Monday, March 13, 2017

The Way of the Superior Man

I’m reading David Deida’s The Way of the Superior Man and I think that that’s help solidify your thoughts around polarity and it’s helped me kind of create that—help create that polarity between me and my woman. I was wondering if you have any recommended resources around breathing techniques? When I’ve watched some of the videos from you they’ve helped me and I think that I could dive deeper into that and really could use some more in that area. KIM: Sure. David Deida writes about some Taoist breathing techniques in…I believe it was called The Way of the Superior Lover or The Enlightened Sex Manua l, it had two different names at different incarnations, so that book. Also, any of the recommendations I’ve given you for the Taoist writing, like Mantak Chia’s work, The Multi- Orgasmic Man , the Multi-Orgasmic Couple , they talk about those exercises as well, they’re very good. CALLER: Okay, cool. Thanks. Learn more at and

Yes, any kind of dramatic surgery, any kind of removal of organ, in fact, most Western interventions, unless they’re…I don’t know…like dealing with a broken bone or very intense situations…are preemptive and advised far too easily. “Oh, well, you’re not going to use your uterus anymore, so just take the fucking thing out or your ovaries so you won’t have to worry about periods anymore.” You know, it’s just such a ridiculously accepted way of approaching illness and the human body, that’s why I feel like someone, like me, needs to speak really strongly against it. Obviously you need to do what is right for you in this moment, but yes, it can wreak massive havoc, all kinds of things. Ultimately it’s not really taking care of the root problem. If you believe, as I do—and maybe you don’t— that the root of illness is emotional/psychological, just cutting something out isn’t going to change that, the illness is then going to manifest in some other way within the body. Like I said, I’ve got 25 years of alternative healing and wellness exploration behind me where I speak about these things with a lot of confidence and they’ve been part of my life and my reality living that way for many, many years. Yes, I’ll just say that yes, it can definitely affect all kinds of things from libido to vitality and life force to orgasm to lubrication to many things. I also would think that’s going to mean a life now of taking synthetic hormones to try to balance things out, which come with their own set of issues.

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