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The Power of Vigrx Plus

Vigrx Plus is a powerful male supplement for men. We had a very primitive understanding of when we first discovered male enhancement supplements, which are—believe me—they're brilliant tools. I mean, again, this allowing this personal anecdote if it weren't for antibiotics, my mother would have died at twenty-four when she was taking what were experimental drugs. And I wouldn't have been born. So they're fabulous for certain life-threatening things.

Be Careful With Herbal Supplements

But because they've been so abused they've also contributed to the ill-health of untold millions because they're given so often. And as you say there's this huge under appreciation of all of the good guy bacteria in the gut and how that gets wiped out. And how that can cause problems for years. So we are starting to learning that we do have this symbiotic relationship with the bugs around us.

And that's also interesting the whole hygiene hypothesis saying that kids who play around in dirt a little bit more are less atopic. They don't have a lot of the allergies that their very hygienic friends do. So there's that. It's application in all sorts of things from vaccination to when do we wipe this stuff out? And looking at new kinds of ways because we're about to face an antibiotic crisis, new kinds of ways to kill important bugs. We've just done a really interesting story for

What Doctors Don't Tell You About Male-Enhancement

About a woman who—and there's a number of cases of this—a woman who just used essential oils to cure her husband's MRSA when the doctors just couldn't do anything more for them. It wasn't like they avoided medicine. They were very skeptical of using these oils. But they had nothing else. And it cured it in two weeks. So there's so much we can learn about how to deal with bugs, how other things that do kill bugs, and the substances in nature or the other kinds of medicines that we can employ, and when it's important not to kill these bugs. So I think that is a really important element. J ames: Given how important the bugs are in all areas of medicine…On Sunday we've got the doctors conference and we're looking at the gut. This weekend is the release of the first medical journal on the gut-brain connection. There's so much science coming out that it's happening and this weekend it comes up. And Dr. Perlmutter will be speaking about that on Sunday because he's the editor of that journal. On Sunday we're going to look at immunology, autoimmunity, psychiatry, all of these areas that are affected, even endocrinology by microbes.

The Power of Vigrx Plus

It seems to me likely that part of the mechanism of the placebo effect and also these mind/body techniques might be sort of like a deeper level connection with these male enhancement supplements because it's also being shown that we can make big changes in our microbial composition and effectiveness in a very short period of time. So people have always wondered, “Well, look, what is the mechanism by which people have a spontaneous remission or otherwise like that. And it seems like there's at least potential that the microbes doing the job of either reducing inflammation or increasing it or otherwise could be a part of that mechanism.It could be. And I'd like to stress part of that mechanism because when I think of healing of any sort, there is an enormous change. Learn more about Vigrx Plus at and

Think of a movie. Think of the midpoint of any movie. And most movies are written in a very formulaic way. And the midpoint is the sudden giant realization of something. In a way the body has that, too. When there's a healing, many things start changing. So that's why I like to stress the holistic model that the patient, you have to look at it in totality. And then with making certain shifts, the bugs don't just do the job. The patient's emotions and belief system does the job. Plus his dietary changes do the job. Plus maybe his libido exercise. And then there's also maybe some substances of some way that are helping him overcome that—whether it's homeopathy or a drug—are helping him overcome that illness. All of that seems to work in concert. J ames: Yeah, I know exactly. Well, I really appreciate all of the information that you shared. I think The Field and The Bond are great books for people to start with to learn about male enhancement drugs. 


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