Saturday, March 11, 2017

Squirting Orgasm Mastery 02-02

Marcus London is known in the porno industry for his skills at making women squirt. (0m:56) Will demo with 5 women, that you can make any woman have a squirting orgasm. History of the Squirting Orgasm (1m:52s) Marcus learnt by accident how to give women squirting orgasms. He was playing with an Amsterdam hooker’s pussy with his fingers as he likes to do and she squirted on his hand, although at the time he thought she’d pissed on him. He was intrigued and baffled by this, because it didn’t smell like urine, it tasted sweet and had a different texture to it, kind of like a lube, it was clear and smelled fragrant. Thereafter he attempted to replicate this with every girl he fucked which he pretty much happened to do with every girl he fingered and fucked. How Long Did it Take to Master (3m:58s) Took him 3 years to get it down to a point where he can’t fail. He did a lot of research on it to become more proficient at it. What is the Squirting Orgasm? (4m:47s) There is no definitive answer to what it is, lot of room for interpretation. From what Marcus understands there is an area on the upper wall of a woman’s vagina called the urethral sponge. It has a very unusual texture it actually does feel like s sponge. Urine as well as the fluid that makes the pussy wet, both pass through the urethral sponge. Different kinds of Squirting So by manipulating / applying pressure at high speed, causes this fluid to release and the motion of his hand makes it jet out. Depends on the woman, some woman don’t actually gush 3 feet out, some just trickle and splash out. The record is 35 feet! Can any girl Squirt? (6m:32s) In Marcus experience, yes definitely if done correctly. Physically every woman can but she must feel comfortable and be relaxed enough to do so. So emotionally it can be a different sTori, if she wants to hold it back, she probably can (although not every woman can hold it back). How many Women has Marcus made Squirt? (7m:23s) Pretty much every women he’s fucked that he’s tried it with. Probably slept with around 1400 women in his entire life and 600-700 in his porn career. Made at least 300-400 squirt. Women can’t fake this kind of orgasm. Learn more at

Squirting Orgasm Mastery 02-02 with Tori Black Starchy : my summary notes (not exact transcription) Last time she squirted was painful (0:25s) She doesn’t often have squirting orgasms and last time she squirted was painful. Foreplay to get her wet Foreplay (1:10) Kiss her, hold her, lightly as possible caress her skin, over her tummy & legs / knees. Tell her how soft her skin is. Stroke across her chest with back of your fingers. Kiss her again, stroke up the side of her neck and hold the back of her head. Hold the front of he throat as you kiss her. Use light choking as kiss and lick side of her neck. Always squeeze high up by her chin, not down by her throat, use gentle pressure. Tell her what you want to do to her (2:57s) Tell her how beautiful she looks, how much you want to fuck her, what you want to do to her, how much you want to make her pussy wet . Light hair pulling (3:12s) Grab her gently, you can control her face.

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