Monday, March 13, 2017

This is the best orgasm,

My girl feels tired and feels her energy go after a clitoral orgasm. How can I build her energy back up then open her to more orgasms after this? KIM: Well, you have two choices. Either she practices the breathing that we’ve all been talking about, the breathing and the relaxing and the opening, or she foregoes the clitoral orgasm. You build her up, you can use it as a warm up to simulate her, but then you don’t actually allow her to go over the edge, you then transition to internal vaginal stimulation, just keep going in that direction. If she’s feeling drained or tired, it’s a sign that she’s obviously losing energy the same way that you guys do. The clitoral orgasm is the equivalent of the penile orgasm. If she’s not breathing or relaxing and I would say is probably emotionally committed to the idea that this is the best orgasm, the clitoris, which means that you won’t be ending up going further, i.e., into the vagina. Learn more at and

I get the impression that a man who can handle a woman’s emotional flooding becomes the man who gets to have lots of satisfying sex with that woman. To me, I feel like I’m present for a lot of flooding but then it kills my desire for sex with that woman. I am there for the emotion but afterwards I am exhausted, drained and just want to be alone. I might feel horny, but I have this huge resistance to initiating anything with a woman who just emotionally vomited all over me. What am I missing? I know we are told to take nothing personally, but lots of negative energy is a cock softener. I used to escape to porn after episodes like that, so actual sex but not with her. I’m holding off on the porn, I hate watching sports and not finding a good stress relief distancing technique that lets me recharge my batteries. What do you suggest? KIM: I don’t know what you mean by emotionally vomiting exactly, I mean, I have an idea that whether it’s like an imbalance or just a dump, I guess, of energy. Ideally we want you guys to be communicating, you do need to communicate your emotions to each other on an ongoing basis, or have this like whole clean-as-you-go policy where you’re checking in and revealing what’s going on with each of you all the time. When it’s the vomiting, I don’t know if it’s a certain kind of venting or dumping that just crosses a line. It’s like when someone is telling you about their day, but if they’re venting in a really negative extreme kind of angry way, it’s not pleasant to be around, it’s not constructive after a while. We ideally want people to identify their feelings and then maybe they can talk about a certain issue and then try to work towards a solution without just a massive, gaping open wound going on. It can be worth talking about. I don’t know if you have, but you’re very willing and want to have these emotionally-clearing conversations with her and you just need it to be whatever…you know, something, or I don’t know.

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