Sunday, March 26, 2017

Sexual acupressure experiences

The following suggestions for successful sexual acupressure experiences invite you to make use of your breath, your capacity to notice sen- sation, your inner sensitivity to touch, and your capacities to move and communicate. As you tap each of these resources, imagine you are in an erotic playground. Relax and explore your partner, and be explored by the person you trust more than anyone in the world.

Set the Scene

First, create a special environment for giving and receiving acupres- sure. Having a special private place is a key for cultivating intimacy. It may well be your bedroom.

Make sure the place is comfortably warm, because your body may tense up if you're cold. Don't cover yourself with a blanket; this can inhibit your movements, especially during the positions and Lovemaking Progressions in Chapters 9 and 10. You may wear comfortable, light, natural fiber clothing, or you may wear nothing at all. If you are naked, make sure the room is toasty warm. Learn more at

Have plenty of pillows around, and a clean flat sheet to sit or lie on, whether it is on the floor or on the bed.

Lighting is important for creating a romantic environment. Dim the lights, or better yet, light a few candles and place them around the room. Candlelight’s soft glow enhances skin tones. If you have no candles, place a scarf over a lamp for subdued lighting—but be sure it is far enough away from the bulb that it doesn't create a fire hazard. You may also want to play relaxing, quiet music.

Create sacred time—an hour each day, an afternoon each week, or a weekend each month—to be alone together, to respond to each other in a natural, unpressured, and unscheduled way. Come without expectations or an agenda. Nothing is ”supposed” to happen; the only goal is to be present in each other’s company.

Deep—belly breathing is a profound tool for couples who want to heighten their experience of lovemaking. Visualize each breath as having four parts: and

A slow, deep inhalation

Several seconds with the breath held

An even slower exhalation

A momentary pause before beginning the next inhalation

When your breathing is long and deep, your body cells become fully nourished and oxygenated, enabling you to feel more. Whatever feelings or body sensations surface, continue to breathe deeply and be present with your partner. Simply listen and breathe without rationalizing or judging. By being in the present moment while you breathe, touch, and hold each other, you can share the innermost parts of yourselves—without uttering a word! This is how deep breathing nurtures sexual intimacy.

While practicing the exercises in this book with your partner, remember to take full, slow, complete breaths together. By nourishing your bodies with breath, you will generate a greater feeling of well- being in your relationship. The many far—reaching effects of deep conscious breathing include:

Fortifying your sexual reproductive system 0 increasing your sensual awareness and pleasures

Enhancing your vital energy, opening your heart to love, and stabilizing your emotional intimacy

Bringing you into the present moment, enabling you to participate fully in an intimate sexual exchange

When correct breathing is practiced, the myriad ailments will not occur. When breathing is depressed or strained, all sorts of diseases will arise. Those who wish to nurture their lives must first learn the correct methods of controlling breath and balancing energy. These breathing methods can care all ailments great and small.

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