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Resistant to trying out new sexual activities

In the beginning, your partner may be skeptical or resistant to trying out new sexual activities. If you anticipate a reaction of this sort, I recommend that before trying some of the more advanced techniques in the book, you introduce nonthreatening activities such as the shoulder massage in Chapter 5 or the mutual foot massage in Chapter 8. Simply try a few of the points and suggestions in Chapter 4 on Building Intimacy and Chapter 5 on Preparing for Love that you think your partner might enjoy. After you find a few hands—on techniques that your lover really likes, incdrporate these acupressure techniques into your lovemaking. Once your partner is open to exploring these activities with you, the following guidelines become helpful. Learn more at and

For Daily Practice

While establishing a regular hour—long acupressure routine may be unrealistic, you may be able to work on each other for ten to twenty minutes a day. After reviewing the acupressure love positions in Chapter 8, choose a routine you like the most to use as a daily morning or evening practice. In addition to these exercises, I suggest regularly practicing any of the following activities:

Touch your partner as he or she is waking up. Establish a full-body ritual, wholeheartedly embracing your loved one each morning before you rise.

Hug your partner several times a day.

Make contact with your love at mid-day, offering support. Greet each other with eye contact as well as with your bodies.

Exchange a shoulder and neck massage to greet each other at the end of a busy day.

Express your love as you lie in bed in the evening, sharing the trouble and beauty the day has brought.

A Weekly Sexual Delight

This book encourages you to commit to deepening your sexual intimacy as a couple. In addition to any spontaneous sexual embraces. Learn more at

with your mate, I suggest a weekly sexual practice, setting aside a regular, sacred time to express your love for each other.
Find the best time in your schedule for a weekly date, and take an hour or two to luxuriate in each other’s touch. Offer kisses and embraces with sweetness and mutual affection. Each week, con- sciously prepare a nurturing environment for making love—Chapter 1 details how to create a sacred space. You might include the following activities in your weekly sexual delight:

Begin with some of the couples’ stretches from Chapter 4. 0 Choose one of the Thai massage routines from Chapter 11.

elect one of the Lovemaking Progressions in Chapter 10 to play and express your sexuality.

During Special Times

Planning to share special events with your partner is an important dimension to enriching your lives together. In addition to having a daily intimate practice and a weekly date, you might try the Lovemaking Progressions during special times such as a vacation, retreat, or holiday. Consider these times away from your regular work routine as an opportunity to recommit.
Every couple's life has periods of stress and you can use this book at such times to lift your spirits, enhance your intimacy, and help you be present for your partner in a significant, responsible way.

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