Saturday, March 11, 2017

The spot inside the vagina

The spot inside the vagina that is extremely sensitive to deep pressure. Named after Dr Grafenberg the first to describe it. Sometimes called “female prostate”. Found on the anterior (top) wall of the vagina, located behind the pubic bone and around the urethra, about 1&1/2 – 2 inches inside the vagina. When properly stimulated it’ll swell and lead to orgasm in many women. Probable that every woman has a G-Spot. At the moment of orgasm, a woman can ejaculate through the urethra a fluid that is similar to male ejaculate but without the sperm. Three main types of Female Orgasm Vulval orgasm triggered by Clitoral stimulation (4m:52s) Uterine orgasm triggered by Intercourse (5m:09s) Combination of the two (5m:23s) Learn more at

G-Spot stimulation demo using fingers – Doggy style position Foreplay to warm her up (40:45s) Her on her elbows and knees, from behind kiss her ass cheeks and anus, Caress between her pussy lips with fingers and kiss it. Start massaging around her vaginal entrance with fingers • Circle around • Rub sideways fast Lick across her clit Her juices should start to flow by now Insert 2 fingers and start rubbing on her G-Spot (40:20s) Can eat out her ass at same time Fingering variations Remember when she’s in Doggy-style position her G-Spot will be underneath so use downward pressure Rub back and forth in a ~ see-saw motion over her G-Spot (43m:02s) Applying downward pressure to her inner vaginal wall, Feel her G-Spot, it’s kind of oval / egg shaped and somewhat rough. As it starts to fill up it becomes even more pronounced. Curling / flicking fingers back as you pull out (43m:38s) Flick your fingers in and out, kind of tapping on her G-Spot, pull back (out of her) and curl your fingers at same time. This technique is especially effective in Doggy-style position

Twisting sideways motion
Twisting motion, ~ hitting her G-Spot with the sides of your fingers. Mainly hitting it with side of your middle finger. Mix it up, combine the techniques Use short strokes, not too much pressure yet Can add vibrator on her clit as well Women can pussy fart easily in this position, don’t make them feel ashamed G-Spot stimulation demo using fingers – Missionary position (6m:34s) Now the G-Spot is “up” so apply upward pressure with your fingers. Use same fingering variations as described before made by Starchy - courtesy of Page 7

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