Saturday, March 11, 2017

Light Touch and Foreplay

(7m:37) Most girls like a really light touch so don’t think the harder you press against her, the more she’ll think you’re into her. Concentrate on making her hot. Touch her in ways and places you don’t think she’s ever been touched before. Find her “Spot” (7m:52) Any spot you get a good response, you want to follow it up with a kiss or a lick. Don’t just go through the motions. You see, the combination for unlocking the pussy lies somewhere before you. All you know is, it’s not the pussy. Speak up (8m:08) Remember to speak up, let her know you’re feeling the passion. • Compliments, • sounds, sexed up breathing. All will give her the message, make her body hot and the pussy wet. “Sean Penn” (8m:21)

Now occasionally toss her a “Sean Penn.” This is a real smooth move, just don’t do it all the time. A light pinch or some gentle cool blowing or a long lick on the nipples, but do not overuse it, because like Sean Penn, it can become tedious if overexposed. Bottom Line (8m:40) Bottom Line with Foreplay– Don’t follow your animalistic man impulses By focusing on everything but the pussy, since you’ve been such a gentleman and her ass is as hot as hell, It’s not a matter of grabbing her for it, she’ll give it to you and that’s when the shit gets hot. Learn more at

Tip on Foreplay … Becka (9m:10) The neck and the ears is where he can get a little more … but I don’t like it when he’s going for it from the get go or unsnapping my bra right away. Chapter 2 - The Twins (9m:34) No Two ways about it, titties are the bomb, yet most fellas fail to treat them right, they are too hasty to get down to business. … The moment we’re always waiting for, seconds away from seeing the girls tits for the first time. Its fucking exhilarating and a sure sign that things are going your way. This is no time to lose your mind and maul her cantaloupes. If you want to get to her real treasure you have to employ strategy. Move too quickly and you’ll burn through her jugs faster than a fag on a windy night. The key to maximising the excitement of those Babylons is a little British restraint. Bra Removal (11m:03)

When it comes time to pop out her knockers you can do it from on top or on bottom. When she’s on top it’s quite a bit easier to remove her bra, but when you’re on top you’re going to have to dig deep to pull it off in style. For more inexperienced guys, use both hands to push either side of the clasp together and then unhooking it. Players can just use one hand to do the same!!

(11m:29) The key to all this, is to slow down a bit. Don’t rip her bra off, rather unveil her breasts and she’ll feel really sexy and desired. Look at her tits like a explorer who just discovered Atlantis. Compliment her on them … in a sexy tone, “ your breasts are beautiful .” Breast Play (11m:59)

Resist your impulse to start sucking on them right away. Instead begin with a light caress and fondle of the entire boob. A super light touch is essential. Don’t forget the underside of her breasts as well, it’s a little more sensitive than other non-nipple areas. If she’s got silicone ski-slopes compliment them but don’t call attention to the fact that you know they’re fake. Nipple Play (12m:25)

After your first pass, place the tips of your middle and index fingers on the outside of her breasts and move inwards making slow circles. (12m:33)

When going for her nipples, wet the tip of your finger and gently touch then roll the tip around. Use the other finger to squeeze ever so lightly. (12m:45)

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