Monday, March 27, 2017

It's difficult to be intimate

The first six months of their relationship had been filled with intimacy and a powerful, erotic alchemy, but ten years later, both Gail and Scott had become too tired to make love, their lives ruled more by work than intimacy. Sex became ”sort of mechanical.”

Gail and Scott have always been comfortable sharing their feelings with me. When I told them about the couples’ exercises that I was developing for a new book on acupressure for lovers, they were both eager to explore the erotic movements and give me feedback about how they worked. Six weeks after I had suggested a series of exercises, they reported back to me that their sexual vitality had increased significantly. Each new position and way of touching had opened up a new dimension to their togetherness. Learn more at and

Scott told me that although he knew the importance of foreplay, when Gail and he made love he always had a strong desire to skip it. Often he would merely try to prepare Gail for intercourse by stimu- lating her genitals with his fingers. The more accustomed he became to giving Gail this kind of pre—intercourse stimulation and to expecting her to respond to it, the more blocked their sexual relationship had become. He admitted that he was feeling extremely frustrated with her. Since they had started to practice the couples’ acupressure exercises, however, Scott said that his feelings of intimacy and sexual connection with Gail had begun to grow again. Learn more at

Gail also attested that they felt a renewal of their initial magnetic attraction. One weekend they were sitting naked in bed together, touching each other playfully. Gail was sitting in Scott's lap facing him with her legs wrapped around him, stimulating acupressure points in his buttocks with her heels, and holding his neck with her fingers. Scott's arms were wrapped around her, holding points in her lower back. They rocked back and forth in slow motion, breathing together. As they held the points, Gail felt a tremendous flow from exploration and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.

It's difficult to be intimate when either you or your partner is preoccupied, tense, or upset. When your partner comes home a bundle of nerves, relaxing physical contact can ease the stress more quickly than talking. If your partner is willing to lie down and have you work on his or her shoulders and back, a complete change of mood can occur within twenty minutes.
There are special ways to use acupressure points on your partner to create intimacy and improve the chemistry of a love relationship. These points are the same as those used in acupuncture, but instead of using needles, couples can energize these vital points through the power of touch. This book will show you many different ways to arouse and satisfy your partner by activating these points on various parts of the body.

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