Saturday, March 11, 2017

Missionary is a great place to start

Unlike us guys, for chicks the general rule is that changing by going harder and faster is more likely to ruin their happy ending. Their happy ending is directly related to yours! Tips on being a gentleman … Lindsay (32m:42) Girls like being treated well and they’ll want to have more sex with you if you show them that you’re a real nice guy first, establish a real relationship with them first. If they can trust you and feel comfortable with you, it not only makes them want to have sex with you, it’ll make the sex better. Chapter 6 - How Players Do It (33m:13) The Boy Way (34m:08) Mindset : Surprise and Fear Technique : Rabid Animal Can hardly find the hole to put it in! Mindless frantic humping! The Playa Way (34m:53) Mindset : Been Here Before Technique : Cool Ass Mofo Make the moment of first penetration a hot moment. Don’t be thinking about getting but also giving. Make no mistake, slamming it in all at once is a fine option. Bit its always good to mix things up, shows women you’re different and since most guys are doing rabid animal fucking, this is good! So gently caress her pussy as you prepare to penetrate her. Rub your cock head all over her pussy first No matter how you start out it always good to change up the speed and depth of your thrusting, otherwise known as your Cock Insertion Percentage. Learn more at
 Shallow banging might sound lame, but it has your cock head engulfed by the tightest and most sensitive part of her pussy. Be the Mack of Positions (35m:48) The key to being a good fucker is being the mack daddy of positions. While straight missionary is fine from time to time, what women really want is hot wild exciting sex. It also helps you last longer and gives both of you, some crazy different sensations and views. The 3 main categories that account for over 75% of all positions are, • Missionary • Girl on Top • Doggy style

(36m:13) Missionary is a great place to start especially the first few times you throw it on. Women like it because its close and you’re looking at each other. It makes the sex more intimate. Also you can kiss and play with her breasts real easy. Leg variations (36m:28) There are many variations of Missionary, mainly based on how she varies the position of her legs. The more bent and open her legs, the deeper the penetration. But be careful because big hip thrusts can sometimes lead to cumming very fast for the guy (especially less experienced guys). However opening her legs are good if you’re fucking a fat chick or you have a small penis. The more closed and straighter her legs are, the tighter her pussy will feel, but the penetration won’t be as deep. Clit stimulation (36m:58) To hit the Clit in Missionary, have her straighten her legs a bit (i.e. push her knees together and push her legs up) while you adjust and shift your hips a few inches up her body.

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