Saturday, October 29, 2016

Wonderful Expanded Orgasm Sessions

So far we have explored the major kinds of orgasm, and various ideas and practices that help make it possible for you to expand your pleasure and subsequently experience more from your sex life – both with yourself and with your partner. These are essential, the building blocks, and the more you practice them, the more you will get out of your orgasmic experience and your sex life. Before we continue, it’s a good idea to check in with how your orgasmic journey is unfolding.

Self-reflection: How is your daily self-pleasuring practice progressing? Have you been able to focus on internal stimulation? What has come up for you? How has your experience of pleasure and orgasm changed? What effects have you noticed in other areas of your life?

If you haven’t started a daily practice yet, it’s important that you decide to invest in yourself and make the commitment to do this every single day for at least one month. Consider revisiting the ‘self pleasure tapas’ to remind yourself of the many benefits available to you.

If you have been doing a daily self-pleasuring practice, you might already be experiencing some new kinds of orgasms. At the beginning of this book, we discussed the orgasm landscape – explosive clitoral orgasms with short and sharp peaks and implosive vaginal orgasms with longer, more expansive states. Then we explored the importance of appreciating all sensation of pleasure as a mini orgasm. Remember that you can still enjoy clitoral stimulation as part of your self-pleasuring. It’s a great way to expand your pleasure. Just make sure you don’t ‘explode’ your orgasm outwards; instead, draw it inwards and upwards so you can spread it around your body.

Often, an orgasm will feel like a combination of different kinds of orgasms. Once you have awakened your ability to experience a vaginal orgasm, you will likely experience a blended orgasm. A common blended orgasm is one that arises from the simultaneous stimulation of the clitoris and the vagina internally. Because the clitoris is adjacent to the entrance of the vagina, most kinds of vaginal stimulation and penetration will also stimulate the clitoris. Learn more at and

A blended orgasm combines the sensations of a peak orgasm and a whole-body orgasm. The experience and sensations of this orgasm can be felt as centered in and emanating from the genitals as well as being felt throughout your whole body. Imagine that – your whole body orgasming! Maybe you have experienced this already? And if not, the practices in this book will definitely make this a possibility for you.

But your orgasmic potential does not stop here; there are many, many ways orgasm can be experienced in your body and it does not always have to be centered in your genital area. Another way to look at orgasms is according to where in the body they stem from or are felt.

Now it’s time to really unleash your orgasm! In this section, we’re going to explore many different and exciting kinds of pleasure sensations, sexual experiences and – oh yes! – orgasms. You will learn special practices that will allow you to expand your orgasms so they are stronger, deeper, longer and more meaningful than ever.

Are you ready to unleash your orgasm? According to the Tantric tradition, this is the most beneficial orgasm because it moves the sexual energy towards the higher chakras. It is related to the navel chakra (Manipura chakra) but the energy easily rises up to the heart chakra and beyond.

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