Saturday, March 11, 2017

It’s just that her G-Spot is located in an area

I am currently on a boat in the middle of the Indian Ocean off the coast of Sumatra in Indonesia, so I’m using a satellite phone and typically it’s been very good when I do these calls. QUESTION: In business, I initially feel myself become timid and follow people that are confident. After this initial period, I am stronger and can lead, but I’m usually trying to catch up as perception on my ability and confidence is low from other people. I see the connection between my business life and my sex life. My wife is a strong, confident woman and I find it challenging to initiate sex with her, again, I find myself timid, although once we have sex it is great. I know that my wife’s confidence in me wavers in business and in life situations. Where do I start working on this? KIM: You can work on it in both areas. Like when you work on your relationship in bed or your energy in bed or you start exploring your energies, those benefits will carry over into your work life and then the same thing if you start to take more chances in your work life and your outer life, that will carry over into the bedroom. I would start with small steps or small challenges with yourself, ways that you can—I mean, we build confidence by taking risks and succeeding. The more that you recognize what the next level in either situation and then you issue that challenge to yourself and you overcome it, then you’ll move into that next layer of confidence. As I said, I would start in both areas with small things and build up and each time you do that, you’ll win another notch on that confidence ladder.

How do you think the feminist movement works with polarity? I think my wife is a bit confused as she believes strongly in feminism but at the same time has certain views that contradict it, like not believing women should ask guys out. KIM: Well, let’s see. We absolutely needed feminism and we need it still, in a way, to fight for the things that are being removed from women that women need as necessary rights as human beings. Then at the same time, there is—almost like this strong, intellectual component to feminism which is the opposite to some of the more archetypal ideas in polarity.

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