Saturday, March 11, 2017

Using gourmet sex

The added ingredient of using gourmet sex will catalyze that into something that’s more useful in your life. Usually the end result after cataclysmic, pounding, doggie style, intense sex is I just feel euphoric and happy and light and free. That’s how you use sex as medicine.  Learn more at

Elixirs The Taoist and Tantric philosophy would say that all of our secretions are sacred elixirs. They are mined from the depths within us and they believe that the fluids we emit, be they saliva or lubricant and ejaculate, are all infused with our concentrated yin and yang essence. As we get more aroused, more of these essences are infused into our fluids. So as you’re kissing, as you’re licking your partner, as you’re exchanging your fluids, you’re actually taking in the concentrating yin essence of your partner and she’s taking in this concentrated yang essence of you and those are totally balancing to be exchanging. That’s the whole yin/yang dynamic. Especially when they’re infused with surrender. The more that you’re letting go and you’re opening, these secretions are really like the distillation of surrender in a fluid form. The more open you are, the more bounteous that quality is that’s being infused into you. A woman that I know was telling a story about how she and her partner could tell the state that they were in based on the taste of each other’s fluids, like lubrication fluid and ejaculate. Her partner would notice that if they were connected and they were getting along, her vaginal secretions tasted sweet and delicious and he loved them. If they were stuck or arguing or fighting but they still had some kind of sexual encounter, her fluids would taste bitter and sour. I thought that was so interesting because it wasn’t dependent on her state of vaginal health, it was really a reflection of how open she was and that openness literally translated into her fluids. If you have some kind of aversion to fluids, as in, you don’t like the idea of eating them or your partner doesn’t like the idea of eating them, there’s usually a metaphor in there.

What is the deepest part or essence of your partner that you’re closed off to? If that’s the essence of who they are, you are somehow barricaded againsttaking that inside of you, so where do you not fully trust or open up to or let go with your partner? That’s why barriers are there in the realm of casual sex.

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