? Yes, longer orgasms = more pleasure for both you and your partner.

But sometimes, it isn’t just the amount or quantity of the semen that you can ejaculate that prevents you from having a great orgasm. There are a lot of men out there who can’t control their orgasms. They ejaculate much too early. I don’t have to tell you how much this ruins sex. 

Try imagining meeting a nice girl, and you having sex after a few days only for this to happen. She doesn’t have to say anything, but the damage is already done and you can’t be more embarrassed. Again, Semenax is able to help you with this problem as well as it can aid you in controlling your orgasms much better. This means that you get to say when you will orgasm.

About Semenax

It is really easy to take Semenax as you don’t have to follow any schedules. Normally, one or two of these pills per day should be enough for you. Of course, you shouldn’t expect results straight away. You need to give Semenax and its ingredients a little time before it can show its true effectiveness. For most men, this is about 3-4 weeks.

Semenax is a completely safe supplement. It doesn’t contain any chemicals or additives as prescription drugs do. Have I mentioned that you don’t need a prescription for Semenax? 

Well, you don’t and that is another great thing about it. No uncomfortable visits to the doctor or to the pharmacy, you can order it from your own room via Internet. Of course, there are a number of pharmacies where you might find Semenax, so you need to be extra careful when it comes to price and, of course, with spam sites or fakes products. Learn more about Semenax at and


The reason why Semenax offers such amazing results is the perfect blend of its natural ingredients. Some of the most important herbs that make this magical pill is Swedish flower whose pollen is used and which is known to provide your body with energy and strength but also very positively affects sexual hormones, L-arginine increases the amount of sperm as well as fertility, Catuaba Bark which is used to improve your libido, the extract of Pines Bark which is also used for treating erectile dysfunction and many more herbs that all have more or less similar effects on the reproductive health of a man.


Thus, taking into consideration the abovementioned ingredients and their effects, the results that Semenax will produce are amazing. 

Some of them include a better look of the sperm, improvement in potency and fertility, natural boosting of sexual hormones, more intense ejaculations, stronger and revitalized sexual glands, increased enjoyment in the sexual activities, a larger amount of sperm and the general, overall improvement in sexual activities in many different fields. Most importantly, all this is achieved with the help of completely natural ingredients.

Where To Buy

All in all, Semenax is one amazing pill. Not only will it increase the amount of your sperm, but it will also bring you many different benefits that will lead to a better overall state of your whole body and of your sexual performance as well. Scientifically approved, it is a pill that will result in all this without any danger of harming your health in any possible way. T

Thus, if you have any troubles in your sex life or if you simply want to improve it and bring in some new moments, order a box of Semenax now and you will be more than satisfied.

Vigrx Plus - What You Should Know

I would like to welcome you to a blog site that is all about penis enlargement pills. A performance boosting pill like no other. More precisely, a male sexual performance enhancement pill that has changed lives of thousands of men who have given it a try. Its reputation and its popularity are both well-deserved. And once you check out all the articles here, you will be well-aware of why this is the case.

We will be discussing all of the things that this pill can do for you. And we will be comparing it to other similar products on the market. We will be looking into the ingredients that make this formula the most potent male enhancer out there and much more. 

And we will share some personal stories from people that have realized the potential of this natural pill and so on.

This article is a little introduction that will give you some broad guidelines so you can begin to understand what this pill is all about. Learn more at

About Vigrx Plus

VigRX is not a brand new product. It has been on the market for more than a decade. And over that time, the formula has been enhanced as soon as new developments in the field of male performance enhancement occurred. And as a result, it has become the premium solution for those men who wish to improve their sexual performance. 

The experts that have dedicated years of research and design into creating and improve the VigRX formula are all the leading experts in their field. This has resulted in a formula that is a must for every guy who wishes to be better in the bedroom, where it matters. Learn more at

All-Natural Formula

One thing that is absolutely essential to remember about VigRX is that it is a completely natural product. What this means is that there are no pharmaceutical drugs in this product. And that all of the ingredients have been extracted from natural sources. 

These are all extracts of plant origin. And these are mostly ingredients that have been in use for centuries in different world cultures. And while these ingredients might have been chosen for their historic use, they are always improved. 

Modern science is constantly learning new stuff about these ingredients, and giving explanations as to why they work.

As a result of only using natural ingredients, VigRX is as safe as natural products can get. The ingredients are all of the purest quality. And the processing is done in sterile environments and uses only the most advanced technology. This not only guarantees the maximum efficacy of the completed product but also guarantees that you will not suffer from side effects of any kind. The formula was carefully designed so as not to pose any risks to men who wish to take VigRX.

Effects of Vigrx Plus

Of course, we should say a thing or two about the effects that you can expect from this product. In short, they are just staggering. We are talking about enhancing the quality of the erections, making them stronger, and bigger. 

And much more lasting than they have been prior to using VigRX. Also, we are talking about a dramatic boost in libido as well as sexual stamina. The quality of the orgasms is also improved as well as the erectile function of the men using this product. As the ultimate result, the overall satisfaction with sexual intercourse is substantially improved. This is both for the man using the product and his partners as well.

VigRX is different from most other performance enhancers as it was a subject of a long triple-blind study. The results were staggering, to say the least, and they have shown an increase in satisfaction and in sexual performance on all fronts. 

In short, this is one of the rare male performance enhancers that have scientific proof behind the claims. Also, we are talking about a very serious company for whom customer service is the main thing and for whom providing men with enhanced sexual lives is the primary goal.

Make sure you check out other articles on this blog site and learn far more about this one-in-a-million male performance booster.

Richer lovemaking experiences

Without regular stretching, our bodies become stiff and tense and tire easily. These yoga stretches prepare your body to be more relaxed and open to intimacy. Regular daily stretching awakens your body's circulation in new ways and contributes to fuller, richer lovemaking experiences.
As you stretch, close your eyes and focus on the feelings in your body. Don't force your body into stretching positions and don't strain it. Let it stretch as far as it wants to, while you accept its limitations. Stretch slowly and moderately, so that you feel some small degree of stretch but not enough to be painful. If you experience pain, you are pushing too hard. Be gentle, so that the stretches are comfortable. Learn more at

These stretching exercises should not be practiced on a full stomach. Allow at least an hour after eating before you do them- two, if you have eaten a big meal with a lot of heavy food. Nor should you stuff yourself immediately after doing these exercises. Gentle stretching releases a great deal of healing energy. Eating a lot of heavy food immediately afterward often blocks this energy in the stomach, causing nausea. Thus, after practicing these exercises, wait at least an hour before eating a substantial meal. If you get hungry before then, have some soup, tea, or a piece of fruit. Learn more at and

These gentle exercises are quite safe when you follow the common sense guidelines. Contraindications to specific stretches will be clearly noted. If you have any concern about practicing these stretches or suffer a medical condition, be sure to consult your doctor.
When you feel tightness or resistance, focus on your breath and breathe deeply. Imagine you are breathing into and out of the tight- ness. Long deep breathing is key to releasing tightness in nerves and muscles.

If you feel lightheaded after stretching or if you feel new tingling sensations moving through your body, immediately lie down on your back, cover yourself, close your eyes, and let yourself relax. A short nap or even 10 minutes of repose will allow healing energy to flow and balance. Dizziness or lightheadedness can result when the energy bound up inside a point is released and then circulates throughout your body. The circulation of this vital energy can refresh your whole body, clear your mind, and make you feel new again.

The power of touch can also cultivate body awareness. By holding acupressure points on yourself as well as on your partner, you can anchor your feelings, open yourself to a greater awareness of sensations, and balance your emotions.

Since the heart governs the emotions, the acupressure points for emotional healing are located at the level of the heart, in the chest and upper back between the shoulder blades. In people who have been emotionally hurt, abused, or traumatized, these points often feel like knots. You can open withheld feelings and release tensions in this area by practicing the following exercises once or twice a day.

VigRX Plus is a Natural Supplement

There is one thing that people often forget when talking about sexuality and male sexuality in particular. They tend to forget that for men to perform stellar in the bedroom, there is a number of things that need to go just right. I

t is not like you only have to be in the mood and have a few moves. No matter how ready you might be, how skilled in bed you might be, and how much experience you have, there are always things that can hinder one’s performance, Luckily, there are products like VigRX Plus to ensure you deliver in the bedroom. 


VigRX Plus is a natural supplement which came out in 2001. It has been at the forefront of the natural male performance booster market ever since. The formula was as revolutionary back then as it is now. 

It has been improved upon a number of times and now includes an improved formula.
It is this approach of constant improvement on the original design that truly puts VigRX ahead of the competition. The people behind VigRX are not resting on their laurels. Instead, they are constantly working on improving their work. Learn more at


The ingredients in VigRX, all of them, come from natural sources, i.e. plants that grow in various parts of the world. Some of them come from Europe and some of them come from the Asian continents. There are also some that come from South America. 
Some of the ingredients in VigRX Plus include Asian red ginseng, Muira Pauma bark extract, and Epimedium leaf extract.

There are no synthetic additives of any kind in VigRX. And there are definitely no pharmaceutical drugs to be found in the formula as well. As a result, VigRX is perfectly safe for everyone and it has no side effects. Learn more at

Why Use It

The first reason why everyone should choose VigRX is that it simply works. It has been out there for more than a decade and in all these years, people have come out with nothing but the most positive reviews. Furthermore, unlike the vast majority of manufacturers, the people behind it are always forthcoming. There are clinical studies of the ingredients that are used in VigRX.

It is simply astounding that other manufacturers are even trying to sell anything when they have nothing to back their claims. VigRX is different. It works and that alone is enough to make it the most recommendable product on the market. It enhances pretty much every aspect of male sexual performance and it is unique in this sense.

Furthermore, the formula is without a doubt the most comprehensive and advanced in the world. The ingredients that you will find in VigRX are not to be found anywhere else. This is either because they are too expensive to put in the supplements or because the other manufacturers simply do not have the same research. And it is not only about the ingredients that are included but also about how they are combined, in which ratios and of which quality they are.

The ingredients in VigRX all come from licensed sources and reputable ones that guarantee premium quality. Thanks to the special ways of processing these ingredients and their combinative workings, VigRX works great.

How To Use

Using VigRX is as simple. There is no prescription to order it and once you place your order on their official website, your pills will come in no time. If you want our advice, we would advise you to order larger quantities straight away. For one, you will be getting a substantial discount and you will be able to return the unused bottles if you are not satisfied.

Once VigRX Plus is delivered to you discretely, you will need to take one pill twice a day and that is it. You just sit back and let the effects appear.


At first, you will experience an increase in sexual desire. It is followed by a significant boost in energy levels. Finally, you can expect to see changes to your erections. These positive changes make them harder and stronger and ultimately even bigger in size. The time you will need to perform again will be dramatically shortened and you will also get more control over the orgasms that you achieve during sex.

In conclusion, VigRX Plus is the most amazing and the most comprehensive supplement for men of all ages. It brings the passion back into the bedroom and it turns every man into sexual animal.

Vigrx Plus Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions section of this blog site where you will read answers to questions that seem to be of most interest to men who are looking into VigRX. We will keep the answers short, concise and factual.

Is Vigrx Plus safe?

Yes, it is, absolutely. The fact is that the clinical study that was conducted showed no potential for any side effects. The same goes for independent studies into the ingredients found in the VigRX formula. On top of all that, the track record of VigRX so far has been immaculate, with no reports of any side effects or other unwanted effects. Learn about Vigrx Plus effects.

Is VigRX a replacement for Viagra?

Answer #2: No, it is not. You cannot expect VigRX to give you an erection just from taking it. The only medications that can do this are pharmaceutical drugs such as Viagra and Cialis and there is no natural product that can do this. However, the study has shown definitive improvements in the sexual function of men using VigRX. In addition to this, VigRX can do many more things that Viagra and other PDE5 inhibitors cannot.

Can I take VigRX if I suffer from any heart conditions?

In general, you should be able to take it without any harmful effects to your health or to your condition. However, we would like to advise you to always check with your doctor before introducing any new natural product if you are suffering from any kind of chronic condition, or if you are taking any other medications.

How long before I see the results?

There is no definitive answer to this question. The fact is that different effects occur at different times and that the time in which these effects occur will vary from one individual to another. However, you should be experiencing the benefits after two or three weeks, with the effects peaking somewhere around the 12th week.

Why I started Using Vigrx Plus

I know that I might come off a strange kind of a guy by telling you this story of mine, but I am also sure that there are many men out there who are feeling as I did for the better part of my life and that could learn something from my experience with VigRX. Hopefully, some of them might even be encouraged to do something about their situation with a little help from VigRX. But as my late grandpa used to say, it is best to start the story from its beginning.

And my story begins with my first sexual experience. It was your average first sexual experience. Which means, that it was clumsy, it was fraught with nervousness and anxiety and a sad feeling that it should have been much better. It was the first time both for me and the girl I was with at the time.

It lasted approximately half a minute thanks to the fact it was my first time with a girl and it wasn’t particularly exciting half a minute. In fact, I am sort of grateful that it didn’t last long.

My Results

As I started taking VigRX, things started to improve. Within weeks, I could feel my performance becoming better. At first, it was difficult to notice, but I did notice it. My erections were far stronger and my stamina was on the rise. I would also experience stronger orgasms and my performance was in general much improved. And the best thing is that as weeks went by, it all became even better.

Every single week brought with it new improvements and new pinnacles of my sex life. It was after 3 or 4 months that I had sex with this gorgeous girl and afterward, she told me that it was the best night of sex she has ever had. Learn more at

Let’s just say that VigRX made me dramatically better in the bedroom and that it has even affected the other aspects of my life. I somehow feel much stronger and much more confident since I started taking VigRX I never expected anything like that to happen and that is why I am recommending this pill to everyone who wishes to improve not only his sex life but other aspects of his everyday life as well.

Arousal points during oral sex and intercourse

Use your whole body to apply finger pressure, carefully leaning your weight into the point. It is important to do this even if you are using your hand to grasp or squeeze the point. Gradually lean your body toward your partner, staying on the point, and ask your partner to take several long, slow, deep breaths. Try to breathe in unison, following your partner's lead. Learn more at and

Hold each point for 1 to 5 minutes as you breathe deeply together. The tighter or more painful a point is, the longer you should hold it, but limit the pressure to 5 minutes maximum. While holding a point, adjust the pressure so that you do not hurt your partner. Feel for a pulse. A clear regular pulse indicates increased circulation, so pay attention to its strength and quality. If the pulse is faint or throbbing, continue to hold the point. When it becomes regular and balanced, slowly decrease your finger pressure, ending with a light loving touch.


Womb and Vitals (B 27—B 34) and Sacral Points (B 48)

These sets of points (B 27—B 34, B 48) increase circulation through the pelvis and nurture a woman's womb. As the name indicates, the Womb and Vitals and Sacral Points strongly benefit the reproductive system. Pressing these points triggers the sacral nerves and thereby stimulates the genitals. You can use these points for arousing your partner and during intercourse itself.

Location: These points lie on the base of the spine in the hollows of the sacrum, the large bony area at the base of the spine. B 48 is located 1 to 2 finger—widths outside the sacrum and midway between the top of the hip bone and the base of the buttocks.

Applications: Try using these arousal points during oral sex and intercourse. Feel for the slight indentations at the base of your partner's spine and firmly hold these hollow areas with your fingertips. As you hug your partner front to front, gradually apply firm pressure to these points. This will bring your pelvises closer, providing stronger stimulation and greater pleasure. One minute of firm pressure on the Womb and Vitals points can significantly increase your partner's sexual pleasure.
Inner Meeting (CV 1) is an intimate point for enhancing a woman's orgasm and a man's ejaculation. Holding this point with various amounts of finger pressure can generate a deeper intimacy in your sexual life. Learn more at

Location: At the center of the perineum, midway between the anus and genitals, you will feel a ropy cordlike structure under the surface of the skin. Gradually apply firm pressure directly onto the cord in a hollow area.

Applications: Inner Meeting is a powerful point for building sexual intimacy since it is located in one of the most vulnerable areas of the body. CV 1 can also stimulate the prostate gland and prolong a man's orgasm. (See Increasing a Man's Sexual Pleasure in Chapter 7.)



You can practice acupressure with a partner in any number of ways. You can press and hold the points while you are hugging, whether as p _ an affectionate greeting or while making love. You may incorporate _ _ " acupressure into a shoulder and neck massage to relax your partner 7-’ ' after a stressful day. You may press and hold points to relieve a headache or help your partner get to sleep at night. There are numerous ways to stimulate the points: you can caress, kiss, lick, suck, and knead them as well as rub them. Often, however, the most powerful stimulation is simply to hold the point firmly. Learn more at and

Acupressure’s healing touch is safe to do on yourself and others- even if you have never done it before—as long as you follow the instructions and pay attention to the cautions. It is noninvasive and produces no druglike side effects. Since the only equipment you need is your own two hands, you can practice acupressure anytime, anywhere.
To help you locate the points, the illustrations at the end of each couple's exercise show you the major acupressure points stimulated in that exercise. In addition, Appendix A lists some of the major acupressure points for relieving common ailments and catalogs their many health benefits. For more detailed health information, refer to my previous book, Acupressure’s Potent Points. If you or your partner. Learn more at


has any of these ailments, you may wish to hold some of these points during the intimacy exercises.


Each of the 365 acupressure points has been poetically named, based on ancient sources of traditional Chinese medicine. Often the name provides insight into the point’s location or its benefits. For instance, holding the point called Rushing Door, located in the groin, can open a rush of circulation into the genitals and legs. It is sexually arousing as well as good for relieving cold feet.

In the illustrations in this book, however, the points are labeled by number. These point reference numbers follow standard abbre- viations used by professional acupressurists and acupuncturists. The point labeled Sp 6, for instance, is the sixth point on the spleen meridian. Lovers do not need to know or try to remember these point reference numbers to enjoy the many benefits of acupressure.

To touch a point, apply finger pressure gradually, aiming into the center of the body part. Hold your finger or hand perpendicular to the surface of the skin. Any pull on the skin means that the angle of pressure is incorrect. Consciously direct your finger pressure into the center of the body part being worked on. Your nails should be short.
Always remember to apply pressure gradually. The more slowly you apply pressure to the point, the more effective your fingers will be. Applying pressure gradually allows the tissues to respond, promotes healing, and encourages your partner to feel connected to you.

X4 Labs Penis Extender Information

The X4 Labs penis extender is an all in one system that provides you with absolutely everything you will ever need for penis enlargement. 

Penis traction devices, otherwise known as penis extenders are believed amongst most people to be the best and safest way to increase penis size and is also relatively cheap giving you an affordable way to a bigger penis. The added advantage of this extender is the 3 in 1 Hybrid Support System which allows you to use either the traditional noose style or a comfort strap.

Are penis extenders recommended?

Yes, the X4 penis extender is recommended well by Doctors. It is a little-known fact that after penis enlargement surgery a patient is required to wear a penis extender to enable maximum growth.

Will the X4 penis extender work for me?

X4 Labs are that sure that you will see gains they offer a full 180-day satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t see any penis length gains in your first 6 months then return the X4 penis enlarger to us and we will give you a refund.

With a 99% approval of our product, we feel secure enough to do this. The X4 Labs Penis Extender also has a lifetime warranty on every single penis extender is checked before dispatch.

How To Use An X4 Penis Extender

Using an X4 Labs penis extender is easy. You fit the back piece over your penis and attach the strap just behind the glans. The bars fit into the piece that holds the strap and pushes out from the pelvic bone to the strap causing traction. Basically what happens is when you wear an extender the cells break down and then with the extender holding your penis in an extended state the cells replicate to fill the penis. You can find more information on our main site at X4 Labs.

The Hybrid Support system is what sets this penis extender apart from others. Some prefer the noose style while others prefer the comfort strap, this combines both meaning better circulation and comfort. Because these traction devices are made to be worn for hours at a time comfort is a major concern. In the old days, the first extenders had a thick string to attach to the glans, this cut off circulation and was painful to wear. Learn more at

What YOU Gain From X4 Labs Penis Extender
  • Better comfort for longer wear time
  • At least a 2 inch bigger penis
  • Curvature of the penis correction

What The X4 Penis Extender Includes

There are different options for the X4 Penis Extender All have the CE safety mark so you know you are getting a product safe to use, a valuable point considering the part of the body it’s used for. The different options are used as one is for people with a smaller penis, the maximum stretched a length of 7 inches can be achieved which is about an average size penis. The top option can go to a maximum stretched length of 15.5 inches but as well as the extra length there are loads of extra pieces of equipment.

Our rating for this penis stretcher

We gave this our second best rating at 91 out of 100.

This has been voted our best penis extender now with good results and now, for a limited time is even our cheapest penis extender with nearly $75 discount on the started kit making it just over $140. This price has just gone up to $!40 from $125 after so much success and after Spike TV gave it such a great review. 

There are also rumors of it going up another $25 and the discount coming off so please check the price before buying. For some people $140 is about 2 days work, would you work an extra 16 hours for a bigger penis? I know I would. These prices for the X4 Labs Penis Extender vary with the exchange rate. You can buy the X4 Labs Extender for between $140 and $495. Learn more about X4 Labs at

Resistant to trying out new sexual activities

In the beginning, your partner may be skeptical or resistant to trying out new sexual activities. If you anticipate a reaction of this sort, I recommend that before trying some of the more advanced techniques in the book, you introduce nonthreatening activities such as the shoulder massage in Chapter 5 or the mutual foot massage in Chapter 8. Simply try a few of the points and suggestions in Chapter 4 on Building Intimacy and Chapter 5 on Preparing for Love that you think your partner might enjoy. After you find a few hands—on techniques that your lover really likes, incdrporate these acupressure techniques into your lovemaking. Once your partner is open to exploring these activities with you, the following guidelines become helpful. Learn more at and

For Daily Practice

While establishing a regular hour—long acupressure routine may be unrealistic, you may be able to work on each other for ten to twenty minutes a day. After reviewing the acupressure love positions in Chapter 8, choose a routine you like the most to use as a daily morning or evening practice. In addition to these exercises, I suggest regularly practicing any of the following activities:

Touch your partner as he or she is waking up. Establish a full-body ritual, wholeheartedly embracing your loved one each morning before you rise.

Hug your partner several times a day.

Make contact with your love at mid-day, offering support. Greet each other with eye contact as well as with your bodies.

Exchange a shoulder and neck massage to greet each other at the end of a busy day.

Express your love as you lie in bed in the evening, sharing the trouble and beauty the day has brought.

A Weekly Sexual Delight

This book encourages you to commit to deepening your sexual intimacy as a couple. In addition to any spontaneous sexual embraces. Learn more at

with your mate, I suggest a weekly sexual practice, setting aside a regular, sacred time to express your love for each other.
Find the best time in your schedule for a weekly date, and take an hour or two to luxuriate in each other’s touch. Offer kisses and embraces with sweetness and mutual affection. Each week, con- sciously prepare a nurturing environment for making love—Chapter 1 details how to create a sacred space. You might include the following activities in your weekly sexual delight:

Begin with some of the couples’ stretches from Chapter 4. 0 Choose one of the Thai massage routines from Chapter 11.

elect one of the Lovemaking Progressions in Chapter 10 to play and express your sexuality.

During Special Times

Planning to share special events with your partner is an important dimension to enriching your lives together. In addition to having a daily intimate practice and a weekly date, you might try the Lovemaking Progressions during special times such as a vacation, retreat, or holiday. Consider these times away from your regular work routine as an opportunity to recommit.
Every couple's life has periods of stress and you can use this book at such times to lift your spirits, enhance your intimacy, and help you be present for your partner in a significant, responsible way.

It's difficult to be intimate

The first six months of their relationship had been filled with intimacy and a powerful, erotic alchemy, but ten years later, both Gail and Scott had become too tired to make love, their lives ruled more by work than intimacy. Sex became ”sort of mechanical.”

Gail and Scott have always been comfortable sharing their feelings with me. When I told them about the couples’ exercises that I was developing for a new book on acupressure for lovers, they were both eager to explore the erotic movements and give me feedback about how they worked. Six weeks after I had suggested a series of exercises, they reported back to me that their sexual vitality had increased significantly. Each new position and way of touching had opened up a new dimension to their togetherness. Learn more at and

Scott told me that although he knew the importance of foreplay, when Gail and he made love he always had a strong desire to skip it. Often he would merely try to prepare Gail for intercourse by stimu- lating her genitals with his fingers. The more accustomed he became to giving Gail this kind of pre—intercourse stimulation and to expecting her to respond to it, the more blocked their sexual relationship had become. He admitted that he was feeling extremely frustrated with her. Since they had started to practice the couples’ acupressure exercises, however, Scott said that his feelings of intimacy and sexual connection with Gail had begun to grow again. Learn more at

Gail also attested that they felt a renewal of their initial magnetic attraction. One weekend they were sitting naked in bed together, touching each other playfully. Gail was sitting in Scott's lap facing him with her legs wrapped around him, stimulating acupressure points in his buttocks with her heels, and holding his neck with her fingers. Scott's arms were wrapped around her, holding points in her lower back. They rocked back and forth in slow motion, breathing together. As they held the points, Gail felt a tremendous flow from exploration and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.

It's difficult to be intimate when either you or your partner is preoccupied, tense, or upset. When your partner comes home a bundle of nerves, relaxing physical contact can ease the stress more quickly than talking. If your partner is willing to lie down and have you work on his or her shoulders and back, a complete change of mood can occur within twenty minutes.
There are special ways to use acupressure points on your partner to create intimacy and improve the chemistry of a love relationship. These points are the same as those used in acupuncture, but instead of using needles, couples can energize these vital points through the power of touch. This book will show you many different ways to arouse and satisfy your partner by activating these points on various parts of the body.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

cuddle and breathe intimacy

Breathing deeply together is one of the most profound ways to cultivate your sexual relationship.

Deep Breathing: Try this couple's breathing exercise while you cud- dle in a spooning position, using pillows to support your heads. The partner behind places one arm underneath his or her partner's neck and holds the breastbone or forehead. The other hand holds the lower belly and is free to touch the genitals. Close your eyes and adjust your bodies comfortably, with your feet or ankles touching your partner's. Learn more at and

As you cuddle and breathe deeply together, notice your bodily sensations. Breathe in and out slowly and deeply in synchronization for several minutes. Let go of whatever feelings, memories, or judgments you're holding from the past; let go of whatever anxiety you have about the present or the future. Consciously focus on being in the present moment, feeling your body as you continue to breathe deeply in sync. . . . Ask yourselves what your hearts need. Be with the question and let the answers simply come to you. . . . Whether you drift ofi‘ to sleep or become sexually charged and aroused, let yourselves go with the flow. Learn more at and

Breath Alternation: Another way to practice couple's breathing is simply to breathe in slowly and deeply as your partner breathes out. After pausing for a few seconds, breathe out as your partner breathes in. Continue to breathe slowly and deeply in this way for several minutes as you focus on loving your partner.

After trying both ways of breathing, choose one pattern that seems most mutually satisfying. Breathing deeply together on a daily basis generates energy for a more vibrant loving couple.

Relax Your Body

The most trustworthy personal information you have comes from your own body. Your body does not lie but provides constant and direct responses to your experiences. The more you pay attention to its signals, including its minutest sensations, the easier it will be to interpret them. Intimacy requires you to be relaxed and yet attuned to the signals of your body. Cultivating body awareness, deep relax- ation, and the ability to communicate your body's responses will enable you to be more responsive to each other.


Daily stretching, such as yoga, awakens your body's circulation in new ways, and with good results for your love life. Without regular stretching, the body becomes stiff, tense, and easily tired. Everyone must take responsibility for stretching and for maintaining good overall body awareness and health.
As you stretch, tune in to your body. Close your eyes and focus your attention on how each body part feels. Don't force your body into uncomfortable stretching positions, and don't strain it. Let it stretch as far as it wants to go, trusting your judgment and your own limitations. Be flexible; the degree of your stretch at any particular time may Vary, depending on many circumstances. Stretch slowly and moderately, so that you feel a small degree of pull but not pain. If you experience pain in a stretch, you are pushing yourself too hard.
Immediately after stretching, practicing the couple's exercises, or using acupressure points, lie down on your back and make yourself comfortable, covering yourself with a blanket or a sheet. The following relaxation meditation can help you relax from your toes to your head. You may want to make a tape recording of these steps, perhaps accompanied by soothing background music.

Multiple orgasms are just the beginning

All of the information about the different kinds of orgasm is intended to inspire and inform you about what is possible. But try not to be attached to experiencing any or all of them.

Sometimes, just stimulating particular spots on the body will not necessarily be enough to bring about an orgasm. If a woman has trauma or limiting beliefs about her capacity to orgasm, this will likely affect her ability to orgasm. Sometimes, healing work is required to clear any issues and, therefore, enable orgasm.

Orgasm is not something to be forced, but rather something to open up to. Knowing that your orgasmic potential is unlimited and being present with whatever you are experiencing is the most powerful attitude you can cultivate towards your orgasms and everything else in your life.

So, as you can see, you have an unlimited capacity for orgasm in your body when you believe in your orgasmic potential and embody your orgasmic energy with powerful practices. We’ve come a long way since the beginning of this book, but there is still more to come. No matter how orgasmic you currently are, you can always explore different practices to allow for more orgasmic energy in your body. Learn more at and

By now, you are fully aware of the orgasmic potential of your body. Perhaps you have been practicing some of the techniques I’ve shared and you might already be experiencing some orgasms beyond the simple clitoral orgasm. Many women will be satisfied with that, and that’s okay.

But what I want to share with you is that an orgasm is just the beginning. If you are able to experience orgasm, then you can experience multiple orgasms or expand and deepen your orgasm to last long minutes, an hour or even longer. This won’t necessarily feel like an orgasmic peak anymore, but more of a long orgasmic state. And although milder, these feel more profound.

I once facilitated a sexual healing session for a German woman in her late twenties. She came to me for assistance because she hardly ever orgasmed. During our session, she was able to experience a few kinds of bodily orgasm – a long and intense orgasmic state, very deep pleasure sensations and a semi-trance state. But that was just the beginning. She stayed in a mild state of bliss for about three days that also included some pleasure sensations and a feeling of energy running through her body. Learn more at and

Many of my clients have had similar experiences to this. These women, and others who have attended my workshops, have been able to experience extended orgasms not because of anything I did but because I shared the idea that an orgasm can be a prolonged state and not just a momentary peak. Since most of my coaching work is done via Skype, I don’t even touch many of my clients; I simply coach and guide them to stay in the orgasm and to deepen it.

The important thing for you to understand is that these results are not about me or my ‘magic fingers.’ What enables these women to have these orgasmic experiences is an understanding of what an orgasm really is, some techniques that help uncover their full orgasmic potential, and the self-permission to stay in the orgasm and deepen it.

Multiple orgasms are just the beginning

Sometimes, when people become more orgasmic or start practicing sacred sexuality, they begin to experience multiple orgasms or facilitate them for others. Unfortunately, this can bring about a tendency to engage in an amateur sport known as ‘orgasm counting.’ You might hear these people say something like, ‘I gave a woman twenty orgasms’ or ‘I had thirty orgasms in one session.’

There’s nothing wrong with multiple orgasms! It’s great to have them, facilitate them for others and to feel good about it too. The problem is that many people stop here, believing that multiple orgasms are the peak of the sexual experience. If you are still able to count your orgasms, they may not be all that strong. And if he’s counting them, he’s missing the point. That is why I sometimes say, ‘multiple orgasms are for beginners.’