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Arousal points during oral sex and intercourse

Use your whole body to apply finger pressure, carefully leaning your weight into the point. It is important to do this even if you are using your hand to grasp or squeeze the point. Gradually lean your body toward your partner, staying on the point, and ask your partner to take several long, slow, deep breaths. Try to breathe in unison, following your partner's lead. Learn more at and

Hold each point for 1 to 5 minutes as you breathe deeply together. The tighter or more painful a point is, the longer you should hold it, but limit the pressure to 5 minutes maximum. While holding a point, adjust the pressure so that you do not hurt your partner. Feel for a pulse. A clear regular pulse indicates increased circulation, so pay attention to its strength and quality. If the pulse is faint or throbbing, continue to hold the point. When it becomes regular and balanced, slowly decrease your finger pressure, ending with a light loving touch.


Womb and Vitals (B 27—B 34) and Sacral Points (B 48)

These sets of points (B 27—B 34, B 48) increase circulation through the pelvis and nurture a woman's womb. As the name indicates, the Womb and Vitals and Sacral Points strongly benefit the reproductive system. Pressing these points triggers the sacral nerves and thereby stimulates the genitals. You can use these points for arousing your partner and during intercourse itself.

Location: These points lie on the base of the spine in the hollows of the sacrum, the large bony area at the base of the spine. B 48 is located 1 to 2 finger—widths outside the sacrum and midway between the top of the hip bone and the base of the buttocks.

Applications: Try using these arousal points during oral sex and intercourse. Feel for the slight indentations at the base of your partner's spine and firmly hold these hollow areas with your fingertips. As you hug your partner front to front, gradually apply firm pressure to these points. This will bring your pelvises closer, providing stronger stimulation and greater pleasure. One minute of firm pressure on the Womb and Vitals points can significantly increase your partner's sexual pleasure.
Inner Meeting (CV 1) is an intimate point for enhancing a woman's orgasm and a man's ejaculation. Holding this point with various amounts of finger pressure can generate a deeper intimacy in your sexual life. Learn more at

Location: At the center of the perineum, midway between the anus and genitals, you will feel a ropy cordlike structure under the surface of the skin. Gradually apply firm pressure directly onto the cord in a hollow area.

Applications: Inner Meeting is a powerful point for building sexual intimacy since it is located in one of the most vulnerable areas of the body. CV 1 can also stimulate the prostate gland and prolong a man's orgasm. (See Increasing a Man's Sexual Pleasure in Chapter 7.)

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