Thursday, April 6, 2017

PE Program for Masturbation

To follow this program all the way through, you will need two things in addition to this book: 1. A journal - each day, you will fill out an entry. We'll show you what to write in a minute. 2. Five minutes set aside each day to review the day's reading from this book, and to complete your journal entry. We suggest yo u do this at the same time each day. Each day, you will have three tasks: 1) Make a commitment to yourself to abstain from PMO. You should write this commitment out in your journal. 2) Identify a healthy habit to substitute for the PMO activity. When ever you experience cravings for your PMO habit, you'll use that craving to trigger a different activity of your choice, instead. 3) Record any thoughts you have about the process or your progress. This journal will help you track your moods, emotions, energy levels, & thereby notice the benefits that come from being more and more free from the PMO habit. The program is simple, but it will not be easy. Let's take a look at the Resources you will have to help you on this journey. Learn more at and


The Willpower Instinct by Kelly McGonigal, Ph.D - This book lays out how self - control works, why it often fails us, and how to cultivate it. Highly recommended. We'll cover a lot of detail from this book over the next 30 days. The Power of Habit by Charle s Duhigg - A good partner to Willpower, this book explains in detail how the brain forms a "habit loop" and how we can hack that habit loop to reprogram our brains, habits, & lives. (You can also find on YouTube a short summary of the habit loop, and the important principles in his book.) Websites & Videos "The Great Porn Experiment" by Gary Wilson (TEDx). This is the must - view video introduction to what porn does to our brain. Visit the website and review their videos and articles. Forums - A Reddit forum community for those recovering from porn addiction. Probably the largest and most active forum on this topic. - The website home of the book 'Cupid's Poisoned Arrow' which suggests there are neurochemical drawbacks to repeated orgasm. Learn more at and


Here are some suggestions for healthy habits that you can use to replace the porn habit when you get triggered. This is only a starting list -- we are sure you can come up with many more ideas: • Visit • Journal • Start learning to program • Read a chapter of a good book • Listen to some music that inspires you • Do 25 pushups or sit - ups • Call a friend you haven't talked to in a while • Go out side and take some pictures • Sit quietly and watch your bre ath for 5 minutes (or more) • Go outside and jog around t he block 3 times (or more) • Watch a movie • Start working on that screenplay you've always wanted to write • Go to the store and buy yourself some organic vegetable s • Pick up a musical instrument and start teaching yourself using YouTube videos • Visit and read an internet forum for inspiration & support

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