Saturday, March 11, 2017

PC muscles

 Is there anything a woman can do to enhance her ability to achieve orgasm through intercourse? (6m:48s) Yes, but first have to remember a very important fact. The ability of a woman to orgasm during intercourse is directly related to the strength of her PC (pubococcygeus) muscles (also called Kegel muscles). Anatomy Both men and women have PC muscles, the stronger the PC muscles the stronger the pleasure from sex. PC muscles are used to stop yourself from urinating in mid-stream. The PC muscle is used voluntarily when a woman uses it to squeeze her partner’s penis during intercourse and sometimes involuntarily when she’s having a vaginal orgasm. Pelvic tension PC muscle scan be weak from lack of use or being in a state of chronic tension. Some women have constant tension in their PC muscle, caused by psychological or physical problems.

This tension eventually weakens these muscles so they become much less effective. Women can check to see if they have chronic pelvic tension by using a mirror to observe their vaginal entrance. If they can’t see the opening and closing of their PC muscles they may have chronic pelvic tension. How women can strengthen their PC muscles A professional sex therapist or urologist can measure the strength of the female PC muscles with a perineometer. Contraction is key to strengthening her PC muscles (9m:30s) PC Exercise #1 – Contracting pelvic muscles as if to cut off urine stream in mid-flow (11m:00s) Notice how her PC muscles contract. Concentrate on the PC muscles, not using butt or thigh muscles. Contract for count of 5, then relax for count of 5. Contract for count of 5, then relax for count of 5. Exercise can be done anywhere, with clothes on! Make it part of daily routine. Build up the length of time holding the contraction. Learn more at

Aim to be able to hold that contraction comfortable for count of 10 and relax for 10, repeatedly. Eventually will be able to squeeze and hold a dildo (or penis) inside of her vertically without it dropping out and then push it out. Men can do Kegel exercises also (17:00s) Can exercise like women do. Squeeze (like cutting off your urination mid-stream) for 5, relax for 5, for 10 sets. Kegelmaster 2000 (17:32s) A toy to help women do Kegel exercises Fucking demo Oral (20:00s) Porn!! Physical exercises for Men to improve their ability to make her ejaculate (35:50s) Is very important for a good sex life. Are specific exercises for a man’s hands, fingers and wrists to help her ejaculate. Squeezing with hand or fingers Guy can squeeze on a racquetball, handball, squash-ball or stress-ball. Also use ~ silly putty. Do sets of 20-30reps in sets of 3 etc. Also try the Gripmaster. Good for improving strength of individual fingers. Wrist curls with dumbbell Three basic G-Spot stimulation techniques (38:32s) #1 – using your Fingers #2 – using a Toy #3 - using your Cock

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