Saturday, March 11, 2017

Self-Exploration With Sex

Look: I believe that self-exploration is totally natural and it’s healthy. I think being in touch with your body, being in tune with your responses, exploring, is completely natural, especially in teenagers. The difference between nowadays and earlier times is that we marry a lot later than we used to. We used to get married as teenagers, so where you might have had a little bit of that self-exploration for a year or two, pretty soon you were hooked up and you were having sex with someone probably for the rest of your life. Now people often don’t get married until their 30s and you might date someone, you might have girlfriends, but there might be large chunks of time where you’re single and so of course, you masturbate, even excessively. What I’m doing is distinguishing between something that’s in balance, that’s healthy, that’s a positive outlet and something that’s out of balance or something that’s conscious and unconscious. If men practice a lot of unconscious porn and fantasy-induced masturbation without any kind of breath practice, it is extremely depleting for them. It tires them out; they’re suffering in different areas of their lives. Sometimes you can shore it up and you can get by before you really have to pay the piper and your hair falls out. For the most part, I don’t see it being a healthy thing. On the other hand, men I’ve known who work with recirculating their sexual energy during the act can still ejaculate and some of them can orgasm internally without ejaculating, and they feel relaxed and revitalized in the end. Now originally when I was Tissot’s quote about the “heinous sin of self-pollution,” I thought it was a bit of a joke and I thought it was this moral fear and loathing. Then I looked at it deeper, and the essence of the idea is quite pure, in terms of looking at the health effects of it.  Learn more at

Interestingly, Eastern philosophies looked differently at male masturbation versus female masturbation. They saw that women had this inexhaustible supply of yin essence and that she nourish that and actually cultivated it through self-pleasure and that she was able to learn more about her body, about her sexual responses. From the Taoist perspective, women lose energy through menstruation and men lose it through ejaculation and that both of them can learn practices to rejuvenate, recirculate their sexual energy so that those things don’t become depleting. If you think about it, it makes sense, where men, normally the typical man will ejaculate and pass out and then women can have all kinds of issues around menstruation, where they get severe PMS, they get tired, they get depressed, they get irritable, all of these things where they’re, in a way, they’re suffering from the same kind of energy depletion that happens when men are excessively ejaculating.

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