Monday, March 27, 2017

Why X4 Labs Is The Best Penis Extender

If you have been looking at your options when it comes to penis extenders then the product that is getting a lot of reviews lately is X4 Labs. Touted as the best in the industry, X4 Labs is a safe device that has enjoyed success. The developers created a product that could successfully and permanently extend the penis and it has been very well received on the market.

How X4 Labs Works

X4 is unique in its operation because it is completely safe and is based on the same practice that Urologists and other medical practitioners have been using for almost 30 years now. The principle method behind the extender X4 is traction. Tests conducted by the team at X4 Labs found that men who used saw a size increase by a massive 20-30 percent.

By refining the traction device the X4 Labs used extensive testing to determine the best possible product that could be released to the general public. This is how they came up with their line of penis extenders. Currently, it is the best and most proven penis extender in the world and has many testimonials as well as testing to prove its effectiveness.

A completely safe and comfortable device to use, the X4 Gold edition has been used by men all over the world. They have used it with the expectation of permanently extending their penis. Many have reported an enhanced lovemaking experience and stronger erections as well.

If you are self-conscious due to the size of your penis or would like to provide a more satisfying experience for your partner then I encourage you to look at this device. For maximum and permanent penis extension there is no other leader on the market. Learn more at

X4 Labs Reviews

When it comes to sexual enhancement products I think its fair to say that you can get a lot of marketers that prey on peoples insecurities. Fortunately, X4 Labs understand this and do everything they can to assure you that they are listening and understand your concerns.

Aside from the rave reviews, there were just as many great stories and testimonials to read. Many people who use the extender regularly have experienced increased length and a thicker girth of their penis. Many reported that there is an average of a 33 percent increase in penis size, and approximately 1.5 inches thicker girth. This is great news and the men that had left testimonials were obviously very grateful. 

X4 Labs talks about all the great reports they get not only from men but also from women who say that their partner is now more confident. They claim the lovemaking is far more satisfying than before.


It is always good to see great reviews for a product, especially when there is so much competition in the industry. Reviews show that the X4 Penis Extender does live up to the hype. For this reason, it is great to see that so many people have purchased the product, used it, and had great success. To know that a real company has created such a great product instead of having it been a shady company makes it much more desirable. Learn more at

 The men who used it found they did gain up to 33 percent more length to their penis. Some actually had developed even longer reach. Obviously, this is very impressive, as it shows the product does work. And what is truly amazing is that for all the gains reported, the results were permanent. When compared to penis enlargement pills or other enlargement devices, the X4 Extender was the only one that did the trick and remained.

Furthermore, the product works with the body’s natural growth abilities, without getting hurt in the process. And when the product is not used for a given period of time, the gains received are not lost. This fact cannot be repeated enough. When you can get permanent results from using such a product that is something good to cheer about. Considering there are not that many products on the market that can make those claims.

This is the penis extender to buy. You can’t go wrong with it. So take advantage of it and get it. You’ll find amazing results when you do.

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