Monday, March 27, 2017

Intimacy and Hugging

While hugging: Whether you are standing or lying down front-to-front, hug your partner by pressing the insides of your forearms between your partner's shoulder blades. Curve your fingers, hooking your fingertips onto the tightest points above the shoulder blades. Gradually apply firm pressure as you breathe deeply together. After a couple of minutes, slowly release the pressure and hold the shoulder points lightly. End by massaging the neck and underneath the base of the skull, and then, of course, by more hugging.

While sitting: Your partner is seated in a chair. Stand behind him or her, and rest your fingertips on his or her shoulders. Use your thumbs to isolate a marble of tension in the shoulder muscles. Hold this point firmly or slowly massage it, kneading out any tension. Slowly in- crease the pressure, encouraging your partner to breathe deeply. End by holding the point lightly for a minute, gradually easing off. Learn more at and

Posterior Summit (CV 19), One Hundred Meeting (GV 20), Anterior Summit (GV 21), and Penetrating Heaven (B 7)

Locations: Place your left fingers behind your left ear and your right fingers behind your right ear. Move your fingertips up toward the top of the head, then feel for the hollow toward the back of the center of the top of the head. This is GV 20. GV 19 is also in a hollow, one thumb-width behind GV 20. GV 21 is one thumb-width in front of GV 20. All three points are on the midline of the skull.
Penetrating Heaven (B 7) is located on the top of the skull in a line directly upward from the back of the ears, one thumb’s width out- ward from the center of the top of the head.

Benefits: Holding these points opens up your intuition, body wis- dom, and connection with the universal flow. Learn more at

Applications for Spiritual Intimacy: Spiritually oriented couples can use these points during a long embrace, during breath meditations, and during lovemaking. Since the points are gateways for trans- mitting spiritual energy, making sounds while holding them and long deep breathing will increase the flow of energy through them. Learn about intimacy in the bedroom.

Making tones: While you are standing or lying down together, place one hand on the top of your partner's head. Close your eyes and posi- tion yourselves comfortably. Inhale deeply together. On the exhalation, make a long, sweet, open ”aaah” sound in harmony with your part- ner. When you run out of air, inhale deeply and make the sound again. This spiritual practice deepens your breathing and creates an ener- getic link as the acupressure points are being held.

Hold these three points with your index, middle, and ring fingers in the hollows on the back top of your partner's head as if you were playing a flute. Use these points as you hug while either standing up or lying in bed. Holding them during lovemaking or after an orgasm opens a strong spiritual connection.

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