Saturday, March 11, 2017

Tantra & Taoism

They also looked at how the angles and positions of our bodies during sexual intercourse would be able to direct the sexual energy to different organ systems. There are different positions that are really good for you when you are in an angry state or in a sad state. For example, for women having a stressful or angry day, having sex doggie-style is amazing to spread out or to disseminate their anger. That position stimulates the liver point, and in Chinese medicine, when the liver is out of balance, will create anger and manifests as anger in the person. I think we do a lot of this intuitively already, if we’re in tune, we’re able to move and dance around into these different positions and find just what we need. If you really need a reflexology treatment and you can’t get to a reflexologist, you should just have sex instead.  Learn more at

In the ancient Taoist culture, emperors were advised by courtesans on how to best use their sexual energy for wisdom, clarity, and personal magnetism. It was thought that they would be a much better ruler if they had this power and in fact, anyone who didn’t have it would be inferior. There’s an old story about if someone was coming to the Emperor’s court and wanted to be taken in, that they would have to prove their internal strength with a test called the wine glass test. They would put a glass of wine in front of the gentleman and he would have to bring out his penis and suck up the contents of the wine with his penis and then bring them back out again. This would demonstrate a high degree of PC muscle control, which was part of this mastery that these men were taught. It might not sound like the most pleasant experience; however, it shows you the level of control and power that you can cultivate. The main thing to take away from the study of these ancient cultures is how aware they were of the benefit of consciously cultivating sexual energy and how there was no moral judgment or construct  attached to this. They focused on the idea that good sexual energy was good for you on an emotional, mental, spiritual level and everybody ought to be pursuing this. Just breathe To harness this energy you don’t need a map or a dictionary of incredible sexual positions all you need to do is breathe. Sometimes people ask me, “What would you say Tantra is all about?” I’d say, “Just breathe!” That’s so much of the work. Breath carries energy in the body and it also carries sexual energy. When you’re breathing, while you’re becoming aroused, while you’re having sex, while you’re at orgasm, you are spreading all of that energy throughout your system, so breath is your absolute best tool to liberate your sexual energy and to redistribute it throughout your body. Harnessing and funneling your sexual energy into your entire life all comes back to the breath. Your body will figure out where that energy needs to go, where you’re deficient in any space inside of you. Just the act of you taking really deep, steady, long breath throughout the sexual act, acts as this incredible cleanser throughout all of your energy meridians.

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