Saturday, March 11, 2017

Run your hands over inch of her body

Run your hands over inch of her body, over her breasts, in between her thighs, teasing closer to her pussy but not quite touching it, even though she’s expecting it, she wants it more. Feel the heat from her pussy, run your fingers lightly over panties. Don’t be afraid to bite her neck. Bra off (4:08s) Reach behind her and unclasp it, but leave it on for now. If having difficulty, grab her by back of head and kiss her again before retrying. Her bra might be a “pull- up” to get off kind of bra (it criss-crosses at the back). Breast Play Rub your hands over her nipples (wet your fingers first). Lick (lick and flick-up-and-down) and suck her nipples and at same time run your hands over her inner thighs. Guys forget the nipples, but her nipples are very sensitive. Hands inside panties (5:09s) Tease her, just rub her pubic hair for now at the top of her pussy for now. Run your hands back u her tummy and hold her breast while you sick/ lick her nipples again. Caress her legs (5:37s) Move down onto knees between her legs and run your hands all over her legs, kiss her legs and inner thighs. Panties off (5:52s) Pull them off very gently and sexily. Oral (5:59s) Kneel between her (maybe you’re kneeling on the floor, while her legs are draped over the edge of the bed). Kiss and lick over her pussy. Lightly run your fingers over pussy. Remember her pussy is very sensitive, the lighter you touch it, the more she feels it. Suck and pull on her labia. Turn your head to the side slightly and flick the side and tip of your tongue up and down over her clit (over the hood). Suck on her labia. Lick around her pussy.

More Foreplay in between (14:45s) (FRACTIONATION) Squirting orgasms are very intense so there’s nothing wrong with stopping, kissing, doing more foreplay, rubbing her pussy gently, give her chance to come down and catch her breath. She’s very sensitive right now, so wait a while before trying squirting again. It’ll make her sensation that much more intense the next time round. Can use a vibrator to make her squirt? (15:40s) Tori loves her Hitachi vibrator. It would be awkward to try vibrator at same time as fingering her, because e there’s little space for his hand as well. Doggy position (16:49s) So can try doggy position where the guys’ hand goes in from the rear and she uses her vibrator herself from the front on her clit. She leans down and puts her bum in the air. Make sure to press down with hand (to the floor) as her G-Spot will obviously be on the other side now (still on the upper front wall of her vagina) Squirting Orgasm #5 (17:04s) This position is a little more difficult to make her squirt. It might not eject so clearly to the eye (due to gravity?) Kneeling position (17:50s) She can kneel (not squatting down), guy kneels next to her, again his left arm wrapped around her back. Can lick her nipples easily in this position, kiss her, make eye-contact. Learn more at

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