Saturday, March 11, 2017

Terminal vs. Tantric plateau orgasm

The typical path of orgasm is an ascent, then a peak, and then a decline. You have this build of energy, you get to the climax, you have these intense pelvic contractions and then there’s a descent in energy. In men, this is often followed by tiredness and an energetic withdrawal. The clitoral and penile orgasm pathway are pretty much the same. You’ve got this build, the peak, and then a descent in energy. The Tantric-style, full-body orgasm in men, or in women, is the equivalent to deeper vaginal orgasms in women. This means that rather than having this build, peak, descent, you build, you plateau, you build, you plateau, you build, you plateau and you never really have to drop off. Orgasms change in their structure, in their feeling, once you learn how to breathe through them and this is the same for women even with their clitoral orgasms. As you go up the orgasm chain in women to the g-spot orgasm, the cervical orgasm, anal orgasms, they are very similar in that they become more like rolling hills. Instead of you having this mountain peak that you’re climbing and then kind of falling off of, you have this consistent sense of like you build, you have a rest, you build, but you have a rest, and that never has to end in some kind of a loss of energy. If you’re used to this idea of a mountain peak, you might have to adjust a little bit to the concept of rolling hills. And to the idea that you will still have energy when you finish having sex. Most men are accustomed to the idea that they’ll be relaxed, or even tuckered out, in the end of it.  Learn more at

Also, that means that instead of having a sexual encounter which feels very encapsulated, that energy spreads out over the course of your day and into your lives. I often say that I use sex to get high. I don’t use drugs or alcohol: I much prefer sex and use it as my super fuel. When you’re practicing more of this breath and the connection, and less attachment to the idea of this peak and then letting everything go, that you’re containing more of it, you’re exchanging more of it, you walk away from your sexual encounter with this hum, with this simmer. There’s still sexual electricity that’s running back and forth between you. Mantak Chia, who I mentioned earlier, is “the” foremost teacher of Taoist sexuality practices on the planet. He’s been studying and taught Taoist sexual energy practices for 45 years. He recirculates his orgasmic energy, he turns it inside of himself so that he has an internal orgasm without ejaculating, exactly the way I’ve been describing to you. In 1996 he was part of a study done at the Institute of Applied Biocybernetics Feedback Research in Austria. He was tested as he practiced these Taoist methods for circulating sexual energy and extending the length of arousal. They found that he, like other people they tested in the throes of extended sexual orgasm, had brainwave states similar to people who were engaged in deep meditation. What they found with him, though, is that he tested higher in performance levels measuring concentration and health than any other human tested at the institute ever. His electrical current readings remained high for the next 15 hours.

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