Saturday, March 11, 2017

Squirting Orgasm #8

Hold her close, by the back of her neck and head. – with very little hand movement (13:25s) Kiss her and hold her and caress her pussy as she comes down. Conclusion Technique is 90%. At least the other 10% is preparation, setting the mood. Make her feel very comfortable before making her squirt, so you can use the techniques to their fullest potential. Squirting Orgasm #9 (15:05s) Squirting Orgasm Mastery 03-02 with Sindee Jennings Starchy : my summary notes (not exact transcription) Her squirting experiences She learnt in all-girls high school how to squirt, from girls licking & rubbing her clit. They used to use electric razor also, removing the blade attachment and putting it on over their panties. She can’t squirt with a penis inside her because it blocks the squirting. Her advice to other women trying to squirt (2:00s) Find a toy that fits your body. Try it with a toy first if struggling with a guy. Make yourself comfortable. It’s the same feeling as going to pee when you get close to squirting, let it happen, embrace the feelings, don’t be afraid. J et squirting (3:00s) She was able to squirt 16feet in the Squirt Olympics!! But she needs to be fucked by some kind of machine to do that You got to have real speed for that for her to lose total control She can control it How to prepare a girl before making her squirt (5:20s) Make the girl feel good about herself. Talk to her, reassure her, “you’re so fucking beautiful, you’re going to do it .” If you feel uncomfortable, she’ll feel the same way. Learn more at

Sindee’s turn on’s Thinking dirty thoughts, it’s all in the mind! Physical Demo Technique (8:40s) Insert 2 middle fingers, find her G-Spot and manipulate it Squirting orgasm #1 (9:15s) Move faster she gets closer and more wet Squirting orgasm #2 (9:38s) She rubs her clit as well and plays with her nipples/breasts. Squirting orgasm #3 (10:00s) Technique (10:12s) 2 fingers together inside the pussy. Push deep in with your fingers and upwards. Be gentle in the beginning Move your fingers around in a circular motion. Speed up as her pussy becomes (and sounds) wetter. She’ll squirt. Squirting orgasm #3 (10:40s) Her standing (kneeling) up (11:04s) If a woman has never squirted before, then her standing up could make it a lot easier. Might be easier for Man to kneel down on one leg in front of her. Apply pressure towards you Start off slow then speed it up made by Starchy - courtesy of
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(11:50s) Her legs might shake and collapse Squirting orgasm #5 (12:18s) Add extra lube (12:40s) Even though she’s obviously wet, it is a little drier, so spit on your fingers or use lube from a bottle Squirting orgasm #6 – her lying back (13:05s) You know you’re doping it right when you hear the sloshing noise. Pull your fingers into her Urethral sponge and speed up. Kiss her afterwards. Squirting orgasm #7 – by herself (14:05s) She does it stimulating her clit, no fingers inside. Rubbing her fingers in a circle. Marcus helped her along, by lightly choking her. Squirting orgasm #8 (14:53s) Squirting orgasm #9 (15:20s) Marcus rubbed clit a bit first then fingered her again inside her pussy Squirting orgasm #10 (16:04s) Start off gently, rub her clit from the inside (her Urethral sponge). Kiss her, touch her, feel her. Talk to her, make her feel good about herself. Then rub it harder (faster) and harder. Squirting orgasm #11 (17:16s) made by Starchy - courtesy of

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