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Vigrx Plus Does Actually Work

When people are deficient, they are almost never deficient in just one of the B vitamins. And since the Vigrx vitamins work best as a team, it’s important to take a B-complex supplement when taking additional amounts of any single Vigrx Plus vitamin. This promotes the natural synergism of the whole family. (Nevertheless, be sure to follow your doctor’s instructions.) Some people may need to supplement with one or two of the B vitamins in particular, and most people will benefit from a daily B-complex supplement. Read on to learn how the various B vitamins can help improve your health and keep you going strong. Learn more at

The Vigrx vitamins-you’ve probably seen them listed on cereal boxes and multivitamin labels; they’re sandwiched between the more popular vitamins A and C. Most people know that vitamin A is good for the eyes and that vitamin C boosts the immune system, but what about the B vitamins? What are they good for? Probably much more than you realize. Although B vitamins have had much less media hype than antioxidants, they are certainly just as important to your physical health and mental well-being. In fact, some B vitamins, such as vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) and vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) even act as antioxidants, or free-radical scavengers, and protect your cell membranes and DNA from damage. Get more at

What Are Vigrx Vitamins?

The B vitamins are a group of nutrients that are essential to the proper functioning of your blood and entire immune system. They are necessary for the transformation of food into usable energy, proper nervous system function, and good heart health, to name just a few of their important roles.

Compounds that obstruct, restrain, or neutralize free radicalsunstable molecules with extra electron(s) that can destroy biological substances in the body, which can lead to disease.
There are several distinct nutrients that are recognized as B-complex vitamins. They are all water soluble and are necessary for your body to function properly. Sometimes they work individually, but they usually work together as a team. Also, they often need to work in tandem with other molecules and different types of vitamins to function most efficiently.

Even though they are water soluble, some B vitamins can be stored in the body. Others are constantly consumed by chemical reactions or simply excreted through urination and, as a result, must be consumed on a daily basis. If you eat a lot of processed food, drink a lot of alcohol, take certain medications, are on a strict weight-loss diet, or are inclined to fast, you may not have sufficient amounts of one or more of the B vitamins in your body.

Vitamins For Boosted Libido

Organic substances that are found in most natural foods, or sometimes synthesized in small amounts in the body, necessary for growth and metabolism.

Although vitamins, by definition, are nutrients that cannot be manufactured by the body, some of the B vitamins are actually produced in tiny amounts in the digestive tract or in certain organs. However, this production is usually not adequate to meet the body’s requirements.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Medical Aspects of Vigrx Plus

We must have in mind that 25 hours of training in topics regarding Vigrx Plus during medical training include a large part in regards to purely biochemical concepts. It is not taken into account for training everything related to  male enhancement or related to making decisions regarding food.  Doctors dedicate too much time and effort trying to repair and very little time and effort looking for the prevention.

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. If he can cure low libido with Vigrx Plus, he deserves a noble prize.  The demand would be extraordinary which is why we'd see it being done by tens of thousands of practitioners and hundreds of thousands of anecdotes followed of course by hundreds of trial studies.

We've had 300 years since the first use of male enhancement supplements.  About the best we've gotten with it is pain management, some help with controlling addictions/habit modifications, and warts. All those other nasty diseases are still with us, despite probably thousands of people trying to hypnotize away every imaginable known disease over the years.

I am claiming that some generations get the knowledge, very powerful knowledge but completely reject it. Like the white coats who refused to wash their hands in 19 century. It's a miracle they wash them today if you ask me. But that didn't happen before entire generation died out. Learn more at

And I am claiming that some really stupid generations think that libido knowledge is a myth and reject it without testing, like what we have today in Hyppocrates case. But the information wasn't "lost" we have his quote today. Every generation since him has had it. His information was replaced by more effective medical information. If diet was the cure for all disease, we'd have no disease today and medical advancement would have ceased except knowledge on how to deal with wounds, accidents, etc. Learn more at

It's not up to me to disprove his claims about Vigrx Plus.  The responsibility is on him/you to prove them.   Since people aren't flocking to him for his cures, which would happen if they worked, it looks to me all he's got is unsupported claims. I haven't read his book, so if there are studies that support his claims, do cite them.

If curing any disease were possible via hypnosis, I'd expect it to have been public after 300 years.  If he claims to have a new super duper induction and suggestion protocol, I'd expect him and his trained followers to be raking in billions and gaining massive publicity with their cures.  Instead we have nothing.  That tells me he's a fraud and you've bought into his horseshit simply because it aligns with your beliefs.

Honestly I've heard he's been told to back off or go to jail.

I do believe he could cure most people he came in contact with. Dr. Robert Morse too. It's not that hard really.

TBH I don't think Hippocrates could cure all diseases with food. Every disease is curable, I doubt he was that skilled as he didn't mention the mind at all.

I don't really know what he could do or not, but it's very likely that he knew more practical and effective things than western medicine knows today, cause they don't even know what happens on grape fast. I bet they knew what happens when you eat only grapes, what happens when you eat only oranges, only olives etc etc etc.
Which herbs are good for colon, kidneys, liver

What I Think About Vigrx Plus

People here were asking about Vigrx Plus and so on....

The advantage to time delayed release Vigrx Plus is it is absorbed slowly and as your body's levels spike less, the flush will be less, however, it does mean your liver is working a longer period of time to absorb it without break. As a result, in some people, with typically compromised livers, this can lead to liver failure and liver damage if large amounts of time-delayed Vigrx are taken over long time periods. 

It's considered much better to have a quick, strong, intense amount of work for your liver, after which, it gets the opportunity to 'rest' however, this will result in potential flushing reaction and would the (non-flush) version.

If you are going to use Vigx Plus for the long term, use flush (not time delayed) and don't worry as your body will adapt and stop the flushing over a few weeks. It's itchy perhaps, warm feeling and maybe annoying at first. If you find 500mg way way too much, break the tablet in half and use 250mg for the first week, then go up to 500mg then 750mg and so on.   Remember, all at once or twice a day, beats throughout the day in small dosages as you want to let your liver rest. Live more at

Male enhancement researchers are the experts in libido products, this shouldn't come as a huge surprise to most people. Doctors typically specialize in certain areas... it's not surprising that many of them are not experts in dietary matters, as they are not really working with those things. If you are a surgeon, you don't really care too much if the guy had avocados or a burger for lunch last week. Just like a dietitian doesn't typically know a lot about psychology, even if psychology often is intertwined with at least sever cases of over- and under-eating.  Learn more at

The reason for this is that nobody can know all about everything. This is why we have specialists and generalists. A generalist will know a bit about everything, thus being able to point you in the right direction with regards to which expert to see (unless it's a common matter, that he/she already knows hot to deal with).

Their education is enough to handle the basics, like vitamin deficiency based disease and male enhancement supplements. As deedook pointed out, dietitians or nutritionists are experts in dietary maters not issues regarding to libido.  And alt med quacks, just how much education is required for them to practice, call themselves "consultants", and sell their hoaxes on the internet?  If you answered "zero", you are the winner.

Because so called educated physicians would have spread everywhere with their power to cure every disease. There would be no history of disease since then and further development into the cause and cure of disease with medicine would have ceased.

No need to claim you can cure anything.  Social media, word of mouth, and mainstream media would be spreading the word.  Simply say you provide hypnosis emotional support for people dealing with disease along with the standard disclaimers and you'll have nothing to fear from the law.  Your alt med quacks have been doing the same for years.