Saturday, March 11, 2017

pubococcygeal muscle control

Now PC, pubococcygeal muscle control, is also helpful in this. I would call that a second-stage tool, that’s something I’ll be talking to you about more in one of the bonus salons. For now I would just stick with the breath. The breath is 80% of what’s going to be effective in creating better stamina and more getting you on the way to your full-body orgasm. You can integrate the PC muscle by clenching it. Think about if you go so far as to integrate the microcosmic orbit into your sessions, is to think that when you inhale, you clench your PC muscle, and that clench is acting as a pump, to pump energy up your spine. It’s not so much as an orgasm-prevention tool, it’s more of a sexual energy moving tool. In any case, it’s good as a man, that you are strengthening your PC muscle every way that you can and there will be more on that in the next salon and in one of the bonus salons. Using the breath is your absolute ticket to becoming multi-orgasmic and separating orgasm from ejaculation. I’ve seen this happen with some men very quickly, I’m not kidding, within a few experiences where they’re able to have internal orgasms without ejaculating, especially guys who practice yoga or martial arts, they’ve already got this free flow of energy in their channels and it just feels very natural to them. The absolute key is to keep practicing the breath. I say this over and over and over again because it’s simple in the fact that, “Hey, I breathe all the time, we all breathe all the time.” Nobody usually breathes very well—most people are shallow breathers, they breathe in the chest instead of down into the belly. The belly is the breath of power. This is where singers and actors, when they’re trained to use their voices, it’s always going down into the belly, into the diaphragm. A chest voice is really high and it doesn’t have any power. I speak from my belly because I’ve been trained as an actor.  Learn more at

The other part of this is that you will keep your sexual energy. Instead of draining it out, you’re going to be able to keep and rejuvenate yourself with all that high-quality potent energize. Whether you orgasm or not, you’re still going to feel revitalized. That’s your barometer, if you have sex and you orgasm and you feel energized, then you’ve done it right. If you feel depleted, then you were probably holding your breath or you were clenching up your body in some way and so you want to revisit that and try again. Be more vigilant with yourself about which of these things you did not do because it’s really the breath and it’s holding your body, being really clenched and tight. Those are the two things that you need to look out for. The other benefit to this is that when you’re keeping your energy, you’re staying more connected to your partner. When you ejaculate and you deplete yourself, your partner feels abandoned. She feels that you disappear and she ends up resenting that. Overall, I hope I’ve made a really good case for doing this and we’re going to be talking about the other many potential life-threatening hazards to reckless ejaculation in the next video.

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