Saturday, March 11, 2017

Sex and money

Sexual energy flow equals money flow. I’ve seen this over and over and over again, evidence in my own life and in the people who I work with. Sex and money are both second chakra issues and they represent the flow of your energy in the world. When I work with people in private coaching, I always check in to see what they’re doing in their work life, in their business life, how is their money generating ability, because it gives me really good feedback about their sex life. Often when we see a release in sexual energy, we see that translate into more money. There was a couple I was working with and they had had a three-week dry period. They are selfemployed and so it’s really obvious when they’re working or not working or how their sexual energy is doing because it shows up as money coming in or money not coming in. We cleared a bunch of blocks with them and boom—as soon as we got them on track, the money began rolling in. Honestly, I have seen that so many times. Not having sex or not moving your sexual energy or holding on to sexual blocks will definitely impede your financial flow. Even science has chimed in with this recently, where there was a study published saying that people who have sex more than four times a week are making more money. The truth is, if your sexual energy isn’t being properly opened and channeled, you are functioning at sub-par, especially in your work life.  Learn more at

Sex and creativity Sex plus love equals creative genius. Napoleon Hill, in his seminal text on creating your own reality, Think and Grow Rich , in 1929 talked about the power of sex mixed with love. In the book, he interviews the most successful businessmen of his time to see what are their secrets to success. In the book there’s a whole chapter on what he calls “sex transmutation,” which is taking your sexual energy, mixing it with love, and then creating incredible things with is. He makes the distinction in that book that it’s not just sex or lots of sex, but that it has to be mixed with the emotion of love. You had to imbue your sexual energy with this mammoth power of love for it to really kick start it in the world. Sex on its own was considered to be too coarse and that it needed the tempering power of love. This is much like my analogy of sexual energy being nuclear energy. When used well and consciously it’s a tremendous resource and when it’s not used well, it can be very destructive. Hill recognized that love was the ingredient to properly harness the power of sex. The people that he was interviewing in the book weren’t just people who were playing the stock market and getting rich, he profiled some of the biggest, most creative, and innovative minds of his day. These are people who took their deep, essential gifts and channeled them out into the world. When you’re properly channeling your gifts to your highest potential, universe responds with abundance. I saw it happen in my own life where before I do exactly what I do now. It’s this idea of grow or die in the universe. Everything is either in a state of growth or decay and if you’re not growing, you’re dying. I see this same parallel between how you show up in the world and you give your gifts and you put yourself out into the universe. When you truly do that, the universe showers you with money. That’s the relationship.

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