Saturday, March 11, 2017

The Mystery of Female Ejaculation

My wife has told me that she would like me to be more masculine and rated me a 4 out of 10 in the Polarity Scale. This is something that she’s always talked about in some way but I never fully comprehended this until I watched the videos on polarity. Her view of me has been that I’m lazy and don’t do enough around the house and in our social lives. She effectively feels like she is the one taking the lead of our relationship. I have been working hard in the last two weeks to be more masculine and to take charge. My question is: In this kind of role, what do you suggest I should do when I’m feeling the strains of all the stuff I am taking on? I previously would talk to my partner about everything, but now I feel like that might not be the best thing, as I believe this puts her in the position where she wants to help but ends up taking control and impacting our polarity. KIM: Well, like I’ve been saying—and this really, when you start to identify and talk about these polarity ideas, there’s a transition period. What I tell people is that you can start to outline the different areas where you feel like each of you would be happier taking responsibility. If she’s said those things to you, then you have to be honest about what you can take on in your life and what will still keep that balance for you both from a work/life/ stress perspective and help to increase your masculine polarity. Organizing things or organizing dates or organizing sex weekends, certain things around the house that you do that will make it feel like you’re properly and intensely assuming that masculine role, to the point that it overwhelms her feminine or reassures her feminine. In that discussion or that transition phase, I think it’s necessary to be able to discuss those things and if she’s on board with this work and you’ve been doing it, that she also understands that this is an initial transition phase and there is that sense of working things out. Things might be a bit clunky and awkward at first, but that’s perfectly okay until you move into the next level of experimentation and assuming those roles and those energies more confidently.

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