Saturday, March 11, 2017

Ok, she is going wild

Ok, she is going wild. At this point she might be begging you to shove your dick in her... decline . Just say "No way baby, I’m having too much fun with your little ass at the moment for that! " whatever. 7. Ok, stop your licking for the most part for now. Build up to a much faster speed with your Deep spot fingering. I for got to mention earlier, all this should be taking place with her on her back, and you kneeling in the front area. 8. The key now, is that you need to be stimulating BOTH her G-Spot and Deep spot . Stimulate both in one big stroke sometimes, then other times go back to just her G-Spot. Switch back and forth FAST. 5 Quick rubs of the G-Spot, then 8 quick rubs of the Deep spot. 9. At this point she should be bucking up and fucking carrying on. KEEP AT IT... if her whole body moves, you damn well move with it... it’s like fishing... don't let her get away! ONE KEY THING, when you’re switching from Deep spot to G-Spot, don't worry so much about performing a "come hither", it works a lot better if you just vigorously rub it. Rub it FAST and HARD (the G-Spot that is) before getting back to your Deep spot. Now, there is a SPECIFIC way to rub it that brings the results... Learn more at

Firstly, hold out your hand, palm up. Now depending on what two fingers your use in fingering, bend them at the knuckle so the tips of those two fingers are pointing directly UP. When your performing the act on her, the idea is to rub her G-Spot in an UP and DOWN motion VERTICALLY . Do NOT finger horizontally IN and OUT as you will be missing her G-Spot. 10. BOOM! There you go At this point if she is not squirting, then she is damn close to it. You should feel large amounts of warm liquid gushing from her into your hand. This is the final stretch. Your palm may fill up 3 times before it’s over. It's not pee, but it’s not exactly thick cum either, it’s just a warm watery liquid. At this point FORGET about the G-Spot altogether, your past the point of no return, just keep at that Deep spot. You now need to strip your sheets and wipe yourselves clean. TROUBLESHOOTING Ok, now here are both some things to watch out for, and problems that most guys seem to face during this process. Read these first before you reply asking for more explanations or advice. Common Mistake #1 "sCary, I did all that and she loved it, but she still did not ejaculate!" Answer: You were not being FIRM enough with your fingering . This is the first mistake I was making in my mission for female cum. THE INSIDE OF A GIRLS VAGINA is not as delicate as what people lead you to believe! They can actually take VERY FIRM PRESSURE. Try again and increase the amount of pressure you apply. Common Mistake #2 "I think it was working, but she started complaining and killed the mood." Answer: Ok, this is common when a girl starts feeling the intense reaction of Deep spot fingering. They think they are going to piss themselves, and are scared by it .

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