Saturday, March 11, 2017

sCary's guide for making girls ejaculate

sCary's guide for making girls ejaculate USER : scary Hey guys, it’s not often I step outside the relationships board, but I achieved something a couple of months ago that I have perfected since that I wish to share with you... I have seen a fair amount of posts lately with guys having trouble getting their girl(s) to ejaculate. I too had this problem for a long time. I read David Shades advice ages ago, in particular the Deep spot tech of course. I tried to get girls to ejaculate from Deep spot stimulation for months yet I could not achieve it. Don't get me wrong, they LOVE it, and they orgasm HARD like they are having an epileptic fit. But there is no more pussy juice than the usual amount. I have been experimenting for months now on a stack of different girls, and I can now achieve this. So... how do you make a girl ejaculate? Learn more at

Firstly, I’m not saying this is a sure fire way, but I have had over a 90% success rate using this... At the core, this is STILL based on the Deep spot tech , and I’m not going to tell you how to do that as that’s YOUR job to go and find out... for those that KNOW how to perform Deep spot orgasms on a girl, read on... This is both hard for me to describe or illustrate so stick with me here, as I run through what I normally do... Ok, firstly you need your girl juiced up A LOT . There are no short cuts, nor should you want there to be. When you are playing around in bed, and you have been touching her enough to get her excited follow these steps... 1. Go down on her . Again, I’m not saying this is the only way to get the end goal, but it is how I do it. Don't go ape shit on her clit though, lick her inner thighs and all that good stuff first. After 10 minutes of that, start drawing the alphabet on and around her clit. Go through the alphabet at LEAST 3 times while sucking and licking her flaps and clit on occasion for added pleasure. 2. Ok, keep that shit up... don't forget to talk dirty as well to make her relax and open up to more excitement. Anything is good really, stuff like "mmm... you taste fuckin gooooood. Your getting wet you dirty little bitch... your loving this I know it ". 3. Ok, so you have done the alphabet a few times, she is hot and bothered to say the least. Perform oral directly to her clit and flaps WHILE YOU START TO LIGHTLY FINGER HER . So your licking and sucking and doing light fingering. Great. Keep it up for 5 minutes or thereabouts. 4. Ok, keep licking and sucking (Don't worry, you get a break soon). Now finger her deep and go for her G-Spot for awhile (yes, the one closer to the front). 5. She should be REALLY heating up now. This is where you go for the Deep spot . Don't go fucking crazy! Slow, firm "come hither" motions is what we are looking for. Every 4 or 5 strokes, bring your finger more towards the front so you can keep hitting her G-Spot . This is KEY, and I will explain more later...

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