Friday, October 14, 2016

My Commitment to Penis Enlargement

You must commit to yourself and your dick that you will follow this Plan for at least the next 90 days. 90 days? Does that sound like a lot? Note that the average Jason Capital customer gets laid, on average, one time per day. So if that guy has sex one time per day for the next 30 years, that will be 10,950 sex sessions. Would it be worth it to you to spend 30 minutes per day for the next 90-365 days helping grow your dick, so that for the remaining 10,000 or so sex sessions - you enjoy all of them with a huge dick?

Thought so. The 90-day commitment will build the habit inside your brain to do The Plan daily. After 90 days, the habit will be there so you’ll just do it naturally, just like you feel the urge to drink water and eat foot daily. Ideally, you’ll do this for as long as it takes until you hit your ideal penis size, then follow the simple, maintenance protocol. 2. Your Huge Goal How big do you want your penis to be? We need to know exactly how big you wanna get, so that we have our aim to shoot for, plus, if you don’t have a specific penis size in mind that when you hit it.. …how would you know when to be fully satisfied? Do this now, you’ll need a journal. A. Measure the length and girth of your penis today. - Get measuring tape like a tailor would use for most accurate measurements - You measure length bone-pressed, so get a boner and then place one end of the tape or ruler against the base of your penis, on top. There’s a little “fat pad” right above the base of the dick, so push (don’t shove) the tape in there to measure it from the bone. Then lay out the rest of the tape or ruler on top of your dick and measure where it ends. Write it down.

Using the tailor-style tape measurer and still with a boner, wrap the tape around the thickest part of your cock. Some guys have this towards the head, others towards the base. Wherever it is, wrap the measure around that area and write down how far your thickness stretches it. This is your “penis girth”. (If you don’t have that kind of measuring tape, get a piece of string, wrap it around your cock at the thickest part and mark where the string makes one full loop around. Measure that distance with a ruler to find out your girth.)  Learn more at and

What’s most important is that you know exactly how you measure it now so when you measure your growth later on, it’s accurate. B. Now knowing your current penis size, write down how big you want your cock to be. Only you can know this. I can tell you that going past 9 inches in length will cause serious pain for most girls, and anything over 6.5-7 inches in girth will also. My ideal has always been 9 x 6.5 (length x girth). You can also see this “Ideal Penis Size Chart” below from women to get an idea of where you want to go: C. Imagine you’re going to gain .1 inches in length and.08 inches in girth every consistent month you follow the Average Penis Cure Plan. How long will it take you to reach your ideal size? Find out the exact date, because you’ll need it for.. D. In your journal, write down this sentence, “Today is (insert exact date you just found in C.) and I woke up stoked, with a (insert ideal penis size here) penis.” For instance, if my ideal penis size is 9 x 6.5 and it was going to take me exactly 6 months to reach that, I would write down: “Today is December 11, 2014 and I woke up stoked, with a 9 x 6.5 penis.” E. Now you know your current penis size, and your final size goal. Really happy for you. Now what you’re going to do is immediately before each daily 30-minute penis session, you’re going to take the same journal and write that same sentence down from D. Everyday. Moving forward. 3. Your Huge Length Here’s the meat of the program, pun intended. WARNING: Do NOT start #3 and #4 below until you’ve already completed the prerequisite 6-week huge penis prep period. If you do, you may get injured, but more likely, just miss out on bigger, faster results. The lengthening exercise is naturally, called “The Stretch”, because you’re going to stretch your penis exactly as shown in the demonstration video in your member’s area from one of my clients Shawn, who was kind enough to share his huge dick results with the world. You’ll see all the different ways that Shawn shows you he might stretch his penis from the side-lying position. This is fine. You can change up the little ways and directions you stretch your penis this way, so long as: a) it’s consistent from day-to-day b) it’s the position and stretch that you feel gives you the best stretch Some guys like to just pull it back when they stretch, others like to wrap it up and around their upper thigh (doing it that way will be harder if you’re starting off small). Doesn’t matter so long as the consistent, stretched tension is there, and it’s there in the same way, every single day. Also, some guys ask me how hard they should be stretching, what it should feel like. Here’s the best way I’ve found to describe it so far. “Think of it like increasing the tension on a big, thick rubber band by stretching it...not so much you’d even come close to breaking it, but enough so that it’s definitely being stretched with a lot of tension, and you just calmly hold it there.” That’s it.

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