Saturday, March 11, 2017

Squirting Orgasm Mastery 03-01

Squirting Orgasm Mastery 03-01 with Aiden Ashley Starchy : my summary notes (not exact transcription) Intro (0:15s) She’s never done a scene on camera, with a guy before. Marcus is going in cold! She squirted once or twice before with a lover, almost accidentally. First time it was from fingering, the second time it was from penetration (not all women can do that)! She loved it, although it was surprising at first because she noticed she was a lot more wet than normal during sex. She still smelt the fluids after to make sure it wasn’t pee, even though she knew it wasn’t pee. The pressure would’ve gotten to her (2:08s) If he’d told her beforehand what he was going to try and do. She did it by pure accident. Good technique and her Comfort are key to success (2:25s) Aiden’s turn on’s (3:00s) She is a very sexual person. Gets very wet. Likes to be stimulated on the outside and inside of her pussy. She is very big on eye-contact. Hair-pulling and choking (3:35s) She likes it, but doesn’t know why. Probably because she’s a very independent, head-strong woman in her own life (outside the bedroom). It turns her on in the bedroom to know that someone else is in control, taking care of things, allowing her to be relaxed and be taken. Her erogenous zones (4:11s) She likes for her nipples to be played with, but her nipples aren’t super sensitive. She’s not overly under or over sensitive on her clitoris, depends on the pressure being applied. Physical Demo Foreplay (4:54s) Caress her hair, her outer thighs. Kiss her, run your hands over her panties. Learn more at

Support her by the side of her neck and behind her ear whilst kissing her. Move to holding the back of her neck. Taker her panties off (5:35s) Finger her clitoris (5:58s) Rub sideways across it. Lube the fingers and pussy (6:22s) Insert your fingers slightly into her as you spread the lube around. Position her (6:53s) Move her to sit near the edge of the sofa as you lie next to her on your left side. Insert both fingers, outer 2 fingers providing counter-pressure underneath her bum, to the 2 fingers inside. Increase the speed of fingering her G-Spot (7:01s) Listen to the noise of her pussy getting wetter and increase speed. Tell her, “your pussy is getting wetter .” Kiss her on her mouth and side of her neck Squirting Orgasm #1 (7:51s) Speed up the vertical (if she’s lying on her back) hand motion. Her legs might be trembling and trying to close after her squirting orgasm. Squirting Orgasm #2 (8:29s) Squirting Orgasm #3 (9:10s)

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