Saturday, March 11, 2017

Some great Orgasms

I do Argentinean tango and the dance between the energies is amazing. At times it rivals lovemaking and in its tenaciousness and surrender of the feminine. Could you talk about the masculine/ feminine dynamic in dance? KIM: I think that dance is a great way to illustrate that. There are certain dances where the male leads and those are very sexy, powerful dances, especially for a couple exploring polarity, it’s a great exercise for them to try a dance, like say the tango, where the man takes the lead. In something like freeform dancing, then there’s, I think more of a—you get to explore the back and forth, I guess, like somebody just really being in yourself, being in your body, being in your sexual energy and expressing that without reservations. I see freeform dancing isn’t so much about like a dramatic leading and following as it is this constant intercommunion, which is how I think that lovemaking at its finest really is and that you’re tapping into this intuitive expression of every single movement in your body moment to moment. Then you create this incredible dance that a complete moment-to-moment play of everything that you’re feeling and sensing in yourselves and with each other. Then like I said, the more dramatic of leading and following give you a chance to isolate those roles and play with those energies more so. I think they’re both great exercises for people to explore those—obviously polarity more with live dances, but the other kind of dancing is still really powerful just to tune into your own internal expression of moment-to-moment truth.

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My stance is that once women understand the concepts of polarity on a more visceral level, they all get it, all men and women. This is probably one of the most resonant ideas in all of the work that I do, is polarity and it’s present in every single relationship—every single relationship—and often in a really big way.

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