Saturday, March 11, 2017

Lick up between her lips

Lick up between her lips (with thin tongue and flat tongue) and then go back to licking repeatedly up and down over her clit (over clitoral hood) with your tongue again. Sweet talk her pussy (7:13s) Girls are always worried about the appearance and smell of their pussy so tell her how much you love her pussy, (be specific, especially if she’s got big labia). “I love your pussy lips, they’re so delicious, so juicy .” Finger her (7:35s) Insert your finger gently into her vagina as you continue to go down on her. More Oral) Put one hand on her leg, holding I spread open, put the other hand resting on the bottom of her pussy, maybe with tip of one finger just slightly into her vagina. (9:00) Lick her clit faster now (can keep your tongue still and move your lower jaw or head up and down) and occasionally suck/pull on her labia. Learn more at

After licking her clit really fast, can be really good to go back to slowly teasing her. Run your tongue (flat or tip) over her labia and around her pussy. Run your flat tongue up between her labia like licking an ice- cream. Kiss her and add extra Lube (9:23s) Move up higher next to her and kiss her mouth more ( and side of her neck) while gently fingering over (up and down or in circular motion) and slightly into the entrance to her vagina. Even though you’ve made her pussy wet, it doesn’t hurt to add extra lube. Finger her some more and sweet talk her (10:05s) (SET THE MOOD) Kiss and touch her body ( and sweet talk her) while rubbing over her vaginal entrance. Tell her how good her pussy feels, how much you can’t wait to be inside her . Marcus is gently easing into fingering her properly. Hopefully you’ve got some candles burning with the lights on low and soft sexy music playing, maybe burning some incense, a glass of wine by the bed. Starting to insert both fingers deeper into her now. Work up her pussy a bit more. Maybe move onto your knees and move up higher onto the bed and kiss her more deeply whilst fingering her with 2 fingers now. Reach your left arm around behind her neck, supporting her whilst you kiss and squeeze her breast from the side.

Squeeze her nipples whilst moving your hand fast sideways across her clit and vaginal entrance (keep your fingers in place). Stimulate her Urethral Sponge (11:19s) Still kissing her, start moving your hand up and down inside her. Make eye-contact. Shift your body further down for easier fingering. Finger her with 2 fingers inside and the other 2 outside her pussy, pressing up into her bum, providing support. Squirting Orgasm #1 (11:45s) As you hear her vagina becoming more sloshy, speed up and maintain th4e pace till she ejaculates. Tori holds her breath in, becomes quiet as she holds her breath and then breathes out as she cums (every girl is different - so just because she goes quiet when she is close to cumming, don’t mistakenly think you’re doing the wrong thing and stop the stimulation. Read her body language, look for the goose bumps and that look in her eyes). Caress her pussy some more (12:00s) Spread her wetness over her pussy as you caress her pussy. Keep eye-contact. Still support her with your left arm behind her neck. Squirting Orgasm #2 (12:35s) Standing up position (13:17s) Stand next to her, with her legs slightly spread. Squirting Orgasm #3 (13:35s) Caress her pussy some more (13:40s) If she says stop, then stop, because you don’t want to hurt her and vice-versa!! Squirting Orgasm #4 (14:25s) Lick her pussy juices off your fingers and kiss her.

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