Saturday, March 11, 2017

There is probably nothing more important to girls than kissing

There is probably nothing more important to girls than kissing. So most of the time, if and how you get off with the girl will be determined n the first few minutes. Eye contact (5m:07) Lock in on her eyes. It’ll help create sexual tension and establish whether or not she’s with it. Allow the tension to build then slowly ease in and make your move. Soft as a motherfucker (5m:20) For the first kiss, FOUR WORDS … “Soft as a motherfucker.” Don’t be all up in her business and don’t be ninth grading her, stabbing your tongue down the back of her throat. Instead be a man and pull away and act like the shit made you dizzy. A light touch on her face to pull her in or a gentle lip caress shows you got style. Slipping her your tongue (5m:47) Do a bunch of these soft innocent kisses before you slip her your tongue. Keep it slow and sensuous with intermediate tongue pressure. Caress other parts of her body (5m:57) Slowly start caressing other parts of her body. Mix it up (6m:01) Then make shit up, changing • speed, • duration • and the angle. Also sucking on her top and bottom lip. Make her think you’d be happy just kissing her all night. Learn more at

Kissing her neck

(6m:13) Almost every girl’s got a spot on her body that makes her a little crazy. Your job is to make like Magellan and search for that shit. The neck is a cool place to start. Again, with some lip and tongue contact on the side of it, between the ear and shoulder. Kiss, blow, lick and eventually work in a gentle bite. Suck on her ears (6m:35)

Some girls go hog wild when you suck on their ears. Smoothly transition there by focusing on the part of the neck that’s right behind the ear. Then move onto the lobe and kiss or suck on it like it was a bottom lip. Most chicks ain’t feeling the wet willy so avoid tonguing her eardrum. Whisper some cheesy shit (6m:54) This is also the perfect time to whisper some cheesy shit … “That’s what I’ve been wanting to do from the first moment I saw you … ” Just cheesy enough! And when the time is right, take it to the sheets. Foreplay – Take it to the sheets Rub her lightly everywhere (7m:10) During this initial roll-around, use your hands to rub her with a light to medium pressure everywhere. But don’t focus on the kitty cat. Undress her some more (7m:19) After

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