Saturday, March 11, 2017

Sexual Reflexology

There’s a fantastic book out there called Sexual Reflexology, which you can use as a reference book for these different positions. Years ago I held a talk that my naturopath attended, I did this talk all about sex and pleasure and as part of this demonstrating the sex as medicine. She did Chinese pulse readings, where she could determine if people were deficient in different organ systems, like say deficient in their kidneys, deficient in their liver, and then I would look through the book and prescribe sexual positions for people based on what was out of balance in their system. Not knowing the concept of sexual reflexology, I would say that you simply keep in mind this idea that as you touch, you’re creating multidimensional healing. When I’m giving a hand job now, I think about deliberately massaging and kneading and aim to cover the whole surface area, knowing that everything that I’m doing is creating this beautiful acupressure treatment for my lover. Even if you don’t know which areas you’re touching by memory, just knowing that your touch is deeply healing is reason enough to prolong it and extend it.  Learn more at

Sex as medicine As the Taoist literally made maps, I believe that sexual play ought to be guided largely by your intuition. While these things are great to look at and experiment with, I think that if you really tune into yourself and your body, it will let you know just how you need to move and how you need to play. Are you sad? Are you melancholic? Do you need something that’s more slow and tender? Did you just have a huge victory at work? Are you feeling really powerful and aggressive? Do you really want to throw your woman around? Try to tune in and listen. I gave the example earlier that the liver point is stimulated through doggie style and if a woman is feeling tense and stressed and angry, she’ll often crave this position. I know myself that I totally crave this position when I feel frustrated and I feel like there’s something that’s stuck inside of me and I just need to have it fucked out of me. This is immensely therapeutic. I feel like I’ve gone through years worth of therapy by some seriously heavy duty doggie style sex. Especially if you feel like you can’t express something or verbally get it dislodged, you can always fuck your way out of it. Talking is good, too. I’ve said obviously this stuff about connecting dates and the like, but sometimes when you’re stuck, it can help to have sex first and then do the talking later. I find that sometimes that issue just evaporates. Maybe the stuck-ness got jiggled to a place where I can talk about it, or usually what happens is that the cataclysmic sex transforms that energy into something else, so the anger is gone and the tension is gone, the frustration is gone, a shortcut to lots of different things. The stimulating of that point, or the pounding of it, as it might be, gets the energy moving in general.

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