Monday, March 13, 2017

When I am stressed and want sex

When I am stressed and want sex to have some relief of all the crazy emotions, stressor and pressures, I want sex relief connection. Foreplay is like more work between me and that desired outcome. How do I create the energy to do another 30 minutes of working on her to get her wet when I just had a shitty day that I want to end with decent sex that doesn’t quite require the half-hour of cooking before I get to enjoy the meal? KIM: It depends how often you’re having sex. I mean, if you’re having sex frequently, like several times a week, you don’t always need half an hour of foreplay. You can do, at times, like 5, 10, 15 minutes of that, so long as there are sex dates that you have, which is why I suggest the extended weekly sex date of a minimum three hours, but an absolute minimum of two, where there’s that time card dealt that you can play and explore and it’s like tons and tons of foreplay, after play, more foreplay and sex and then after play and foreplay and sex. You raise that overall simmer up between you.  Learn more at and

When the simmer is quite high, you need a lot less ongoing foreplay. Though it’s still fun and it’s still touch and exploration are still really nurturing and powerful, like to reinforce so many different things, to reinforce the love for your partner, the love for their different body parts, to amp up their confidence, for you to feel the different energies that get released the different parts of a woman, like you’re limiting yourself, really. For example, the more that you play with her breasts and her nipples and really play with them, like not just give the nipples a cursory, okay, a bit of flicking action for under a minute and then move on to something else, but really take on a body part and explore it deeply, you’re opening her heart. The breasts are like a window to the orgasm and they can give a woman insanely more amped-up orgasms, but most people don’t think of foreplay that way. You’ll get all this energy back.

It’s not also just you giving her foreplay, presumably there’s a give and take and you’re just not spending 30 minutes on her, but there’s a give and take there. You might initiate something, but then she’ll come back into something else, she’ll volley back to you. One way of wrapping your head around it is to know that the more that you do open her up, the deeper the sex is going to be and more nourishing it’s going to be for you, so it’s in your best interest, ultimately you’ll be more widely and deeply rewarded by doing those things. Like I said, I hope that it’s coming back to you, that’s ultimately what we want, that she does the same thing in spending time and energy on different parts of your body and helping to open up your energy channels. That’s really what this is, the more that you open up energy channels through foreplay, the more sexual energy gets moved and distributed throughout your body so you get high.

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