Saturday, March 11, 2017

Sweeping Sex

It sweeps away any stuck energy, any debris, and it gets your life force flowing optimally again. What is sexual energy if not life force energy? It’s the energy that creates new life. This is how you channel it into your life, into your work, into your family, into your projects. You don’t need a whole set of really complicated techniques, all you need to do is breathe. If you want to take things a step further, you can practice something that the Taoists call the Microcosmic Orbit. This is an oval-shaped orbit that is inside the body that goes from the trunk up to the crown of your head. It’s a channel where you can recirculate your sexual energy quite deliberately. This is a foundational idea in the movement of sexual energy, according to the Taoists, and it’s very simple.  Learn more at

When you inhale, you imagine that your breath or your sexual energy is moving up your spine and to the top of your head and when you get to the top of your head, you’re going to imagine your sexual energy come down the front of your body. Then at the perineum it’s going to switch and you’re going to come up the spine on your inhale and down the front on your exhale. This is just an added level of how to really ensure that you’re moving that energy throughout your system. You can add this in once you’ve mastered the ability to breathe throughout your sexual encounter. Women can also benefit from recirculating their energy and breathing throughout sex because any kind of sexual dysfunction connected to the reproductive organs, be it PMS or menopausal symptoms. Irritability is usually a symptom of stuck sexual energy. The more that both of you, the woman and the man, can breathe throughout sex, you’re moving, breaking up any kind of congestion of the sexual energy that can lead to growths and other unsightly things in both sexes. Just having sex isn’t enough to keep that energy flowing. In fact, bad sex can actually create negative, congested sexual energy. My whole thing is to really get you to look at sex and orgasm in a different way. Rather than having orgasm as your goal. Your framework around sex and masturbation is to look at harvesting sexual energy as your goal. You’ve got this incredibly powerful super fuel at your disposal and you want to look at being able to harvest that so that you can channel it into your life and to everything that you do. When you do that, you can take care of everything else, meaning that in the entire sex act, you’ll be more connected to yourself, you’ll be more connected to your partner, you’ll be more present, and the number one rule for building stamina is to breathe. You want to focus on deep breathing throughout the sexual encounter, whether you’re by yourself or you’re with your partner, you’re aiming for long, steady, deep breaths.

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