Saturday, March 11, 2017

Inhale Your Sexual Prowess

You want to get to a four-count inhale and a four-count exhale and breathe deeply into your belly so you can actually think about puffing out your belly, making a huge Buddha belly. I would do that a few times initially just to get yourself familiar with that idea of expanding into the belly and you can think about breathing down into the pelvis. Expand the belly so much and pushing out the pelvis. You’re waking things up there so that the energy is able to flow better. In conjunction with the breath, you really want to be able to relax your body. Most people unconsciously tense up as they approach orgasm. They wouldn’t realize that they’re doing it unless you pointed it. Sometimes the best way to know that you’re tensing up is to consciously clench your muscles and then release them. When you release them, then you know for sure what a released unclenched muscle feels like. You might want to do that throughout sex by yourself and with your partner. Every few minutes, check in, make sure that you’ve got this long, steady deep breath going on and relax. Make sure that instead of tensing to get to orgasm, you’re really opening and relaxing. When you do that, you allow all those energy channels to open and flow to maximizing your energetic potential throughout that experience. If you’re going solo, again, every few minutes just check in and see. If we look at orgasm as a 10 and non-arousal as a 0, the 7-10 zone is where most people have orgasm in sight. You want to play in that zone of the 7-10 so you want to be close and really peaking there and that’s also this maximum place to harvest your sexual energy, is when you’re in that zone, you’ve got the most juicy, ripe, powerful sexual energy at your disposal. Now when you pause and you hit that point and you back off, you’re going to stop moving, you’re going to stop stimulation, and you’re going to kind of bring yourself back down to maybe a five or a six, you want to breathe.  Learn more at

I would say three to four rounds of this breath where it’s very consciously four counts in, four counts out, four counts in, four counts out. Then you resume the build up to the seven or eight or whatever it is. I would suggest that you do this at least three times, where you get to that edge and then you stop and then you pause, you breathe, inhale/exhale, inhale/exhale, several rounds of that, and then you keep going. After that point you can just go ahead and let yourself orgasm if you like. As you keep practicing this, you’ll notice that your edge point will slowly notch itself up, meaning if now you’re stopping place is a 7, you’ll find that you can get to a 7.5, to an 8, to an 8.5, and eventually what happens is you have such control that you can discern the difference between an 8.5, an 8.7, an 8.8, an 8.9— where it used to be perhaps at that 7-10 zone was a no-man’s land or it just went from 0 to 100 within that 7-10 zone. Now you have exquisite control over every single motion. That’s the ultimate for a man and that’s the ultimate gift for a woman is that her lover is in such control, has such mastery over his sexual expression that he knows exactly where he is and he can ride that edge at a 9.9 for hours. Your absolute best tool for doing this is breath. You may have heard of some other techniques, there’s something called the “million dollar point,” and that involves pushing in underneath your scrotum and you’re basically stopping the flow by cutting into the apparatus that would continue the flow. I call this “poor man’s Tantra” because I feel like there’s really no actual benefit to you in practicing this. It becomes a crutch that really has no positive benefit. The breath is a more effective tool and it has longer-range benefits because the breath is what is disseminating your sexual energy throughout your system and it’s taking the edge off of that orgasm place.

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