Saturday, March 11, 2017

When her nipples get nice and hard

When her nipples get nice and hard, bring in your mouth. This time, don’t mess around, head straight for the nip. To make it even more sensitive and convey an ability to appreciate fine tits, spread your fingers over the nip and pull it taught (outwards away from centre of the nip). Going slow at first will make it extra sexual, but then mix up the speeds to keep it fresh.

(13m:12) Follow with a gentle suck on her (breast) nipple. Cool air makes nerve endings contract, so blowing lightly on her nipples after you suck on them will increase their sensitivity. Even so, let them breathe, one nipple, then into the neck and kiss, then back down to the other nipple.

Giving more time to one breast than the other, is bound to happen, but be sure to keep both in play. Some Specific Moves made by Starchy - courtesy of
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Rub & Tug

(13m:43) Rub the entire breast from North to South. On the up-stroke, angle your fingers open so her nipple is between your index and middle fingers. Bring your fingers together on the down-stroke so her nipples are clinched between them and gently tug on her nipples. Suck & Push (13m:58) While maintaining suction on her nipple, apply reverse pressure on it with your tongue. She’ll love it, then draw it back again with suction. The “suck and push” can also be incorporated on the earlobe and clit . Radio Tuner (14m:11) Learn more at

(23m:25) i.e. licking with a pointy tongue on her pussy ... No NO. Pulling back on her Clit as you suck (23m:31) ... No NO. Rolling your tongue like an incoming wave at the beach (23m:40) ... No NO. Tip on Breast Play … Monic (24m:25) Don’t spend so much time on one breast that you forget her other breast. Slow down … Chapter 4 - Bonus Blow Job (24m:50) Sometimes it’s helpful to give a girl a subtle hint about what you want. Sometimes it helps t be a little less subtle. If a girl seems a little unsure of her self, don’t be afraid to play the part of porno director and give her a little advice … “work the balls !!” Demo (FOR HER) (25m:19) Tip on Shaving … Erica (27m:18) Guys trim all that!!! Chapter 5 - Licking Pussy (27m:50) Apparently 2 out of 3 girls don’t regularly orgasm during sex. Best way to get most girls off is to down on them, so this is some valuable freaking information. Licking Misconceptions It’s not Nasty! (28m:26) Unless something strange is going on it ought to smell and taste phenomenal .. like sex, lickable sex that is! It’s not Difficult (28m:43) Though it can seem more intimidating than other sexual acts, tonguing pussy doesn’t take a PhD. In truth most anything you do with your tongue down there will feel good so don’t psych yourself out. It’s not all about Tongue fucking (28m:55) An all too common mistake, especially for the young and inexperienced. While it’s fine to occasionally employ it won’t get your girl off and without about 10 seconds your tongue will start cramping.

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